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Please or register. Welcome to Forum Saradas! s: [ 1 ] Go Down. She was wincing in pain, but it was a good pain that she enjoyed in the sadistic base of her mind that drove her to reach physical perfection. These weren't little crunches she was doing. She was 18 years old and 10 years of gymnastics training had honed her physique to perfection.

Endless summers of presses, flips, jumps and holds, combined with hours of tortuous conditioning, had created muscles everywhere in her body. No muscle group was a weak point - she had complete and total development in her arms, chest, abs, glutes and thighs. Moreover, she had had access to the top diet information and her single-minded pursuit of perfection had reduced her food intake to frequent meals of lean proteins and mounds of veggies. She had no craving for sweets or fats, but had simply eaten clean every day for the least 4 years as she pushed the envelope of performance.

Her perfect diet and hours of sweat-dripping intense cardio and running had eliminated all fat from her body. All she wanted was pure, ripped, functional muscle - muscles that could to propel her body in any direction, with massive force and leverage. She reached 30 reps with the weight before needing to pause, then she continued her ab exercise with only the slightest of rest. Over and over she curled with deliberate precision, making sure that each rep was complete and that she crunched and flexed her abdominal wall hard at the top, and then slowly letting the weight rip her abs apart in a controlled Muscle growth stories abs before starting again.

None of the other girls on her team could handle the pounder, but here she was, cranking out reps with the heavy weight. The pain was excruciating, but her body was handling the weight and despite the discomfort, she tackled each rep as it came. The tops of her thighs were cords of muscle that twitched and jutted from her skin as she began each rep. The lines of muscles at Muscle growth stories abs tops of her qu stood out in bold relief and her hip flexors each looked like inch-thick cables that disappeared into deep crevices where her thighs met her chiseled hips.

She had warmed up for this workout session with interval sprints across the gymnasium and her incredible exertions had produced copious amounts of sweat that caused her muscles to glisten under the lights. She was wearing a too-small on purpose spandex gymnast leotard that clung to her torso like a second skin. It was white in color, and even though her upper-body was fully-clothed, the deep crevice where her pecs met was etched through the material, and her blocks of her abs and the finger-sized muscles of her obliques and serratus stuck though clearly and completely in bold relief.

She may as well have been naked after the sweat made the material cling to the ridges across her chest and midsection. She reached 70 reps and her abs were on fire. Part of her wanted to drop the weight and collapse, but her mental determination was the victor. She did rep after tortuous rep, flexing her six-pack to the extreme.

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The heavy weight also caused her obliques and serratus to pump up and help with each lift, such that her entire abdomen was a rippling sea of definition that was flexing and contracting; flexing and contracting, over and over in a pulsing rhythm of sweat and bunching muscles. She reached reps - finally!

But this was not end of the workout. No, she then curled her body to parallel to the floor and held the position in a Muscle growth stories abs hold only supporting herself by the power of her fully-flexed abdominal muscles that ran along her stomach. Each individual bulge of her rectus abdominus was prominently jutting out and the material of her white leotard left nothing to the imagination, with her tops of her abs flowing into the perkiest breasts atop chiseled pecs. Her inch biceps flexed hard to control the dumbbell at the end of her body - still clasped behind her head.

I won't quit" she told herself over and over. Her eyes were shut in focused, painful concentration, and her breath came in short, controlled gasps - each exhale perceptibly tightened her torso muscles. She alternated between an image of the perfect muscular female abdomen in her head, and then opening her eyes to focus on the rows of ab muscles that ran down along her stomach.

The pain, the hours, the intense sacrifice had all paid off, and her body was perfect and strong. The price to keep such power were workouts like this. She finally dropped the weight after a full minute and let herself briefly hang upside-down with her abdomen fully stretched. Even in a full extension, her concave stomach showed abs that were visible through her leotard, with every etch plainly seen. She then dropped to the floor. Her abs routine demanded by her gymnastics coach was now complete, but she was never satisfied with doing the minimum.

She went into the weight room, locked the door, and then walked over to the pullup bar. The hanging inverted situps had torched her upper abs and her lower abs, toobut she liked to work her abs from every possible angle, so that each muscle was fully and completely developed. She peeled off the leotard and now dressed herself in a two-piece outfit: Muscle growth stories abs sports bra and a bikini bottom - similar to the outfit worn by a pole vaulter, only a little skimpier.

This was the attire she liked to wear when she could watch herself in the mirror, as she was about to do now.

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Her stomach wall was totally and completely exposed, showing her glistening array of abdominal musculature. Before jumping up to the bar, she moved close to the mirror and stuck her thumbs into the waistband of her bottoms to pull them down to just above her pussy. Her abdominal development was so awesome and she had worked her abs for so long, combined with her ultra-low bodyfat, she had a full pack of abs.

