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Tag: mini giantess. In the second part, following real dream mechanics, the girls will continue to win over the guy by growing more and more while he will shrink a bit. Rebecca can't stop her growth, she will grow as long as she lives. Every month she writes her diary to keep track of her changes. In this final 'Wild Weekend' installment, Elena awakens on her living room floor with a powerful hangover and a mysterious houseguest asleep on the floor next to her. Over coffee and breakfast, Bridget helps Elena piece together the evening's activities which included party games, surprise guests, and, of course, more magic brownie adventures.

Yeah, this one gets wild. In a rush of mixed feelings and ideas, the sisters disagree on how to proceed because, as always, Audrey says she has a plan. Another one? At the same time, Tony and Vanessa attend to a call, and when Vanessa walks away, Tony meets Marina, in all her glory. That was not expected Or was it? In this installment of "Wild Weekend" both girls awaken to find they have not completely reverted back to their original heights and shapes, both retaining their curviness.

While Elena is a bit surprised, both Mini giantess growth stories generally okay with this. He gets a visit from his step-sister just when his girlfriend grew 8 feet tall. How will he handle this situation? In this story there will be present growth sequences including height growth, legs growth, breast expansion, ass growth and a little bit of shrinking. Particular care was made for clothes: they will get smaller as the girls grow to new sizes.

Secondary: Vivian, Jana, Patricia, Nigel. The destiny of our Julie is now set in "stone". She now starts to embrace it and has already endured a month of hard training. Unstable growth is a series that started on Patreon where a blond girl has some problems controlling her sudden growth, the first episodes are single shots a bit disconnected but starting from the sixth issue the story deepens and takes form with new interesting characters. Sometime she grows "just" a few feet more, sometime she is taller than a skyscraper!

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Have you ever wondered why Audrey has her tall obsession? Or if she ever had a boyfriend and what happened to their relationship? It's about time to answer Mini giantess growth stories of those questions and discover part of Audrey's mysterious past, meanwhile, we will see some really interesting dates and some nice growing! Now it's Kelly's turn to grow while spending some intimate time with Sue's brother Eric! Kelly is 19 years old but she's still growing! She's getting taller and curvier and her sexual appetite is growing too!

Since she's stopped growing, Roberta is no longer the leader and she must face the boldness of Alice, who threatens to steal the scene as well as something else Kyle's potion seems to be the only way to overcome the impasse, but he's not so willing to help her again, especially now that he's living Mini giantess growth stories his love dream with Val. Life is not tasty. Maybe we should put more pepper in the sauce to see if it will be swallowable Laura surpraises Kyle with a sexy outfit but Kyle surprises Laura with a little trick in her drink!

Six months have passed since the day of the incident at Kyle's place and many things have changed: Laura has broken up with Kyle and she's performing experiments on her twin cousins; Roberta has lost her leadershi. This time Kyle and Laura are strangers, Kyle drugs her coffee to bring her home and use her as a guinea pig! Everybody except for Val, who is burning with jealousy watching Roberta getting taller and taller. When she finds out Roberta has discovered her secret and she is the one to receive the potion, she goes mad and she starts plotting her revenge. In the empty auditorium, Mandy, who has just grown into a muscular giantess, has her way with little Donald.

Then she decides the potion is so awesome that she wants to share it. She finds her four female friends, playing basketball, and tells them what happened to her. Donald is a genius first year chemistry student who spends all his nights in a forgotten lab at his college. One night, he is visited and humiliated by Mandy, a girl taller and obviously stronger than him.

Donald applies his chemistry knowledge to developing a growth serum for himself. But things don't go as planned Still Jay's pleasure is not at an end. After a good time on the bed, where Hannah gives Jay instructions, they end up in the gym room again. Jay is ecstatic but Hannah is not in a rush and plays with the little guy as long as she wants, handing him a big weight he can't handle, then taking it over herself. For Hannah and Jay, the night continues, and what a night's going to be!

Jay, who has Mini giantess growth stories dreaming of tall girls like Hannah, is in heaven. Hannah seems to get just as excited and has a lot of ideas. A short boy and a tall, athletic girl meet again after many years, and find that they are both alone on Christmas Eve. Hannah invites Jay to her house, where they confess that they have been really attracted to each other for years. They decide to make up for lost time More Giantess fun by Bojay! Two cute hillbilly girls drink jugs of grow juice to get bigger and sexier for their guy!

A Giantess Growth comic by Bojay! Three beautiful but dangerous schoolgirls are punished by their teacher for bullying their classmate. They will trick him and he will lose control of the situation. He will try to get back in control but just when this happens the girls will start to grow taller and sexier and his trouble escalate!

This series is a crescendo of growth sequences with a lot of action included. Sophie is a short, skinny and flat-chested college student who's always wanted to be taller and have bigger boobs. On a lark, she orders some Mini giantess growth stories growth pills" from an ad in the back of a magazine And to her surprise, they actually work! Sugar Pills Part 1 is the first part of a giantess growth comic series, about Sophie and her friend Sasha growing bigger and bigger! The beginning of my D.

