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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. It's the story of a ten year reunion where a bullied girl gets revenge on the three people who made her life hell all those years ago. Where do I start? How much do you need to know about my past? Or shall I get straight to the interesting part? The part where I end up together with my old worst enemy, soaking wet with her sitting on my face and her two best friends peeing on my naked body? I better start at the beginning. I spent my childhood being picked on by Abbey and her clique of minions.

She thought she was so much better than everyone else, in deer gear at all times, always flanked by Donna and Caroline. They home in on you like cruise missiles, mouths curling into sneers as they approach. Abbey was blonde, medium height, always showing off her legs and her bulging chest in a variety of tight tee-shirts all emblazoned with stupid slogans.

Her immaculate make up made her even more intimidating and grown up, it was more like being picked on by a teacher than a fellow student. To her left was Donna, same height but dark haired, button nosed with dark brown eyes. She tended to speak little, just laugh at whatever insult Abbey came up with. To the right stood Caroline, tall, blonde, seemingly glued into a succession of dangerously tight and short miniskirts, bag slung over her shoulder, filled with about a million cigarette packets and perfume bottles. I knelt down to pick up my books and felt a shock as the back of my skirt was raised, exposing my Lesbian watersport stories panties to everyone in the corridor.

I yanked it back down and shot to my feet but the three of them had already sauntered away, leaving me red faced and utterly humiliated once again. That was just one occasion. I could tell you about my clothes being hidden from me in the showers as Abbey spanked me with a wet towel or the day she threw a bottle of water at me, leaving me dripping wet for an hour afterwards. She was awful. I was in English when I realised I was desperate to pee. Sticking my hand up, I asked for permission to head to the girls bathroom.

Reluctantly, Mrs Withers nodded and I darted out of the room and almost ran down Lesbian watersport stories corridor, skidding to a halt as I pushed open the door to the toilets. I headed into the nearest cubicle and frantically pulled down my panties. I was about to start peeing when I heard noise outside. Two people were walking in talking to each other. Was she a lesbian? The door to the cubicle beside me opened and closed and then I heard the lock click shut.

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I ignored the bursting pain in my bladder and slowly got to my feet, wanting to get out of there. Curious despite myself, I clambered onto the toilet seat, peering over to see Abbey pulling off her top to reveal her bare breasts. I was shocked at the sight, not just at the fact she was sitting on the cubicle floor topless but at the size of her boobs.

They were so big and almost perfectly round, the nipples hard and dark brown sticking rigidly out from her chest. My boobs were late developing but by now I was quite proud of them. Quietly I stared at them, no idea what was about to happen until it did. I could hardly believe my eyes as Donna began to pee, clear urine spurting from her and hitting Abbey straight in the face. It ran down from her Lesbian watersport stories as she manoeuvred to catch the flow in her mouth, swallowing fast as the excess trickled onto her breasts, making them glisten in the light.

I almost gasped out loud but somehow kept quiet at the sight, even as the smell of pee filled the air, making me all the more desperate for my own release. When Donna finished, she simply pulled up her panties and trousers as Abbey rubbed the pee into the skin of her chest, toying with her nipples as she did so. I wish you were into girls Donna. Donna smiled. Meet you back in class? I ducked down out of sight as she left the cubicle, washing her hands and humming to herself before heading out, leaving me alone next to Abbey.

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I sat back down on the toilet, my head reeling. I could hear Abbey breathing quietly along with a slight rustling sound. A moment later I heard her gasp and then I heard a wet slapping sound, a squelching noise I recognised from my own quiet masturbation at home. I was torn between staying hidden, peeking at her and running back to class.

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I was still trying to decide when I got a shock that almost made me wet myself. I grimaced.

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What was she going to do to me? Pulling up my panties I stepped out of my cubicle and listened as she unlocked hers. With a deep breath I pushed the door open and stopped dead at the sight before me. Abbey was sitting on the toilet with her legs spread far apart, her top still off. She had two fingers deep in her pussy, her face was flushed as she kicked the door shut behind me.

She grabbed me and lifted my skirt up, yanking down my panties in a single movement. In a strange way, it felt like taking back control of my life, Lesbian watersport stories her from picking on me by getting my own special revenge, even if she was still the one in charge, demanding I do it.

I held the lips of my pussy apart, only too aware of her staring eyes examining me as I relaxed my bladder and a spray of piss came out, coating her face, soaking into her hair before the pee became a strong flow that flew into her mouth. She swallowed hungrily, moving her mouth to press it to my pussy, not wasting another drop of the amber fluid. In here it felt so private and secret, my own body began to relax, enjoying the sensation of her soft lips on my labia as the last of my pee hit the back of her throat.

I went to move away but her hands grabbed my bottom, holding me in place. Suddenly her tongue came out and began to lap at my pussy, circling my clit as I stood gasping at the sensation. She was incredible and the first ever tongue on me began to work sensual magic, dipping into my pussy as I automatically rocked my hips back and forth.

When I felt her hand sliding between my buttocks I almost protested but she moved her tongue faster on my clit and any objections I felt vanished. At that moment I felt a finger nudging its way into my bottom, sliding gently in and out of my tightest hole as my body tensed up ready to come. She kept licking me as a climax hit me seconds later, tearing through my body as I gripped her wet hair in my hands, clamping her in place.

As my hips jerked backwards, the finger in me slid as deep in as it could go, sending further waves of pleasure mixed with slight pain at the power of it all racing through my body. When my orgasm faded away I blinked, my vision blurred for a moment before I could see Abbey leaning back and looking up at me, arms folded. I turned and unlocked the cubicle, heading back to class with thoughts racing through my head. After that day Abbey and me seemed to reach some kind of understanding. At least, for a while. If you can't wait check out the rest here. A promising start, really tempting to read the rest!

Thanks for the teaser Search In. Existing user? Or in with one of these services in with Lesbian watersport stories. with Discord. School Showers - Lesbian Watersports Story lesbian golden shower. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted August 2, Here's the start of School Showers for you. If you like it, I'll post the next chapter! Enjoyx It's the story of a ten year reunion where a bullied girl gets revenge on the three people who made her life hell all those years ago. Come here. Lesbian watersport stories turned and did as I was told.

I nodded. Well you better come here then. You want me to-? Link to post. Flush Posted August 3, Posted August 3, Posted August 4, Great start! Definitely hoping you'll post an update on this soon. Keep up the great work! Murabak12 0 Posted August 16, Posted August 16, This was a great beginning, excited for more! Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

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Lesbian watersport stories

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