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Louise experienced depression and anxiety after the birth of her first child and while she was pregnant with her second. I was paying my own way, doing my driving and enjoying my motorbikes. I wanted to make a living and get a house. He had been in jail, but I always look for the best in people and I never judge a book by its cover. I ended up moving in with him. Everything went nuts. It went to the extent that he was selling drugs for a while to pay for basics like food and clothes.

That went on for 2 and a half years. In that time, I fell pregnant with my eldest. That was a shock to begin with.

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But when I told my partner that, he put a knife to me and told me I better keep the wean. After he put a knife to me, the trust went and everything else with it. I was 21 weeks pregnant when I left him for the first time. Despite the break up, that was a fun time and I enjoyed my pregnancy then.

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My dad looked after me, got me my meals, he washed my clothes for me, ran me baths. But, stupidly I ended up getting back with my partner and he moved to be with me and get away from everything he knew. He got a flat and I moved in with him again. I put on 4. I was always running around, back and for it, trying to deal with everything myself. I never got to chill out and enjoy being pregnant like everybody tells you. Then I got my house and my partner moved in with me. It was about 8 months before she got to go out with anyone. I enjoyed that time though. My partner was good, he enjoyed being a dad again, starting from scratch.

It was nice to see. He got extremely violent. He would push me, throw things at me, shouting and screaming in my face in front of our. The worst bit was him screaming and shouting so much that the dogs started to fight with each other. She had had a befriender. Angie and Catherine came to visit me. I enjoyed meeting them, especially because they were helping. I got matched with a befriender in 2 weeks.

We just clicked. Because I was pregnant it was hard for me to get the courage to leave the house. But my befriender encouraged me Make me pregnant stories drove us out to a local village. We walked around an old castle on the seashore. It was good to just go there and not have a care in the world. My partner was ok eventually because my befriender tried to get to know him, he was part of my life at the time. He encouraged me to go with her more and more because I was starting to get demented in the house. A few times we sat in the house, but it was hard to do that with the kid as she had a short attention span so it was better to go out because my daughter was occupied and I could talk to my befriender.

Having her there made me realise a lot. Just looking at her face and her body language taught me about boundaries and respect. I was a first-time mum with two kids in the space of two years; it was a lot. I was under so much pressure. Having her and her always being positive showed me s me reasons why I might be feeling bad — but she always gave me a reason to feel better, because I was dealing with it.

She made me realise how I was living. She showed me that another way of life Make me pregnant stories possible. It helped me then and it still does every day. He pushed me into the bath when I was heavily pregnant and I thought, enough is enough.

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I walked out. I hope other folk get a befriender too. Anybody who is in doubt, anyone who needs a hand. I needed someone in my life like my befriender. I live on my own with the girls. My ex-partner was diagnosed with a serious mental health condition and put on anti-psychotic drugs. He sees the girls once every two weeks now, but he is only interested in the older one. Find out more.

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Make me pregnant stories

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