There were the 8 sections of her stomach, but then, all the way down to her pubis were two final sections that were flexed and existed below the bottom blocks of abs below her bellybutton. Her gymnastics training and her extreme and heavy abdominal workouts, combined with shredded, nonexistent bodyfat levels, had given her torso development so insane that these bottom 2-packs popped through in little bulging inverted triangles of muscle that ran directly to the top of her neatly-shaved pussy.

The total strength she had throughout her abs allowed her to curl her pelvis up towards her ribs even with weights at the ends of her ankles - and this was the next exercise for her. She flexed her stomach and held the contraction, feeling the burn and tightness all along her midsection. She placed her palms and fingers on her muscles and twisted ever so slightly from side to side, allowing the contours of her abdomen to re-shape themselves in a muscle display that pleased her tremendously. Hours and hours of cardio and sprints and her fanatically clean diet had revealed all the muscles clearly.

Her waist barely measured 21 inches, but the last inch was extra muscle that she had added to her waist over the past few years. Because she was so young, her skin had a healthy and deep glow, and the definition was revealed with veins that snaked from her bellybutton to her pussy. She loved her lower abs. She loved wearing tight tops with short midriffs and low-slung jeans that revealed the cuts of her bottom 4-pack.

But even more she loved the bottom abs - the ones just above her pussy. Few people could ever train and see them unless the diet and training was perfect, and because she had these muscles, it gave her a permanent sense of sexiness Muscle growth stories abs was exhilarating.

She jumped to the bar and admired her fully-extended body and the pack, obliques and serratus she had built in her Muscle growth stories abs, now revealed fully without the tank top. Even stretched completely from head to toe, her abs still shone each individual section in this unflexed state with crisp cuts. God, she looked sexy.

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And now to pay her dues, she used her feet to grab a lb dumbbell between her ankles, and then slowly, painfully, performed straight-leg lifts with the dumbbell, up to eye-level. Her flexibility of her hamstrings and glutes was on display and her lower-abs strength was unbelievable, as she controlled the weight up and down, over and over, flexing and releasing her perfect midsection in a measured tempo.

From the Muscle growth stories abs, her abs resembled a cheese-grater and her hip flexors and lower abs flexed and convulsed with each tortuous rep. This was the key to her dominance. She was willing to do what others couldn't in sculpting a physique beyond parallel. And the hard work manifested itself in the beauty displayed in the mirror in front of her. After gutting through reps of the straight-leg hanging leg raises with 20 lbs. She walked over to her gym bag and pulled out her "secret weapon": a small, yet powerful vibrator.

She applied a small dollop of lubricant to the head and reached into her bottoms to insert the device. As it turned on and entered her pussy, a warm, happy radiance shot through her groin and into her stomach. The instant electrifying feeling caused her knees to buckle slightly and her abs to flex uncontrollably for a split-second, revealing density and definition beyond compare.

With the vibrator buzzing deep within her, she jumped back up to the bar, grabbed the lb weight again with her ankles, and hung. With her legs perfectly straight, she raised them to parallel and held them there in a forceful contraction that resisted the heavy weight at the end of her legs. The tugging of the weight against her abs and legs, and the strong muscle contraction in her hips, pelvis and lower stomach, caused painful and enjoyable sensations of pain and pleasure to emanate from her crotch.

Her abs twitched and flexed - sometimes on purpose and sometimes not, as the vibrator tingled and tickled her inner-most muscles in her vagina. At the seconds ticked by in her abdominal hold, her legs stayed perfectly straight and her abs flexed harder and harder to keep the weight aloft.

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The "sexy hurt" she was generating became more and more intense. She found herself doing little pelvic rocks with her lower abs to simulate an imaginary partner. The motions intensified in speed and her abs began to contract harder and harder. The muscles were all flexed fully and each muscle of her pack looked like a row of billiard balls leading straight Muscle growth stories abs to her sex, with the bottom two serving as a muscular gateway to her crotch and her overdeveloped hip flexors rising up from her upper thighs tracing a line to her vagina.

Every muscle possible from the bottoms of her ribs to the tops of her knees was indescribably hard and tensed as she neared orgasm. The combination of strain from flexing her muscles of her pelvis and abs with the sensations of tickling and pressure inside her drove her to higher and higher levels of ecstasy. She looked straight ahead at the image of her impossibly tight and muscular body and began to get off. Every muscle seemed to point to her crotch in an erotic display of power - from her bulging hip flexors to the dense "V" of her lower obliques that ran along the sides of her upper-hips, to the grid of her rectus abdominus that supported her muscular thighs suspended above the ground and ran all the way down to her pubis in two continuous, rippled cables.

Her breaths became shallow and shorter and she craned her neck upwards as if pleading to an unseen god for stamina. She bucked her hips in response to the ever-increasing shocks of pain and pleasure she was enduring and let the weight crash to the floor. But she held her legs straight, still and allowed the torture to continue with the lighter load.

Muscle growth stories abs

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