It took me a long time to actually finish it, the text part was the longest to get into, but I think it turned out ok. Yes after almost 2 years Jessica is back Thanks to Dangerous Dave for English correction. This chapter will make the story more intriguing and it will explain exactly why Jessica is growing and why other girls around her are growing too! Tony if feeling guilty for having sex with other woman and has a bad week. That morning, after sating Vanessa's sex hunger he goes to the Gym, this time, for the sauna, a good place to think and relax. She was a short girl that after eating some weird mushrooms had a huge growth spurt that lasted 2 hours.

Society has totally changed since Attitude was marketed: girls have now learnt how to manage boys from the heights of their confidence and beauty, and all thanks to this miraculous drink which triggers their growth and allows them to reach their natural inner height limit. The series displays the first arrival of a man to his new home after having been brought there by his new mistress. She happens to be eager to play with her new toy, and so she quicly undresses and ask him to follow her in her bedroom.

The set then focuses on the sexual interaction that follows. Ric has nearly died trying to reach Alia, but he still wants to talk to her no matter the cost. Joy doesn't approve his recklessness, especially now that she has realized her love for him, so she decides not to follow. Penny, no longer a stick figure at 23 years old is quite enjoying the growth. She cannot wait to show her 22 years old roommate Kimiko her growth! It might be earlier than she thinks since she made quite a ruckus while having fun, Kimiko comes down to see what is going on.

Things are getting worse for Ric: the more he gets close to Alia, the more he feels sick. But he can't give up now that he's so close to see her once again Together with Joy, who keeps on growing more and more, Alyssa and the other girls, he continues his journey and his remembrance of the time spent with Alia.

That's how we get to know about her decision to show up My third short story, first one here though The other two are on my Deviantart. It develops a mini-gts to giantess story in a city scene, it's quite direct, because of the short lenght, and a little spicy too. GTSV is the story of Diana, a regular college girl who has her life drasticallychanged when two ft tall valkyries come crashing down in front of her. Beaware, this first chapter has no sex but it does have nudity, clothes ripping.

What happens when you break up with a super hero girlfriend that can grow to giant size? Giantess, clothes ripping, shoe busting, breasts growing, ass growing, house destruction, growth during oral, sexual actitivities with mini giantess, timid girl becoming dominant sexy mini giantess, 4 way sex with a giantess! It's the birthday party of a girl, but who is she? Do you remember where her name appear for the first time? In this chapter the height difference between Michael and Jessica is getting even bigger, are their role reversed?

Is he now as short as Jessica was to him when she started growing? Read this chapter to find out! The Mega Monsters are terrorizing the city, and Uberman alone can't handlethem! That's when super genius Sho invents the Monsterfier X, a weapon thatis supposed to make him Mega Monster size He uses a small dose on himselfto demonstrate it one night, but what happens when it accidentally zaps the.

Katherine is on a mission to retrieve a mysterious serum, what happens when the crazed enemy soldier by the name of Crush shows up? The danger gets bigger and bigger for Katherine! Also included is The Growing Elf 5 mini comic. The farmers 3 sexy daughters have taken over the farm, but why are the cows and chickens so big? Could the meteor that crashed there have anything to do with it?

Soon after the daughters are looking taller and bustier too and their boyfriends and girlfriends have much more to handle! Dr Turner's Chronicles Vol 2 - Alia's awakening Joy and Ric have ventured far into the radioacive area risking their health and life but they still haven't found any clues about Alia. Fortunately they bump into some overgrown girls who seem to know a lot about the goddess.

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Meanwhile, we go back to the time when Ric and Alia were two hearts and a shack and. Juicy Boom Pills 2 is the continuation story of Mara, who is tired ofseeing sexy voluptuous women catching the eye of her boss and boyfriend,Jack. She Mini giantess growth stories an ad on the internet for a beauty enhancement pill, andeven with her friends warning she decides to try it out.

After growing to giant size, Mara realizes her friend Alina may be in for. A mini giantess story with a growing female this time, gentle and soft, with a more realistic female figure, sadly it' unfinished, i was never happy with any of the light and water setups I tried. Now with the new hardware i could achieve better with similar scenes, so i didn't feel like to finish it. The whole issue happens over a period of one week so there are no visible changes growth to the characters, sorry.

But there IS intrigue, action, humor and drama! Just read it, after all: its free! Something In The Water 3 picks up right where part 2 left off. Jasminesmysterious size increase le to even more mysteries. Security at thelaboratory is beefed up, the female security that is. Mary Sue decides totest her water on the teacher, a flashback to a very angry spouse drinkingthe serum and some action at the lab due to a brand new serum. Mary Sue decides totest her water on the teacher, a flashback to a very angry spouse drinking.

The cover could be a little tricky, because most of the stuff is outdated compared to my current standars.

Mini giantess growth stories

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