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s Home Caption Contest Winners. Thursday, July 28, Caption Contest Update. Hello all! Here is the update I promised you. It's a little early, but it is the only time I will be able to post before the end of the contest on August 8th. I have recieved captions from three people already, which is awesome! That's already hit my original goal, but the more the merrier!

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I'll be back on the 8th with more caps and from the contest, so until then, keep sending Nail polish tg story for the contest! This is just a little taste to hold you over for captions to come, but I think it is a really good appetizer. I found this image recently and just had to do a caption for it. Anyways, I liked it so much that I have decided to ask if anyone would like to caption it and send it to me for a contest of Nail polish tg story It's nothing really fancy; just anybody inspired by the image, or anyone who likes captioning, just shoot me an at ElenaStarz gmail.

As a little added incentive, considering that this is a "contest" of sorts, I will pick a winner of the submitted captions assuming that there is at least three, so please, submit at least something! They will be able to pick what they want in the caption theme, characters, specific attributes of the characters, ect.

To start your creative juices flowing, here is my captioning take on the image:. Thursday, July 21, Bodysuit Bimbo. An interesting 5 panel story. Employee dons a bodysuit, gets some cool spy gadgets, and discovers a secret. Read on the find out what the secret is, and when "Cindy" finds out! The title kind of explains it. Three captions inspired by the clothing that these boys are dressed in or transformed into. One party costume, one sissy maid uniform, and one magical piece of clothing produce very beautiful blondes.

Hello all. I've been going through TG caption blogs, as usual, looking around at the various captions that people had posted, when one in particular caught my eye. I don't really know exactly what enthralled me, whether it was the cute image, the way the piece was written, or the concept of mothers feminizing a whole group of friends; but regardless, it gave me inspiration to write a story along the same lines.

To me, captions are an excellent way to concisely convey a delightful TG concept, but sometimes a concept is so good that it needs to be developed out to its maximum potential, which is where a longer story is required. Thus, because I was begging for more after reading the caption, I will extend out my own story to fill the void.

It's kind of long, and I probably should have broken it up into more parts, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Dan was ecstatic. He was a senior in high school, and in a few months he would be moving on to college!

It wasn't really that he enjoyed the thought of more schooling; hell, he was one of the worst troublemakers in the school, and hardly ever was in class, but the ability to move out of his mother's control was an opportunity he would have to take. She was always riding him hard, especially since his dad had died. So what if he had conspired to cheat on a test with Arthur, his somewhat nerdy friend, or vandalized the side of the school with the twins, Mark and Carl, or even just smoked a little pot with Robert, his alternative buddy? Its not like he had gotten into trouble with the police or anything.

They were the Fine Fellas, the baddest bunch around the drab old town, and nobody told them what to do! He frowned though, thinking about past events. Lately, his mom seemed to be hatching a plan.

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He had noticed her talking with Julia, Arthur's mother, Sandy, Robert's mother, and Katherine, the twins' mom. It wasn't really that much of a surprise; all the mothers were real worrywarts and were constantly nagging the five of them. But it actually unnerved Dan a bit when he saw Sandy and his mom looking at him, whispering to each other. It was even more disturbing when Sandy laughed aloud and said, still looking at him, "Oh, Wendy, I think that's a great idea! I even got some of the necessary equipment in the attic! I can't wait to see how they all turn out! But that had almost been a week ago, and nothing had happened.

In fact, just today, he had come home at midnight, reeking of cigarette smoking, and his mom had just sighed and said, "Go to your room. I'll deal with this later. We'll have a talk in the morning. I've broken her, he thought to himself.

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I could do whatever I want now. But it is almost one in the morning, and I am actually quite tired. I'll get up late tomorrow and tell the guys about my success. With that, Dan drifted off to a deep sleep Dan groaned, still tired.

He did not want to get up this morning and have a "talk". His entire body felt weak, his eyes felt heavy, and his lips were throbbing. Leave it to Robert to lace something into a cigarrette, he moaned to himself. Slowly, he opened his eyes, and saw his mother, beaming down at him.

His head felt like it was being constricted by something, yet at the same time his head felt soft, like he was still on his pillow. Here, let me show you She held something up and he saw the image of a somewhat attractive blond girl. That wasn't just a picture of a girl; it was a mirror, a mirror that was showing him!

She's basically the complete opposite of you! I want some pictures to commemorate the event! I'm out of here! Just as he was about to reach the door, his mother grabbed him by the throat. Usually he was more than strong enough to overpower her, but for some reason he was just too weak. Finally, she marched him by the scruff of his neck and stood him against the wall. Dan looked at the door forlornly, realizing that with the locked door there was no hope of escape.

Got it? If he stayed like this, he would suffer, but if he told someone, he would be laughed at. For the next hour she took photo after photo, instructing Dan how to pose Nail polish tg story different positions, each more feminine than the last. It was a bit hard for him to maneuver in a pencil skirt and a tight blouse, but his pain was no concern of his mother's.

Oh, the Nail polish tg story moms are going to be so jealous when you look better than all of their daughters! Dan knew better than to speak in the middle of a shoot, but his eyes widened in enough of a questioning manner that his mother continued. It was perfect; Katherine is a pharmacist, so she was able to get all the drugs we needed to make you so weak and submissive, Sandy's job as stage manager at the theater gives her access to lo of wigs and dresses, and Julia's job at the salon means that you can look pretty with nice makeup and nails for as long as we want!

The incredible cunning of the plan shocked Dan. He had known all these things; known the jobs of the moms, known his mom's desire for a daughter, and known that she had been hatching a plan with the other mom's; but this plan went beyond even his wildest dreams! His only glimmer of hope lay in the fact that he was wearing a wig; that wasn't permanent. But what did she mean by 'daughters'? When his mother was changing out camera lenses, Dan took the opportunity to speak.

She looked up at him, surprised. Boy, you sure are dumb. When I said that Julia, Sandy, and Katherine are in on this plan, I meant that they were fully in on this plan. We wanted to dissuade you and your friends of your ways, but we couldn't bring ourselves to seperate you.

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So we decided to change you all into submissive little daughters. Oh, the fun you'll have with you little girlies, Daphne, will be so much fun to watch! She quickly snapped a picture as Dan looked at her shocked, still posing, with his eyes wide and mouth agape.

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Here, Daphne, come take a look at yourself! Dan slowly walked over to the camera, afraid to look.

Nail polish tg story

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