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Register here to post. Posted Thu 29th of September Report. Introduction: I never thought a simple night in could turn out so crazy. It's important to point out that this story is fantastical, I do not condone pedophilia or Little cousin sex stories sex in life. However, I believe that the difference between reading about something and fantasising about it is completely different to actually doing it, for those who read stories of this nature, you are who you are, keep your dick in your bedroom, not in underage girls :p - Yagamilight "Watashi wa kira desu" It started like any other night, my parents had gone out for the evening with my aunt and uncle leaving me, a good looking nineteen year old guy to look after my little 12 year old cousin.

Her name was Sarah, she was small, about 4'8, very slim, having shed her baby fat and having not yet filled out as she would in her teenage years. She had sandy hair which went most of the way down her back Little cousin sex stories she left it down, which she did often. Her face was small and cute, the same as her body which as I mentioned was slim, she had a tiny little ass and the very first s of breasts developing on her small chest. It had been several hours since our respective parents had left for the evening to go to a fancy restaurant of some kind, I had been invited but declined the offer, knowing that staying at home with Sarah would be more fun.

It would be a lie if I said I hadn't fantasised about Sarah or her mother for that matter more than once. Both of them were extremely attractive, though I kept most of my attention on my aunt, as I didn't want to get caught checking out my 12 year old cousin! I decided to take a bath after running my fingers through my hair and realising how greasy it was, so I got up leaving Sarah watchin TV and eating ice cream and went into the bathroom.

I started running the water and got undressed, I pulled off all my clothes and looked over myself in the mirror. I was looking good, as I had been working out recently, a six pack was forming on the stomach and I had lost a little weight which made my dick look bigger, at the moment as it hung between my legs it was around 5 inches long and grew to about 8 or so when I was hard. I waited 5 minutes until the bath was run and then climbed in, I relaxed and laid down in the tub, closing my eyes.

My hand naturally reached down to my dick and I started rubbing it slowly, thinking about the little girl in the room downstairs, I was nearly hard when Little cousin sex stories was a knock at the door. I opened my eyes and took my hand away from my dick quickly "yeh? My mind froze, and I paused, thinking of the right thing to do, should I let her in, or tell her to wait.

I took a mintue replying then said nervously, "yeh ok come in". I reached up and unlocked the door and laid back down, I decided to make sure she could see a little bit of my dick, so I didn't cover myself up completely. She walked in and looked down at me straight away then back up, I smiled knowing she must have seen me, my heart was racing.

I pretended not to watch as she undid her trousers and pulled them down, or when she pulled down her little panties revealing her tight young bare pussy. I watched as she sat on the toilet and opened her legs slightly giving me a great view. I looked her in the eyes and watched as she slowly turned to face me and opened her legs wider. I looked down at her cute little pink pussy as a stream of pee started to run out of it. By this point my dick had started to grow and it was out of the water, I could tell her eyes where on it. I rubbed her pussy as pee splashed onto my hand she closed her eyes as I did so.

I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and watched, my dick now rock hard, she stopped peeing finally and I started to rub her more firmly, she moaned lightly as I pushed a finger into her. She was unbelievably tight, her pussy gripped my finger as I pushed it into her. I looked at her and told her to get in the bath with me if she wanted. She nodded smiling and stood up, I sat back and watched her take off the rest of her clothes until she was naked.

Her body looked amazing, she was so cute. And sat back and let her get in with me. Immidiatly she crawled up toward me and laid on my chest I looked down at her and then kissed her lightly on the lips, I was surprised when she kissed back, her hot little tongue slid into my mouth and rubbed mine. I reflexivly grabbed her body and held her closer to me feeling her little body close to mine.

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She stopped kissing me and sat up she looked down at my hard dick and smiled then in one movement she laid down awkwardly and started to kiss it. I groaned and closed my eyes as she did. That hot little tongue stroked the sides of my long dick and I had to try hard not to cum right there and then.

She moved up to the head of my cock and licked around the top, I moved my hands down and gripped her head lightly. With this she slowly let my my dick slide into her mouth, her hot lips gripped my shaft as she slowly moved down until she had my head in her mouth, she sucked, making her already tight mouth grip my cock hard, i moaned loudly and reflexivly pushed my cock deeper into her mouth. She gagged and held her mouth at about half way down my cock.

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She moved back up my shaft still gripping in tighly with her mouth as her small hands rubbed my balls. I moaned, feeling my cum building up wanting to break free. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and told her to stop. She smiled at me. I knew that I had to fuck her before I went mad so I moved over to her and picked her up, which was easy considering her size.

I sat under her and I lifted her onto my lap, she gasped as my cock rested against her pussy and then she smiled. This was all the consent I needed so i lifted her up again slowly and then bought her back down onto my cock. We both groaned loudly, her in pain, me and pleasure as my cock slid into her, i held at about half way letting her get used to it.

Then I thrust the last few inches deep in to her pussy. She fell on to me and put her hands behind my back. Her pussy gripped my cock like it had done my fingers and it felt like there was no room for it to move. A few moments later however she start to ride me slowly, moving up and down on my cock breathing heavily as she did so.

I held her ass tightly Little cousin sex stories let her ride me, each time she did so she got faster and my cock slid in deeper, she buckled on my lap and screamed loudly and I knew she was cumming as her pussy tightened further, I groaned and gripped her ass hard as I finally let go and my cum spurted into her young virgin pussy. She laid on me for a few minutes then got off and and laid down on my chest again as we let the water wash us and warm our shaking bodies.

Read times Rated Please rate this text:. Doozy woof Hunter Report I gave her a special bath that night. Young amy loved the special attention her asshole and sweet young hairless pussy got. I dried her up and just gave her a T-shirt to weare to Little cousin sex stories. Later when she fell asleep,i spread thoes legs and marvel that sexy bald little pussy. I began by sucking that whole pussy into my mouth and licking up to that little clit,her ass lifted up off the bed and she pushed her pussy into my mouth. I kissed,sucked and licked that sweet young hairless pussy.

She moaned so loud as i licked away,she had her first orgsam in my hot wet mouth.

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She loves my mouth,someday she will love my cock. You are not logged in. Characters count:. All rights reserved.

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