My first big dick story

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When I was a teenager my friends always made jokes about my cock, about how big it was and just general jokes about it. Every single woman I have slept with has marvelled at my cock and told me that it was amazing but they had all had big cocks before, I was just a preference. She was standing with her girlfriends, all laughing and joking and I was stood with my friends, the same old stories going round and the drinks flowing. I looked at her and she looked at me and to save you all of the boring details we got talking and she was so cool, she was in med school, she had a cat and she laughed at my jokes.

She was interesting and educated and drop dead gorgeous. She had a way about her, her eyes left me questioning everything about myself and the way she looked at me when she spoke actually made me slightly nervous, she was something else. I asked her to come back to mine and she agreed, she was excited and we talked the whole way home. We got back to my apartment and I grabbed us a drink, we began talking again and I found myself in awe of this woman, she was so different to any of the other women I had brought back here.

She had such a way about her that I was totally besotted. We made our way to my bedroom and began making out in my bed, her short mini skirt riding up and beginning to expose her thong. The heavy petting was real, we made out and touched one another through our clothes. She moved her hand to my pants and my cock was bulging and erect, straining at the fabric, begging to be released. She brushed her soft fingers over the bulge, teasing me each time she did it. Finally, we began undressing one another her body was to die for, she was slim yet her tits a large C-cup, her butt round and peachy and her pussy delightlfully My first big dick story with its pink lips glistening at me.

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I pushed my fingers between her pussy lips, pushing them deep inside of her. She was so wet and so tight, it did cross my mind wether or not she could even take my cock but I kept that thought to myself. She was moaning as I fucked her with my fingers and she coated them with her juices, her voice was so sweet and hearing her moan my name that she had only just learnt was like music to my ears.

I had never been nervous to show my cock for years now but for some reason I thought the size would put her off. She closed her eyes and began moving her soft hand up and down my throbbing erect cock. I watched her and then she opened her eyes and looked down My first big dick story my cock and then back at me. She smiled and told me she had never had a cock this big before, I smiled back and pushed my fingers back between her legs.

I leaned up and pushed her onto her back and she instinctively opened her legs, moving her body down. We tried again, the tip of my penis only just pushing its way inside before she told me to stop again. I got down between her legs and began eating her out, trying to warm her up, she was going wild, moaning out and clamping my head to her pussy with her legs. She then started to cum and squirting out all over my face, there was now a huge wet patch beneath her.

She was still trembling when I got onto my back and she moved her way down to my big cock, moving her lips onto it and inserting it into her wet, warm mouth.

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She pushed it down and into her mouth, spluttering as it hit the top of her throat, it felt amazing. She was using her tongue to make the tip of my penis feel things it had never felt before and trying her best to push as much as she could down her throat. She then moved her naked body up mine and straddled me, taking hold of my penis and guiding it into her tight, pink pussy. She had lost that innocence she had in the bar and turned wild in the bedroom, she was magnificent.

She guided my cock My first big dick story her pussy, stopping every few seconds and slowly moving up and down to get it to fit inside of her. It took quite some time for her to push my cock all the way inside of her but she was so wet that my cock felt like it was dripping. Seeing her stretched pussy over my cock was something I will never forget. She began moving her small frame up and down, bouncing slowly on my cock. She was so tight that we had to go slow but she was amazing at grinding and the longer we did this the more movement I had inside of her.

She lent back on her hands and used her hips to thrust up and down on top of me. I bit my lip and she got faster, biting her own lip and moaning out as she fucked me. I moaned out and knew my neighbors could be able to hear. She moaned as I filled her up and moaned again as My first big dick story pulled herself off of me, my cum dripping out of her pink pussy.

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She picked up a military man from our local campus pub and took him home with her. His cock was so large that she was terrified at first, but managed to warm up to him eventually. She fucked him several times and as much as I hate it, I love thinking about his massive cock stretching out her tiny pussy in ways I never could. He really did a on her, I could feel the difference after we got back together.

I once met my now husband at a bar and he was a bartender. I got a wine and a started talking to him. Soon enough we went to his place.

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He led me to his bedroom and we started having sex. Me and my husband love reading your stories. I read this story and it made me cum twice. Having been very well endowed at my younger age and still in late 60s, challenges always arose. Most memorable was when I was in mid 20s and met an older 60s lady in a club.

She was a doll and beautiful. We ended up at her place and she had to deal with the biggest she had ever seen. As the evening progresses, we hit the bed and she was a trip. With her on top we she finally worked it into her small channel. Once in, she went totally ballistic and could not leave it alone for the weekend.

What a treat except I worried about hurting her due to the size. It was wonderful and we saw each other for several years, all the way to her 80s. It was the best treat she ever had she wrote me so many times. For the lady, it is all about patience. My wife continues to say that my cock is big enough.

I think she would change her mind once she had a big cock in her pussy. Comments wow. Hey Lilly U aksi enjoyed My first big dick story story. Very erotic indeed. Got my jJucies flowing also…. That story made me so horny and want a man with a big penis. Oh that story is so full. I want a man like that. Where can i find one.

My first big dick story

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My first big dick