Male erotic massage stories

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I have always been a fan of massages. Giving them or receiving them. In the past I have been to some erotic massage parlors across Europe and they have never disappointed me. The mostly Thai women know their way around a man's body and I love their lean and slippery body crawling over your back and front. The happy ending is always a pleasure with either a hand job or some sucking your cock to a rocking end. Some weeks ago I was on business travel in a big European city and had the night to myself. I was feeling extremely horny and decided to look for some massage opportunities.

This city somehow wasn't big on Thai massage parlors but I noticed an add with a guy offering erotic massages. It made me think for a while, because I had a woman in mind at first, but as horny as I was I decided to give it a go. At the same time memories came back from the old days when we were young and touching each other in all places, as well as some mutual jack off sessions I experienced in the past. I called the telephone and made an appointment at As I always do before a massage I take a shower and jerk off.

This way my happy ending takes longer and gives an even bigger pleasure to the big moment. The anticipation of going to a guy who would be going to touch my body in an hour or so was getting bigger and bigger. I could feel my body getting more excited by the minute, probably also due to not knowing what to expect. This made me shoot my first load of the evening all through the shower and released a lot of pressure.

I finished my shower, dressed and took a taxi. I arrived at an apartment building and rang the bell. The door opened and I walked up to the 3rd Male erotic massage stories. The door was already open so I walked in and was greeted by my "host" for the coming hour. His name was Alex and he was only wearing a boxer short. A nice tan skin, athletic build, average height, blond hair.

We shook hands and a guided me to his massage room. It was very well deed, with lots of candles, nice soft music on the background, great smell and a very large mattress on the ground. We chatted for a while and he asked me if it was my first time receiving a male massage. I said yes and he said that he was able to notice. I asked him how and he said that most of his customers are gay and he noticed I was not. He asked me why I decided for a male massage and I responded that I thought it was a hot thing to experience sometime and briefly told him Male erotic massage stories my "male" past, which I thought was always very exciting.

He smiled and said that he would do his best to give me "an experience I would not forget". I joked that I like pussy too much but one could never know He asked me if I wanted to take a shower and I said I already took one at the hotel, so I undressed and laid down on my stomach on the mattress. There was a mirror on the front and on the side and I saw Alex taking off his short and taking a bottle of massage oil.

I noticed he was very well hung, with a large head and shaved just like me. I could feel my dick tingling. He kneeled down next to me and started to massage my back with oil. His hands were soft but also strong. A big difference between the Thai women, where it's mostly soft and teasing.

He worked my shoulders, back and lower back, going up and down my back all the way to my ass. He was a pro in this and it was a great relaxing feeling. He moved to my legs, calves and feet. Also here he would go up and down, not forgetting the inside of my legs where he would gently touch my balls and cock with the top of his fingers when going up.

This already made my cock rock hard which of course he noticed. He took a large round pillow and placed it under my stomach so my ass would be up in the air and my balls and dick hanging down. He started to massage my ass with his firm hands. Boy did that feel good! It felt that his hands were all over my ass, every time moving closer to my hole.

He would go from my ass hole to my balls and dick and up again, which made my dick even harder. Every time when he reached my ass if would move it up a little. I looked over to the side and noticed that his dick was now hard as well. Man, that dick looked great: large and thick standing up proud in the air. He said that I made him horny as well when he saw me looking at his dick. He put some more oil on my ass and started to massage around my hole, slipping the top of his finger in and out. With his other hand he took a firm grip on my dick and gently started to jerk me off.

I was in heaven! He now would slip his index finger deeper and deeper in my ass, which could not keep me Male erotic massage stories moaning with pleasure.

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My ass started to relax even more and he was able to add another finger. I could feel him looking for my male G-spot and once he found it, him massaging my love spot as well as his strong hand on my dick was too much. My dick exploded over the pillow with stream after stream of hot cum. It seemed like it lasted forever. After I came back to my senses his fingers still in my ass he said that I was very good at this for a non-gay male. I laughed at his remark and said he was very good at his work as well. He took his fingers from my ass and asked me to turn around.

He cleaned the load of cum on the bed and laid next to me. I could feel his still hard dick against my leg. He gently rubbed my chest and stomach. Of course I said and he got up and got the oil again. Now I had a good view of his beautiful dick. He put some oil on my chest and let his strong hands do the work again. Since he was sitting next to my hip on his knees his dick looked very inviting. It had been a long long time since I last had another mans dick in my hand He continued his massage of my chest which felt great. Going down to my legs he had each hand on a leg and went up from feet to hip.

He looked me straight in the eyes when he went up and gently licked my dick. After some minutes my love stick was Male erotic massage stories full force again.

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He put a generous amount of oil on my dick and gently started to massage my dick and balls. Man, did this guy now how to excite a man!!!

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At a certain point I could not resist and reached out for his hard cock. I gently grabbed it and slowly started to jerk him. Wow, did he have a nice cock: very hard but soft skin at the same time. He continued to massage my cock when I jerked his pole. This excited him looking at the pre-cum oozing out and lubricating his dick and his increased breathing.

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At a certain point he got up and grabbed two condoms. He handed me one and put the other one around my dick.

Male erotic massage stories

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