Monster girl transformation story

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General Rating. Download Submission. Animal TFs. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. The trainers and her daughter watched on in shock, unsure of what to do. Her hair turned from blonde to a black, the silver streaks turning golden, her green eye turning gold, with what looked like dark make up around her How dare you intrude upon this world that was meant for Nihilego and me? It is not to be borne! The trainer did their best, but the longer they took, the more Lusamine was changed.

It was as if they were truly becoming one, rather than simply being mind controlled. By the time her Pokemon were defeated, it was too late.

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Her legs, ly hanging Monster girl transformation story of the bubble, were now tentacles themselves. Her flat bust was now big and jiggly, her expression that of a complete maniac. The bubble itself was ready to burst. Soon, there would be a Nihilego-Lusamine that would be a true Kraken. And get rid of this detestable little trainer too. If you black out, then it's too late! You belong to her! Every time you blacked out was another trainer turned Nihilego to serve their new Queen Lusamine! Totally canon. Even the dialogue is from the game. I was like, "Well now, I already have an idea involving her!

I do not own them nor claim ownership of them. The Kraken is from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, and I do not claim ownership over the concept of the Kraken nor the original base work itself. Listed in Folders Pokemon. Skyworld link. Would love to see a follow up image of Lillie and the trainer following suit and becoming kraken-Nihilego as well :P Awesome work here! Sera-fuku Digital Artist link parent. It's a really popular request over on dA too! I just need to get these tentacles right and we'll have plenty of follow ups :D.

Skyworld link parent. I hear ya lol. I certainly like it. I'm better at writing stories than I am at drawing lol :P. We do good work lol.

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Now, to play my female moon and get to this part of the game! I'm not a fan of the beginning of the game, but as a whole the game is pretty good.

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Lusamine second best character, right behind Cynthia in my opinion Ideas come from the most simple places that we can twist to our heart's content xD the beginning takes awhile huh? Well it teaches you the basics to pokemon, you can't skip it, and there's a pokemon that absolutely nukes my starter in the beginning.

Buuuut maybe I could end up writing some kind of pokemon transformation story? What I like to do is turn those frustrating moments into TF potential. Heh, sounds so devilish and fun. What kind of TF to do in the beginning though hmmm. Sorry, couldn't resist the urge there for a moment :P. Comment hidden by its owner. CelestialRainicorn Transformation Aficionado! Killerfox91 link. Does that really happen? Turning trainers into pokemon in the game?

In this game, she ends up fusing with one while going crazy, so yes in this case. Maybe lillie would to '' mama as well? This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Learn More.

Monster girl transformation story

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