Mom foot fetish story

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This is a foot fetish story, so if that isn't your thing, then turn back now. This is just a one-shot story, and so I have no plans for another part. I hope you all enjoy. Feel free to leave your feedback, it is appreciated. I'm still rather inexperienced in the ways of writing erotic fiction, so I'm sort of testing the waters to how I do.

I was 18 years old and just graduated high school. As kind of a light celebration, I would be spending a few days at my best friend's house before we both had to go our separate ways for college at the end of the summer. The visit would serve a dual purpose, both a celebration for having graduated and also to say our goodbyes. I call it a celebration but really, we'd spend the whole time playing games and stuff like that, sort of a last chance to be kids again before we had to move on to the big adult world of college life.

I was in my bedroom packing a bag for the weekend when my friend's car pulled into the driveway. I had my own car and could've driven myself, but he'd volunteered to come and pick me up so there was no Mom foot fetish story.

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I finished packing my bag, then headed downstairs where my mother was already making small talk with Chris. We got to Chris' car and I threw my bag in his backseat as he got in the driver side and me the passenger side. If anybody else had made a comment like that, I'd have gotten a little ticked, but I knew Chris was just messing with me. We both shared a good laugh as he drove, but little did he know, I wasn't entirely just trying to be funny. For as long as I've know them, I've always found Chris' mom to be quite attractive. Though, that was an understatement to be sure, his mom was easily one of the sexiest creatures I'd ever seen, many a times during my masturbation sessions images of her would fill my imagination.

Countless images of her tan sexy body with her juicy C-cup tits squeezed into a tight two-piece while sunbathing out by their swimming pool were the highlights of my spank bank. However, as sexy as the rest of her body was, it was her perfect feet and delectable toes that always seemed to catch my eye the most.

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I had a pretty big foot fetish and at this point I hadn't ever so much as gotten to touch a woman's feet. Even the girls I dated in high school, who'd let me do just about any other sex-related thing, all of them thought feet were gross and wouldn't let me go near them. I was so caught up in my own mind, I hadn't even noticed that we'd pulled into the driveway of Chris' house. We got out of the car and headed into the house, his mom wasn't home, which was to be expected, she was a doctor and usually didn't get home until later.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to seeing her though. Don't get me wrong, I knew I should feel bad for fantasizing about my best friend's mom, but that's all it was, just fantasies, so I figured it was alright. For the remainder of the evening Chris and I just played video games and watched a movie or two. For dinner we ordered pizza, and then we went back to playing video games. Really, it was just like old times, we played and laughed and had a good time. It was a bit sad though, knowing that it would be the last Mom foot fetish story we'd get to hang out like that for quite some time.

At the end of the summer he would be moving out to Colorado to live with his dad and go to college out there. Meanwhile, I would be staying here to attend college. Around 10PM or so, we both began to get tired, so we decided to call it a night.

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Chris went to sleep in his bedroom, and I went to the guest bedroom where I usually always slept when I stayed at his house. I woke up again just a couple of hours later, around midnight.

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I always had a hard time going to bed at a decent hour, so this was normal for me. I got up and went to the bathroom, then headed downstairs to get a glass of water. As I made my way to the kitchen, I noticed that the TV was on in the living room, upon further investigation I saw that it was none other than Chris' mom sitting on the couch watching TV, she was still in her work clothes, so she must've just gotten home. Sidney was my full first name, but I always liked to go by Sid because I thought Sidney sounded a bit girly.

However, Chris' mom was the only person I knew that still insisted on calling me Sidney. When I was younger, it used to annoy me a little bit, but I got used to it. Plus, she Mom foot fetish story told me that she liked my name, and when a woman as beautiful as her tells you she likes your name, you don't question it. And by the way, I don't know how many times I have to tell you, but it's Vicky.

I nodded and approached the couch to take a seat next to her. Even in the dimly lit living room, it was impossible not to see how beautiful this woman was. At 44, Vicky was an otherworldly beauty, in fact she seemed to get hotter with age. She stood about 5'4 and had a fit busty physique. She had long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Her age showed a very little bit, with only a few wrinkles in the face, otherwise her complexion was flawless. She was still in her work clothes, which consisted of a dark skirt suit with a white blouse underneath and a pair of dark nylon stockings that made her legs look ever sexier.

