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Having to share something with my Writing Group, I decided to tell my Scoliosis tale By the time I was ten, I had broken my collar bone, my jaw and had fractured my skull, in three separate incidences. I was a tomboy and had to keep up with my brother, only ten months older than me.

Flash forward to the preparations my 8th grade graduation. My mom was a wonderful seamstress and was fitting me for the dress I would be wearing to the ceremony. One of my shoulder blades was out of alignment, so the dress just wouldn't lay correctly.

I was promptly scheduled an appointment with my pediatrician who, upon viewing my spine, deemed me "The most severe scoliosis case" she had ever seen. Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine bends to the side abnormally; either to the right or left. The curvature can be moderate to severe. The majority of children with scoliosis require no treatment, as the condition resolves on its own as the child grows. But I've never been part of Milwaukee brace story majority and I required the treatment of using a back brace.

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I knew, if left untreated, the condition could lead to serious spine, chest, pelvis, heart and lung damage. Extending from just below my chin, to slightly above my pelvis, I was wrapped in a metal and plastic contraption for 23 hours a day- through some very formative years. There are many aspects of Milwaukee brace story lives that shaped who we are and I can only imagine how powerful this experience was for me, standing out so prominently from everyone I knew from the ages of 14 to 16 years.

I was the only braced girl in high school and due to this uniqueness, I was put into adaptive p. While different, I don't ever remember having a pity party. I knew the brace was for my own good, but there certainly was a loneliness in my obvious difference. One book helped me through it all, Deenieby Judy Bloom. I'm never going to wear that thing! But the words won't come out. And beautiful Deenie, who everyone says should be a model, is stuck wearing a brace from her neck to her hips. What will her friends think?

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And what about Buddy Brader, who was just starting to like her? A tough ride to finding out who you are. However, it was a necessary journey and part of who I am today. I'm a firm believer in the adage, Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I thoroughly believe dealing with my scoliosis, the taunts that sometimes came my way, and the difficulty of not fitting in, made me a stronger person able to not only survive the ride but to find the beauty the journey offered.

Did you suffer bullying from your mates at school? Do you have more photos of you standing in the brace?

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Thanks fos the story! I wore mine from March until summer, My HS was more than strong and about in my own class. However, I never saw another with this at the same time. A middle school guidance counselor helped me with the taunts and more in gym class. Starting HS with this, was devastating. For a short time, I made a cloth case with a drawstring top, so I could change in the girl's room, put it in my narrow locker and back on at the end of the day.

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Until my 1-year older sister ratted me out Riding a school bus was painful and difficult. I wore my brother's shirts and shorts to fit over it. It was hot, uncomfortable at night, and just not easy. My family helped me to not take it seriously, making jokes to lighten Milwaukee brace story day. Unfortunately, after all these years of this brace, I missed my Sr. Suffice is to say, I am now well-remembered as "the girl in the brace", some 40 years later. My Mom always wanted me to write a book of the escapades of 5 years of bracing and plaster of paris casting.

Maybe I will, in memory of you, Mom. Thanks for sharing your story. Would be nice in the day of technology to form a "support" group on FB of those with Milwaukee braces and Harrington rods, which were phased out in the early 90's because of the "flat-back" syndrome. Post a Comment.

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Milwaukee brace story

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