Masturbation at work stories

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It started as a bit of innocent fun - but soon Samantha's recurring 'meeting' took a dark turn. I still remember the first time I masturbated at work. The whole thing took about five minutes from start to finish and of course nobody had a clue.

My boyfriend Marco and Masturbation at work stories have sex at least once a day but mostly twice, morning and night. We sext each other a lot too. I love it all and find it really exciting, so sex is never far from my mind. I work in a high-pressure office where everything is go-go-go all the time and I manage a large team. Recently, when everyone wanted a piece of me and I was feeling super stressed about an upcoming presentation, I went to the bathroom just to get away from the chattering masses. Unwilling to head back out, and with nothing else to do, I decided to feel myself up a little bit.

I was surprised by how aroused I could become there under the fluoro light in the centre of a building full of hundreds of people. Although I was sure everyone would know, nobody even blinked when I emerged, slightly sheepishly, from the bathroom. I got on with my day, acing my presentation and practically skipping through my afternoon meetings.

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From that day on, I started looking for moments I could disappear into the bathroom to take care of business. I became pretty speedy too. Marco got off on hearing about it too. And then I started to be preemptive, visiting each morning before anything had had the chance to go wrong. I was distracted by it, and often lost concentration in meetings, thinking about when I could get back in there. It became the answer to all my problems, until my obsession with it was my problem. I was having an affair with myself. I try to think of other ways to relieve stress now, like talking to a co-worker or going to grab a coffee.

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Masturbation at work stories

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