Maternal giantess stories

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Parte 11 - Dr. I guess three years as a shrunken husband aren't easy Maternal giantess stories sum up in a few s. Onda has been reading what I've written so far and told me to continue to introduce you to some of the other people who form my limited world.

I have already told you about Molly and her husband, fictitious or not. Onda's mother, Miss Emma, should probably come next, but Onda says it's about time to mention Dr. Elde, who, as you'll see is by far the central figure of us all. I met Dr. Elde will I ever know her first name? She is the shrink my wife started seeing about six months before I was shrunken.

Funny as the pun may sound, from the very beginning something has been telling me that both events are somehow interrelated. This is only a hunch, albeit an important one, but it's been formed by little hints and eavesdropping, which is inevitable when you live with someone under the same roof.

There is only one word to describe Dr. Elde: perfection. Have you ever seen Michelangelo's David, with its physical beauty and perfection of shape? Have you ever stood in front of a Canaleto painting to admire its architectural structure where every line converges into an exaltation of symmetry? Have you ever opened your ears and let a fugue by Bach invade the secrets of your soul by its mathematical music?

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Have you ever lost yourself in a Shakespeare's sonnet with its poetry, verse, and idea? Have you ever witnessed the sun rise from the sea or sink into the mountains? If you have, if you've gone through the bliss of these unforgettable experiences, you'll begin to have an idea of what I felt the day I met Dr. Elde, which is what I still feel today, more than a year after.

She is 50 years old and very, very tall. Most men would have to look up at her. Yet the proportions in her body make her look as the daintiest, most delicate of females you've ever seen. Her legs are very long and slender, her feet a work of art. Her arms are equally attractive, with beautiful, perfect hands that end in long, straight, heavenly fingers, crowned by carefully manicured nails.

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Her upper body is long and stylish, with a good-sized, perky bust. Her princess-like neck le to the most glorious part of her body, her head. She has the most perfect face you can imagine, with high cheek-bones, big mouth with two straight lines of very white teeth, a Scandinavian kind of nose and deep, deep, beautifully intelligent blue eyes.

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Her blond hair is, more often than not, gathered up into an aristocratic bun. Her demeanor and presence are fantastic.

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Her taste in clothing is superb and she'll only wear the very best. Whatever she puts on makes her look like the goddess she is. But all this makes an even more effective impression when you hear her voice and how she inflects it. Think of a flowing brook of honey and you'll get an idea of what her speech sounds like. When I first saw her I couldn't believe my eyes, for she was the angel I had seen in my dreams when healing from Onda's second spanking.

She was the protective celestial being coming down from heaven to reassure me and tell me everything Maternal giantess stories be all right. To this day the truth hasn't been revealed to me and I haven't been able to work it out by myself.

Is there some hypnosis involved in this? Elde has never given me an order or even talked to me but in the most tactful and respectful of ways. Her smile could disarm a mad gorilla; the delicacy of her movements could seduce a eunuch. I've always been at a loss for words in front of her.

She is so superior. The customary way for me to greet guests is kissing their feet, as Onda taught me. But when I met Dr. Elde my sight got stuck in her eyes and I couldn't move. Onda had to push my butt with the tip if her shoe a little for me to react. When I placed my lips on Dr. Elde's high heeled, classy, velvety leather shoes for my kiss I felt I could have died in that position. The doctor smiled sweetly at me and asked me how I was. All through that afternoon I ran like crazy from the living room to the kitchen in order to offer Dr.

Elde the best possible service with the tea I brought them. I was also very surprised when the doctor asked my wife whether she'd allow me to stay a little and chat with them. As with most of Dr. Elde's polite requests, Onda immediately consented. I was also allowed to bring one of my own chairs and sit Maternal giantess stories front of both of them.

I was absolutely mesmerized by her incredible legs. Elde's legs and start looking at her face as she talks to you".

Maternal giantess stories

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