Male to male massage stories

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This happened about fifteen years ago, I talked my wife into having a threesome with a friend of mine.

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My wife had never had sex in a threesome before it took me a long time to get her to agree into having sex with a friend with a friend of mine. After many months of asking or should, I say begging her telling how much we would enjoy it. She finally agreed to it. The day arrived and we were hot and heavy when, she told me that she wanted me to eat her while he was fucking her. I didn't want to do that, I felt that my tongue would be to close to his cock and I didn't like that idea.

She then said that if, "I didn't then she wouldn't continue since it was my idea to have a threesome". I wanted this threesome so, I went with it and sure enough his cock slipped in my mouth as he was ramming it into her. It was kind of good, not what I had thought it would be like. That was the first time I tasted a cock. I was going on vacation by myself and it had been a long time since, I've had me some cock. I had been thinking about it for as long as I had planned the vacation. I looked at craigs list looked for massages and found one that said that, he gave full body Swiss massages.

He replied back, he stated that, he was 39 with and athletic build with an 8" thick cock. He said that it consisted in a massage with different oils and that he would be totally nude, unless I didn't want that. He also said that he would work on the area's that, I needed to relief the stress. I told him that, I wanted to get some work done in my rear since, I was a bottom. He also said that if I wanted to, I would be able to touch him and play with any area of his.

I told him that I would love to suck on his cock if that was Ok! I said that "I had never swallowed before but if he was clean and could prove it that was one of my things that, I always wanted to do". When I arrived the next morning, I could hardly wait to get that massage. I went got me an enema kit and cleaned up took a shower and went for my appointment. Wow, Jason was his name and he was very good looking even better then he explained.

He opened the door with a robe on. I looked at him and was very pleased with my choice. He then lead me to another room with a massage table and asked me to remove my clothes and if I wanted to stay in my under wear it would be all right. He left the room so that I could get ready Male to male massage stories him. I got completely naked and laid down waiting for him. My body shook in anticipation of him coming back.

When Jason came back into the room he was also naked. It took my breath away and I laid still as not to show my total excitement. He worked on my back and all area's my body needed his touch. Male to male massage stories felt like I was in heaven. He was fantastic, he rubbed me just where I needed.

When, he reached my sweet spot he took his time massaging it touching me with just the right amount of pressure, I wanted him to feel him inside of me so bad. I wanted to tell him to stick his cock inside of me and to fuck me hard.

I didn't though, I struggled but held it in.

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I knew that he would when it was time,so I just waited and hoped it would be soon. He rubbed me oh so light! Finally he stopped teasing me and was there. Jason slowly circled my hole putting more oil and playing around there. I wanted to scream for him to fuck me. I waited as slowly he put one then another finger rolling them around the inside of me and putting more oil inside of my butt hole. I thought it was time.

Jason wasn't done with me yet he continued teasing me massaging me, making me wait. I had just a taste of his fingers and my body screamed for more but he told me to roll over on my back. He then worked on the front side of me.

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I thought that he wasn't going to stick his cock inside of me. I needed to feel his cock inside of me. He oiled me up and massaged me all over taking his time been careful not to miss any area but making sure not to make me cum. He rubbed my balls oh it felt So good. Carefully rubbing me giving the greatest feeling ever. He then finally took hold of my cock and rubbed it, all I could do was close my eyes enjoy it.

I felt his mouth on my cock head Oh fuck I almost came straight away. He was using his tongue on my cock and it was so fucking great. He licked my shaft going up and down to my balls and then back to the head. I told him to stop not being able to control my self i thought i would cum in his mouth. If I wanted to do that he keep on sucking my cock until, I could no longer hold it. I shot my load down his throat and he swallow my man Juice and licked it clean.

He then again asked to roll over. I did and he continued where he had left off on before. He applied some more oil on my buns and worked around them and slowly running his fingers in my crack. He again put one finger then two and then three fingers working them inside of me putting them deeper and deeper inside of me. He put more pressure on my prostate, I would push into his finger to get him deeper. He would open his fingers while rolling them inside of me. Jason got on the table rubbing my back, I felt his now hard cock rubbing and going up and down on my crack, when I felt his cock near my hole, I pushed into him hoping to get him inside of me.

I was so horny,I could hardly wait any longer, I needed his cock inside of me. He just played with me getting me more aroused, I felt his cock and balls on my butt. He applied some pressure when his cock was on my hole, he pushed it in slowly as not to hurt me. I felt his cock head pop inside of me, it was fantastic better then I ever dreamt.

I needed and longed for a cock inside me for so long. He stayed still for a few minutes to allow Male to male massage stories to adjust to his cock then he pushed in some more. He did this a few times until,he was fully inside of me.

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He would change rhyme from slow to fast and rolling his cock inside of me. He knew what he was doing and I didn't want this to end. He felt so good, I felt my pre cum running out of the tip of my cock, I was getting wetter. I knew that I was wetting the table and I couldn't contain myself any more.

I begged him to please fuck hard I needed to feel him fuck me hard. Jason didn't need any more convincing. He picked up the pace and slammed his cock deep and hard in me, I was getting light headed. He fucked me for what it felt like hours but it was only about twenty minutes. I knew he was getting close to cum, he got thicker and I felt him begin to jerk inside of me and then, he asked me if I wanted him to cum inside of me.

I felt his hot load filling me up Male to male massage stories was my first time to have some cum inside of me and it was so hot. When he finished he was going to pull out but I asked not to please keep it in there until he got soft and would come out by it self. Jason Just laid down his full weight on me.

As he was leaving I asked him to let me clean him. He came closer so, I could reach his cock. I used Male to male massage stories tongue working every inch of his cock making sure that, I had clean his cock well. This was another first for me, I had never sucked anyone's cock after he had fucked me in my ass. I could taste his cum and I could also taste me too. He told me that I could get dressed and that he would meet me outside in the other room. I told him that,I wanted to stay for another hour if that was good for him?

He said it was but it would cost me some more. I didn't care,I just wanted him to do it again. I needed to feel him fucking me some more it was the greatest time ever. I had never been fucked so good or for such a long time. I sucked his cock a few more times and he fucked me two more times and I wanted it to last forever. When it was finished, I made another appointment to see him again before going home. I could feel his cum dripping out of my ass and I wanted to keep it in there. Now all I do is think of what had happened and I get so horny and my cock starts to drip pre-cum and gets hard.

I want to be fucked again by him so bad but,I know that this wouldn't happen again or at least not for a long time. I'm looking forward for my next vacation in the States. My first male to male massage. Mature bottom May 09, Views.

Male to male massage stories

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