Naked hot tub stories

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It was a particular anniversary some years ago, I forget which one, that we wanted to do something special. So we took him up on his kind offer. Upon our arrival, he put us in a cabin that he said was more secluded than the rest. So no one would just happen by, they would have to purposefully go there. He knew it was our anniversary, and wanted us to have some privacy. We appreciated that. Little did we know at the time, but we would take more advantage of that privacy than we had expected. Just a wooden deck, with a decent-sized hot tub that appeared it could seat about five or six people.

We were both excited to give it a try, and did so promptly after getting settled in. We donned our swimsuits and went in. We had rarely had the opportunity to be in one. Boy, did it quickly become one of our favorite things to do! But it was after we returned from eating at a Naked hot tub stories restaurant that things got hot. We had both worn our swimsuits into the tub.

We so enjoyed soaking in the hot tub naked. Even in the cover of night, with only the forest critters as witnesses, I would tend to worry that someone was out there. Because if anyone was out there watching, they would have seen another part of my body standing at full attention as well. Those jets sent wonderful sensations over my body. I had to pull away at one point because I knew I was about to cum, and I wanted to save it for my wife. We sat next to each other in the tub, discussing things. Then, we started kissing.

Her warm tongue darted around mine as our excitement grew. I played with her clit until she started spasming and gasping for air. Naked hot tub stories arched her back as an orgasm hit her, right out there in nature. If someone was watching from the dark shadows of the forest, they may not be able to see us, but they would quickly figure out what we were up to.

During that time, she had been stroking my dick. Boy, did I want her! Did I dare? Could we do it in the water? We both were willing to try. I slid my dick into her very wet—could it get much wetter than that? Ah, the pleasure that raced through my body!

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It worked, but not fully. