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What happened to me just changed my life forever, I feel to be fully sexually satisfied now. It happened to be that Sobha and I were once colleagues in a textile factory so we were very friendly and when she came to know I was dating Hema and wanted to marry her she accepted happily. She convinced the family for us and we had have a big fat wedding. Soon we got our first child and 5 years later we expected our second. This pregnancy caused Hema to be often sick and she became weak. Regularly Sobha would stay Motherinlaw fuck stories us to look after Hema and our elder son while I would be out on business.

Hema got once very sick and needed to be hospitalised. Hema requested Sobha to stay in our house to take of us and she accepted. During this same time I had a bike accident nothing so bad but I had a broken leg in plaster for the next 1 month and with HEMA to be discharged soon the tension rised up.

The first week got with quite ease but what happened next is still like a dream for me. I had not bath for 1 week and started to smell sweat despite sponging. So I asked Sobha if she can helped me till the bathroom. She agreed and after my son left for school she came in my room.

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And she gave me support over her shoulder till the bathroom, my right arm over her shoulder and my hand was over her right breast. I never had any sexual attraction over Sobha before but while I limped till the bathroom with her support my hand touched her breast several times and I felt she was not wearing any bra just a top and so I felt her nipple hard under her top I knew she was getting turn on.

At the door I thanked Sobha and tried to enter the bathroom alone. As I limped through the door I slipped and went on a free fall. Thankfully Sobha was near, she held me and we got in a hug type position. Inside she allowed me to take off my t-shirt allowed but for my bottoms I needed help. She kneed in front of me unbuttoned and unzipped my pants which fell straight to the floor leaving me in my boxers with a huge bulge trying to get out for air.

Sobha had not paid attention to my bulge while she put aside my pants and immediately grabbed my waistband and pulled my boxers down. Her eyes and mouth opened wide in shock. I tried to move back but lost balance and Sobha held me by my waist closer and my dick rested on Motherinlaw fuck stories face.

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When she moved back I could see her cheek having a wet spot I immediately knew it was my precum. What happen if your wife is not here you should masturbate regularly to lower you pressure and get some pleasure. Now get yourself a good hand and empty your balls.

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I saw her pussy and her complaints so many times that I imagined your huge penis and could visualise your actions. A few drops of precum oozed out by her touch, she pushed my skin back and rolled her thumb on my gland I closed my eyes at her touch and slightly gave a moan. This content appeared first on new sex story.

What I just said in my mind I knew I trapped myself I just let my mother in law know that I enjoyed her touch on my penis. What the hell I thought. I felt like heaven I closed my eyes and began to moan.

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I think my moaning gave her more courage and she sped the strokes I could feel the pressure to build in my balls but I was not in a state to tell anything I was as if lost in another world. In this lost state I let my lo shot straight of me my eyes still closed. I let all my cum shots and it was really lot of lo flying out my dick. She had a naughty smile on her lips, her looks were very seductive. I apologized while I tried to find some tissue papers. Hema was right about it.

About what??? I asked. I knew I would last longer this time so I held the sink and let myself a bit loose and widened my legs so my balls swinged freely and I closed my eyes to enjoy her soft hands on my dick.

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When I opened my eyes I saw Sobha giving me a blowjob she would take my whole dick in her mouth. This excited me more I could feel my dick pulsating with every move of her mouth.

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A few mins more I felt the pressure building up and warned her but she speed up the blowjob. I pushed my dick deep in her mouth held her head and cum inside her mouth. I saw her choked yet she drunk all my cum and continued sucking my dick and cleaned every drop off me. This story My mother in law satisfied me appeared first on newsexstory. View all posts by NiteshJeebun. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Free Sex Chat.

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Motherinlaw fuck stories

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