Make up sex stories

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We were in an argument for a couple of days and neither of us would concede. In case you were wondering, there was no surprise dinner waiting for me back home. So, I plonked on the couch and opened the bottle.

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Several glasses down, in walks he, looking surprisingly glorious in a pair of formals. This, when I was in my pjs busy being a slob. But we just looked at each other and this invisible wall between us melted away. He gave me a hug and kissed me, I could taste the whisky on his breath.

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He promptly removed my top, ecstatic to find no bra underneath. The inevitable followed, we were so immersed in each other that no apologies were required.

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I am still waiting to pick a fight with him again so that we can repeat the best make up sex ever. He was out of sight, out of mind. Last Sunday, while I was blowing off some steam at the bar with my colleagues. My heart skipped a beat when I spotted him on the table that was next to ours.

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Suddenly, all those memories and feelings clouded my thoughts. We made eye contact and somehow, it felt as if our eyes were having a conversation. Just when I was about to leave, he walked up to me to talk to me. It felt as if no time had gone by, and in a span of an hour, I was in his car, driving to his place.

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None of it felt awkward. The sex was passionate and I greedily craved for more. Time taught me patience, and love, really did conquer everything.

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Images: GiphyTumblrShutterstock. Better late than never We were in an argument for a couple of days and neither of us would concede. Wild and crazy — just like us!

Make up sex stories

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