Naked at work stories

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The Naked Presenter Mistakes One day as I was getting ready for work, it was a beautiful day and I was feeling a bit frisky. So I put on my sundress and nothing else and went to work. I do this a lot and nothing feels quiet as erotic as setting in a meeting with a bunch of men knowing that the only thing that separates them from me is my dress and only me dress and knowing that most of them are envisioning be nude anyway. Well I did not notice it until I got to work but there was a slight tear along the seam of the slit on my dress.

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Well it didnt reveal anything so I thought nothing of it and went on about my day. That afternoon I had a presentation to make with a couple of co-workers. I was just out of college and was a little nervous because this was my first big one to give. All was going fine, until As I was leaving the podium my dress got caught and I did not realize it. As I was walking away the already tear along my slit went all the way up and slid my dress right off of me.

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To make matters worse as I am standing there totally nude my dress continues to slide off of the stage so there was nothing for me to grab to cover myself. Everyone just froze and were starring my naked body and no one offering me my dress back, I am guessing that it has been awhile since some of this guys saw a 23 year old totally nude I didnt know what else to do, so I walked off stage grabbed my dress and left the room.

I have never lived that down, it got so bad that I had to change jobs.

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That happened just a year ago and I still have men calling me for dates. How embarrassing!!!

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However, there are still days that I still just wear my dress and that is all, I can not tell you how erotic it feels. Next Story » The in-laws intercom.

Naked at work stories

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‘naked at work’ stories