Mom son seduction stories

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Albert was sitting in front of the living room TV when his mother came home from her date. She glanced at him suspiciously as she stepped in the front door closing it behind her.

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The sixteen-year-old looked down at his lap sheepishly and smiled. With that, she unbuttoned her Pierre Cardin jacket and removed it tossing it on the sofa. Read full story. Take the time when Mum and I kissed under the mistletoe at Christmas.

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Admittedly, she'd had a few glasses of wine, but we'd never kissed like that before. She pulled me under the mistletoe, laughing, and took my face in her hands and kissed me on the lips. She was wearing a shortish skirt and a sleeveless silk blouse, with a sprig of holly in her hair, and it felt marvellous when I put my arms round her. But then I felt her soft lips moving on mine, and her bare arms slid around my neck. Involuntarily, I held her closer, and her body moulded itself to me.

The kiss lengthened — it must have gone on for over a minute, which is a long time when you're kissing your mother, and it would have been impossible for her not to have felt my growing erection pressed against her belly. Her eyes were closed, and then the tip of her tongue roamed over my lips. Read story. Neat Stories The neatest of sex stories around. Stories Tagged with mother seduces her son story A Mother's Naughty Negligee by Samantha Poisson Albert was sitting Mom son seduction stories front of the living room TV when his mother came home from her date.

Moura laughed and ambled behind him ruffling his hair playfully.

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Night at the Movies by parabolus My problem was that I was too shy.

Mom son seduction stories

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