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My name is David and I am 14 years old and I live alone with my 30 year old Mom. My Dad accidentally got my Mom pregnant so they decided to get married. From what my Mom tells me my Dad was a loving and proud father but he passed away in when I was 3 years old leaving my Mother as my sole parent.

We made due though, we bought a one bedroom rancher out in the country, it was small but we liked to think of it as cozy. Just like her interior, her exterior was beautiful as well. Although she had the personality of a nun, she had the looks of a porn star! She had voluptuous natural blonde hair, flawless slightly tanned white skin, sharp facial features, big innocent blue eyes, sleek neck, natural 36DD breasts that were as perky as A cups on a 17 year old, a skinny toned stomach and long sexy legs.

But her god like ass was by far her best feature. It was big but toned as well, you could squeeze it nicely but it could also stand its ground.

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To add to her natural features, she was a fitness freak. Every day after work she would Mom son massage sex stories 5 miles to the gym, work out her abs, legs and ass for a couple hours and then would jog another 5 miles until she reached home. All of this exercise kept her in impeccable condition.

The nice thing about my Mom being a teacher was that we both got summer vacation and this allowed us to spend all of summer together. Although I have always thought of my mother as beautiful, only this past summer had I begun to develop a sexual interest in her. Maybe it was because she was home all of the time or maybe it was because I had just entered that age. Either way, my desire to have sex with her was growing with each long hot summer day. When my Mom went to the gym one day, I developed a plan to maybe get a little closer to my Mom.

So I went to the bedroom and broke the bed by jumping on it and snipping some of the wires that supported it. Now I would have to sleep with my mom! She came home very tired as she always did. I went to the bedroom, sat on the now only bed and turned on the TV. I turned it on really for no reason, the only vision I could see was me and my Mom sleeping together after the hot massage I was about to give her.

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I became instantly hard. A little while later my mom came in wearing a bathrobe. She looked stunning. I got on top of her and slipped her robe beneath her shoulders. To my delight there were no bra straps!! My mom was completely naked under her robe!! I slid it down a little more than gently started rubbing her shoulders and back. After a few minutes I slipped her robe down to her waist and started stroking the small of her slender back.

I could see the sides of her big round breasts squished against the bed. I wanted to grab them so badly. I put my arms around her and started stroking her sleek stomach. I slid my hand further and further up her stomach until the side of my hands was touching her breasts. She sat up abruptly. She came in a few minutes later in a t shirt and sweat pants and we went to bed. We went to bed with our backs towards each other. I stayed awake for hours, after all how could I sleep when there was a sex goddess sleeping 2 feet next to me! When I knew my Mom was asleep I worked up my courage.

I slowly reached out and slid her sweat pants down a little. I tried sliding them down but they were stuck to her butt.

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I gave it another effort and jolted the down. To my relief my Mom was still peacefully sleeping. Cautiously I gently poked one of her sexy ass cheeks with my finger to see if my Mom would notice. I did this a few times before I worked up the courage to start squeezing her big sexy ass globes. I was so hard. My cock started thinking for me as it persuaded me to squeeze harder and harder. This made my Mom groan. I gasped as I noticed her hands start to move. To my surprise she pulled her tight underwear over my hands, then pulled her sweatpants over them and then she went back to sleep. Wow she must have been in those half awake half asleep modes and must have only noticed that her ass was uncovered.

I squeezed her globes even more vividly. Then I split her ass cheeks apart and stroked my finger down the crease of her ass. I slowly made my way up to her anus and I slowly circled it with my finger. I panicked and quickly pulled my hands and lied down. She sat up and said. I never heard her swear or talk about sex before.

It made me so horny. When I was sure she was asleep I slid my arms under her shirt and went straight to her big boobs only to find out that this time she was indeed wearing a bra. I was bolder now; hearing her say those words sent me into frenzy. I found it and quickly unclipped it. I slid it off and threw it to the side of the bed. Then I started squeezing her bare breasts. I was in ecstasy. My Mom woke again. This time I had no chance to get my hands out of there, but I closed my eyes and pretended to quietly snore.

She went to sleep with her back facing me; she left my hands on her breasts and continued to let me squeeze them. The next morning I woke up and found a note on the fridge. It read. I ran through the events of last night, it was the greatest night of my life. Either she was just really trusting, or deep down she wanted it too. I wanted to Mom son massage sex stories my theory. When she got home I would convince her to let me give her a long full body massage and see if I could get her hot.

I spent the rest of the day watching tv, eating and doing some chores but all I could think of was having sex with my Mom. The day went agonizingly slow as I was counting down the hours before my Mom came home. The door finally opened at about as my Mom came home.

Wear whatever you want but I feel like I should massage you because you do so much for me, I owe it to you. After about 15 minutes she entered the room with her robe on. I wanted to ask her if she had underwear on underneath but I quickly thought better of it. She lied down and I once again rolled her robe down to her waist. I massaged her shoulders for a while to get her relaxed before I asked. I unhooked her bra and threw it to the floor. This brought her back to her senses and she asked.

Now I started massaging her feet and slowly working my way up. I rapidly moved past her calves, slid her robe up and promptly started massaging her toned upper leg. I took her robe off completely now and tossed it aside. She once again said nothing.

I listened to her; I moved up her body once again and started stroking the small of her back. This made her purr. I took my shirt off and pressed my athletic body gently on top of hers. I waved my nose through her voluptuous hair and I moved my lips down and started softly kissing her neck.

She purred again. We both now knew that this was no longer a massage. I kissed her down her back until I got to her ass. I kissed each cheek then went fishing for her thong string. I corralled it with my mouth and tore it off. I started licking her anal, she moaned just like she did the night before.

Keep Going. Mom son massage sex stories left her ass and went back to kissing her neck.

Mom son massage sex stories

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