Meri saheli magazine stories

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Ltd —which also publishes magazines such as New Woman—sent out Meri Saheli magazines that play the Meri Saheli theme audio each time they are opened. Only around 1, such magazines were sent out, mostly to advertisers and media buying agencies. The magazines acquired a voice through a chip inserted in the centrefold.

The Hindi monthly claims sales ofa month. He declined to name the companies. Experts say a multi-sensory approach can help a brand differentiate itself. It has been, and continues to be, used by high-end perfume brands that use fragrance strips in magazines. Some luxury hotels and retailers also use certain scents to spark brand recognition.

It has a certain vibe," says Blair.

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The de firm paid a lot of attention to sensory branding for its client Godrej Lifespace, the retail brand of Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing Co. It looked into everything, from the music being played in the store to the lighting and texture. According to www. If you look at it in isolation, the entire exercise can be quite gimmicky, says media Chandradeep Mitra, president, Mudra Max, media specialist of Mudra Group.

Multi-sensory innovations do cost more, but the bang is worth the buck, especially if the publication has a well-defined audience. The Meri Saheli innovation of a pre-recorded audio chip inserted into the centrefold of a magazine costs advertisers around Rs40 a magazine.

This includes the cost of the device as well as four s Meri saheli magazine stories on thick glossy art paper, says Pahwa of Pioneer. The Mumbai-based firm has been working on this concept since early and is willing to do this for other magazines as well. The group has also been working closely with ink manufacturers to see if it can insert another chapter to the brand story—scent. But not all brands can use multi-sensory branding, say experts. International editions of Vogue carry perfume strips. She says the company has received enquires to see if with such scented strips can be part of magazines published by Conde Nast India.

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Meri saheli magazine stories

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