Marital spanking stories

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It was early September in ; I was 17 years old and lived in a Marital spanking stories southern Indiana town with my dad and step mom. I was an only. My mom had been killed in a car accident when a drunk driver hit her when I was 4 years old. My dad, Jesse, was devastated.

I was just 4 years old and my dad was in his mid 40s. Soon, he met Vivian. She was at least 15 years younger than my dad. She was short, only about 5 foot tall, with a slim build and blonde hair. Looking back, I guess they both were in need. My dad was lonely and needed someone to look after me, and Vivian was having a rough time in life. She was nearly broke and going from job to job.

She struggled with money and a place to live. My dad had a large house and nearly everything he wanted in life except a wife and a mother figure for me. It was hardly love at first sight, but more a relationship built on need. Soon, they were married. My dad worked days a week at an automotive parts factory. Vivian and I soon bonded, as we spent a lot of time together. As years passed, we were really close. She became the mom I had lost years before. However, my dad and Vivian seldom got along great. He was a lot older than her and I guess had different ideas and values.

My dad was very strict. He was a no nonsense type of guy. I think he held a lot of resentment about my mom being gone since she was his sole mate and not Vivian. He not only had a lot of rules for me, but also Vivian.

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My dad made all the decisions and they were expected to be followed. I often wondered why Vivian stayed around, but I guess this life was far better than what she had before. If I got out of line, he was quick to yank me over his knee and give me a good spanking. My dad was a very large man, way over 6 foot tall. He had no problem taking control of the situation. At first Vivian would chastise him and tell him he was too hard on me, but he would simply not talk to her for days or maybe even a week.

There was no arguing or yelling in our house. He would just not even acknowledge her presence. When I got to be about 12, things changed. We had a guest bedroom on the far side of the house. I guess he sent me there because it was out of sight and sound from most the rest of the house, and Vivian would not Marital spanking stories to interfere.

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Not a word spoken, just a bad spanking. It would strike fear in my body every single time he would have to say it. When I was 17 I came home from school and, as always, Vivian was there when I got home. I went to my room to work on homework and watch TV. About an hour later, my dad arrived home from work. I could hear him come in the front door.

My room was just down a short hallway from the front door. I could faintly hear their conversation.

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So, did you walk home, or how exactly did you get home? In my mind, any alcohol and then driving is too much. You know this, Vivian! You agreed you would never, ever, drink then drive! I could not believe my ears. I felt fear in my own body just hearing those words. I felt fear for her and was still in disbelief my dad actually said that.

Not today, please. Hearing her say this made me think this may not have been the first time my father either threatened Marital spanking stories spank her, or actually did it. I felt such fear for her. My dad was such an evil person when it came to discipline. Never a word spoken. If he took you to the guest room, it was always a whipping you would not soon forget. As I heard them walk out of the front room across the house, my anxiety got the better of me and I tip-toed across the house. The guest room was clear to the far corner of the house.

I could clearly see them entering the guest bedroom from behind the corner of another room.

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That sound brought fear to my body just hearing it. She took her fingers and slid them into the waistband of her blue bikini panties and slowly slid them down past her bottom and let them fall, then placed her hands on the dresser top. I was very nervous and apprehensive about what I was sure was going to happen to my step mom.

My dad was beyond angry, even though he Marital spanking stories shows it. I knew from experience that when he was angry he never showed any mercy. My dad stood towering over Vivian. He was over a foot taller than her and had a heavy build verses her slim body. He took his left arm and pushed her slightly forward against the dresser so she was slightly bent over it, with her bare bottom sticking out. As he held her forcefully in place, he raised his belt high and come down with nearly full force on her round bottom. She let out an ungodly scream. The pale white skin of her bottom now had a 2 inch red stripe across it.

As soon as that stroke landed, about 5 more followed.

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Vivian was screaming with every blow. As she stood with her back to the dresser I could see the tears flowing down her face and a small triangle of blonde hair just below her shirt line. Her shorts and underwear had been kicked off her ankles. She pleaded with my dad to stop. Vivian gasped as my dad grabbed her by the arm and turned her back around toward the dresser. He held her tight in position and raised his long black belt again. He gave her 12 to 15 severe strokes.

Each one came as fast as the one Marital spanking stories. It was as hard and as fast as I could imagine them being. Vivian screamed a shrill scream each time one landed. My dad was out of breath. He released his hold on her and she fell to the floor. I then tip-toed quickly back to my room.

The next morning, she was up to fix me breakfast before school.

Marital spanking stories

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