Mom makes me cum story

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My mother had me when she was very young.

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My mother was and is a very beautiful and sexy woman. She did some underwear- and swimsuit-modeling. I am not ashamed to say that it was sometimes very pleasurable to notice my mother as a woman. We lived in a very rural section of the state I grew up in. In fact, our road would often get washed out or flooded so we had to be pretty self-sufficient. We lived on land that was owned by some friends and we would all help each other when we could. I also remember two of the women that lived on the land were also very beautiful and sexy.

Needless to say, as I got older, I noticed Mom makes me cum story more and more. When I was a bit older, I had fallen ill one Summer. It was a particularly hot Summer from what I remember. My mother had grown pretty concerned that I had a fever for a few days and showed no s of improvement.

One of the women Elle that lived on the land was a natural healer. My mother asked her to come over and take a look at me to see if she could help. She was a very beautiful and sexy woman, similar to my mother. Since we lived rurally, being scantily clad wasn't an issue. I often went around nude as did my younger sister. When she arrived, both she and my mother were in very short shorts and tank tops.

My mother explained what was happening. The first thing Elle did was put her lips to my forehead. She sat down on the bed and slowly examined me. She asked me some questions about how I was feeling and if certain areas of my body hurt where she touched. Her touch was firm but pleasurable. We noticed that I had pain in my lower abdomen and testicles. My mother was also standing next to me offering assistance, etc.

I could see that her nipples were hard. Even in the state I was in, I couldn't help but get an erection. Elle turned to my mother and said, "I am pretty sure he has a severely congested prostate gland that has led to an infection. There is one thing I need to do to be sure. I need to insert my finger into his rectum so I can examine his prostate gland.

Elle explained to me what she was going to do and why. She told me to roll on my side, facing her.

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My mother knelt down beside the bed and was stroking my hair. I had a full view of both sexy women. When I think of the image now, it's very arousing. They both had sexy long legs, very nice breasts that were accentuated nicely by their tank tops, their nipples were visibly hard.

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Elle asked me to slide my boxers down and out popped my very hard cock. I heard both women kind of gasp. Elle told me that she was now going to insert her finger into my rectum and touch my prostate. She explained that I may feel a lot of pressure. She also told me that she would be using oil to lubricate her finger. She told me to relax and breathe out.

I felt her finger go in and when she hit my prostate, I jumped and let out a sound. She told me that she was going to press and I might feel pressure. She also said that there may be a discharge from my penis.

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When she pushed, it was a little uncomfortable but also pleasurable. She pushed a few times and looked at the head of my penis. She asked my mother, "Can you see any discharge? When my mother touched the tip of my penis, it literally jumped. I was now extremely hard; probably harder than I'd ever been. Yes I was sick and not feeling well but my mother and Elle looked so incredible and their skin and their touch was so soft and feminine.

Plus my mother was now touching my penis weird and exciting and Elle had her finger in my ass. Elle told her to keep her hand there. She pressed a little more, then took her finger out. She said to both of us, "It's what I thought. Your prostate gland is very congested and it's caused an infection. There are things we need to do. One is we need to decongest your prostate and then get you on some antibacterial stuff I can give you, then you should follow up with a doctor in town when you can get there.

Also, it helps to ejaculate because it empties the prostate gland. I know you're not feeling well but we need to do this now and then follow up a few more times. I am going to reinsert my finger into your rectum and stimulate your prostate gland. You can move a bit if you need to but try not to squirm too much. Feel free to make any sounds that you need to, and please let me know if anything gets too painful or uncomfortable.

Your mom will be here with us and will help as needed. I heard my mom sigh. I moved my head down and saw that Elle's nipples were protruding through her tank top. I looked at my mom and it was basically the same and I noticed a little Mom makes me cum story of sweat in her cleavage. Elle began to insert her finger and asked me how it felt. I just nodded. I saw Elle reach over and caress my mom's knee. She said, "Rebecca I am going to need you to hold his penis so we can tell if any fluid is coming out. When Elle reached my prostate she began to move her finger in a circle and push up every now and then.

My mother said she could. I was oozing at this point. I looked down I could see whatever it was I was oozing on my mother's hand. I let out a moan. I could see my mother look at Elle. Elle said, "Don't worry, that's natural," and gave her a little wink.

Elle felt around a little more and said this was helping but that we needed for me to ejaculate to help empty the prostate. Elle said, "Rebecca here is where you can be really helpful. If you help him ejaculate, it will help. Elle said, "Rebecca, I understand that this is unusual and probably awkward but I am concerned about this and this is a way to get him on the path to healing.

I know you and he have a close and open relationship and will be able to do this. Elle said, "Rebecca, help your son ejaculate I don't think it will take much from what I can see he's very erect already but he is very congested. The best way, for now, is for you to stroke his penis as I Mom makes me cum story push on his prostate.

Elle said, "I know what I asking but it will be ok, and it's ok if it gets pleasurable, that often happens.

Mom makes me cum story

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