Male possession story

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Except the Constantine movie. Hopefully my next will be a hot Male Possession story. Likely released on the weekend if I do write some but maybe on this Friday if you guys are lucky. Mr Daniels could be so annoying sometimes. There could be ten other people with their hands up in class and yet he still asks me, despite not having my hand raised.

Now, thanks to Mr Daniels, English has been ruined for me. I was just lying in bed, thinking about how unfair my life was sometimes. What did the stupid teacher have against me. I went to sleep with a frown on my face, thinking about how there was no way I could ever get Mr Daniels back for this due to nobody actually caring about me enough to do anything. The worst part was that not even my parents believed me. Anyway, I woke up the next morning in a much better mood knowing that it was Saturday, the first day of the weekend but that mood changed to shock and confusion pretty fast.

I was lying in a large double bed instead of my single one. It was a very tidy room with quite a simple colour scheme Male possession story well. It kinda had that older, boring person look. I pulled the covers off my body and slid over to the side of the bed.

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I swiftly got up off the bed and scanned my body. My boxers were also different. I went to sleep in green tight boxers but now I had on loose black boxers. I was beginning to wonder if somebody had kidnapped me or something. That would explain the room and my boxers but definitely not my body. I lifted my right hand, noticing how much rougher and more beaten it seemed, and brought it to my chest. After that, I felt compelled to see myself in a mirror. I looked around the room and saw two doors. One open and one closed. The open one showed an empty hallway so I went to open the closed one to see if it was a bathroom instead.

To my luck, when I open the door, I saw that it was indeed a bathroom. I had a receding hairline with black hair that had a hint of grey in it. I had two big, bushy eyebrows above two more beautiful blue eyes that sat on each side of the bridge of my large nose. I did always have a thing for older, mustached guys and Mr Daniels fit that category perfectly. It was too bad my hatred for him suppressed the lust for so long. However, now seeing through his eyes, I could feel that lust stirring inside.

As you can probably imagine, by this point my new borrowed cock had begun to rise and harden. Knowing that it was Mr Daniels cock getting hard just turned me on even more. My erect members had begun to strain the fabric of my black boxers despite them being quite loose. I slowly lowered one of my borrowed hands down to my crotch where I proceeded to stroke my new cock through the boxers as I shivered with pleasure.

I pulled down the boxers and kicked them across the floor to the other side of the bathroom. Mr Daniels thick, beautifully aged cock bucked at full length before me. I used my dominant right hand to grasp my shaft, letting out a deep moan at the delightful sensitivity as Male possession story did.

My English teacher, naked, and fully erect. Just then I thought of a way to make that image even more incredible. I used my left hand and guided towards my backside. I turned so I could see myself in the mirror sideways on just as I shoved one of Mr Daniels meaty fingers into my asshole. The grip on my cock tightened for moment sending another shiver through my body as I shoved my finger further into my hole.

Looking back at the mirror I saw my teacher holding his huge cock with one hand and fingering his own ass with the other. How many students get to see that. I started rubbing my cock violently as I forced my finger deeper into my ass before beginning to pump it back and forth the best I could as if I were being fucked. My cock as hard as it could be while I stroked as fast as I could while my finger continued to explore my tight asshole. Soon I felt myself getting to the edge, I felt the cum rising.

The pleasure magnified at the last second before cum exploded from my cock. The semen covered the bathroom floor before I slowly stopped rubbing my Male possession story. Eventually I let go and let I fall flaccid before I pulled my finger out of my ass. Next thing Male possession story did was clean up. I washed my hands, cleaned my cock and wiped the floor so that the bathroom looked the same as it did before I entered.

I grabbed the black boxers and quickly slipped them back on before I walked back over to the mirror one last time. I looked in it, loving how my mustache moved when I smiled. Then I started to think deeper about this whole situation. Another smile graced my face as I realised that I could be getting his memories. I left the bathroom and started to get dressed as I immediately knew where all my different kinds of clothes were kept, further proving my memory theory.

As I pulled on some black tracksuit bottoms, I tried to cheer myself up a little by thinking about how I was hot daddy now and it did help a little. That was the moment my memories told me Mr Daniels real name, Simon. Anyway, the rest of the house had the same kind of theme that the bedroom did, tidy with that old, bland and boring type of look.

And so here we are now. I smiled with glee as I continued watching the pogramme on TV. I was little confused for a second but then I saw the suit I was wearing and it suddenly made sense as I remembered the night before. It felt quite refreshing to see a mans face in the mirror and a little arousing. Chas did always look good in a suit. So I then brought my hand up to my face where I proceeded to feel the light stubble on my face.

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It did make me feel quite masculine in a way. I then continued to mess about a bit as I talked to myself in the mirror. By this point I began to notice a bulge appear in my pants. I brushed my hand over the bulge as I shivered in pleasure. In the meantime, I was still curious about how Chas looked with his suit on. So I then striped off the grey suit jacket I was wearing before unbuttoning my shirt. I also kinda liked the light coating of body hair on his chest, stomach and arms.

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My male hormones were screaming at me to touch myself and it was made very clear by the now massive bulge in my pants due to my huge Male possession story. I placed my hand back onto my crotch where it had been before and started to rub over the bulge. I felt myself giving in to my instincts as all I could think about was seducing some hot chick and fucking with this sexy body. The rubbing became more excessive and for some reason it felt more erotic to keep my pants on rather than taking them off. A few minutes just flew by as I could stop imagining putting myself inside another person.

Where men always this horny? Was it just Chas? Or was it spell we used to swap bodies? Who know but what I did know was that I was currently horny as hell and pleasure suddenly began to spike. I could feel the warm cum begin to travel through my cock but inevitably shooting in my pants. It last a little longer than I expected it to and there was Male possession story much cum that it soaked straight through my boxers and became visible on front of my suit pants.

After giving myself a second to catch my breath, I pulled down my pants and cum covered boxers to reveal my still semi-erect penis. It really was such an interesting thing, a penis. Well it was to me. It was just so different a vagina.

A penis was a very outward organ while a vagina was the opposite. Also, just having a penis made me feel more confident for some reason. Once I was in there, I took a piece of toilet paper and wiped my dick from all the excess cum. I came out of the bathroom, naked, a few minutes later and went back into my bedroom when I saw the digital clock sitting on the bedside table. I saw the time and realised I had about 25 minutes before I needed to be at and and the drive from here was about 15 minutes so obviously I had 10 minutes to get ready.

I looked through the wardrobe and soon came across a blue suit that was quite similar the grey on I was wearing before. Then, as I was about to put on my button up shirt, I saw my new iPhone sitting on the desk across the room. I put my shirt down, walked across the room and picked up the phone. I looked at the phone and then my body before having a great idea.

I walked back over to the mirror and turned on the camera on my phone. I held it up to the mirror, getting a good shot of my body as I flexed Male possession story of my biceps in the mirror. When I looked back at the photo I saw that I had a decent bulge considering I was erect or anything. I planned on putting it on one of my social media s because I knew that my body, my bulge and my smirk was bound to make some girls wet for me. However, as I was about to go and post it I remembered how late I was as I looked at the time on my phone. I literally had about a minute before I needed to be in the car so I slipped my phone into my pocket before quickly put on my shirt and shoving on my blue suit jacket.

I only just made it to work on time that day. Nowadays I work in an office with one of my childhood friends, Chas. I was really worried at first but I felt much better after he came out to me straight after. I think me and Chas became much closer friends after that. We had told eachover some of out biggest secrets after all. Being as self conscious as I was, I quickly pulled the small box towards myself to prevent other from seeing the message.

Male possession story

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