She had her stocking covered feet propped up on the coffee table in front of her and her black leather heels were on the floor. It felt weird to even think, but I was gonna miss her just as much as I'd miss my best friend. Sure, I was going to attend college near my hometown, and could easily come visit her at any time, but I figured going to my best friend's house just to see his mom would be kind Mom foot fetish story weird.

I took a seat on the couch next to her just as she'd suggested. We began making the usual kind of small talk that you'd expect, asking me about college and future plans, that sort of stuff. It's a good thing she was asking such simple questions, because my mind was elsewhere and so were my eyes.

The whole time she spoke to me, my eyes remained glued to her sexy stocking covered feet; wanting nothing more than to touch them, smell them, taste them. The way those tight nylons hugged every sensual curve of her feet and toes. How I wished I could just be those nylons.

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I began shaking my head "no" trying to deny it, as my face turned blood red in embarrassment. But I hoped in the dim light that she wouldn't notice my profuse blushing. There it was, the question I'd dreaded answering ever since I discovered my fetish. I couldn't speak, I just sat there frozen, my face burning with embarrassment. I've noticed how you've looked at my feet for as long as I've known you. There's no shame in it, it's perfectly natural.

I was still speechless. She's known all this time? I had no idea, I'd been so obvious all these years. How about as a belated birthday present, I let you give me a foot rub like I know you've wanted to for the longest time. Holy shit, there's no way this was happening. I was still frozen and speechless. I was in complete disbelief, could this really be real? So as congratulations for graduating high school, you can do whatever you want with my feet. It's like she could read my mind. There's just no fucking way this was real, I had to be dreaming.

But the look on her face and sound of her voice told me otherwise. I just nodded wordlessly, like I was in some sort of trance. She then turned on the couch so she facing me and set her feet in my lap. I lifted her right foot, feeling the warmth and slight moistness of her sweaty nylons.

I gently trailed my fingers up her leg to her thigh as she let out a light moan. Mom foot fetish story hooked my fingers in the top of her stocking just under her skirt and began slowly pulling it down her leg. Once I had her stocking off, driven completely by my growing lust, I brought the bunched up stocking up to my nose and inhaled the odor emanating from it. As the strong odor of her sweaty nylon filled my nostrils, I almost passed out in ecstasy.

I got an instant hard on and since I was only wearing a pair gym shorts, I knew she could see the massive bulge. As I moved on to her left foot and began removing the stocking from it, to my surprise she grabbed the other stocking and took a sniff, I assume out of curiosity. She then took the stocking away from her face and slightly crinkled her nose. Her comment didn't bother me, nor really surprise me, I'd always known that what I liked was something of an acquired taste.

With both of her stockings removed, I refocused my attention on her bare feet. Her feet, which much like the rest Mom foot fetish story her, were perfect. They weren't too small or too big and her toes weren't too short or too long, all in all, they were just right. I took one foot in my hands to inspect her soles up close for the first time, her soles were a little red from walking in heels all day, but other than that they were smooth and soft, not a single blemish or rough spot.

Even her toenails which were painted a deep crimson, were perfect, not a single chip. I brought her foot up to my face and after one big whiff of her sweaty odor, I planted a few kisses here and there. I then began dragging my tongue from her heel, through her deep arch, up to her toes. That first taste and I thought for sure I was in heaven. I grabbed her other foot and began kissing and licking it as well. I swapped between the two as Vicky moaned in response. I eventually glanced up to see that she'd unbuttoned the top few buttons on her blouse and had her hand stuck inside it groping her breast over the bra.

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She was definitely getting pretty turned on, which encouraged me to continue. I buried my tongue in between each of her toes, wrapping my tongue around each toe before taking them in my mouth one by one. I glanced up once again to see that now she had her skirt hiked up just enough for her hand to disappear into her panties. I cock grew even harder at the sight. I still couldn't believe this was happening and decided that dream or not, to just roll with it.

I refocused my attention on her sexy sweaty feet and d licking and sucking on every inch of her feet and toes.

Mom foot fetish story

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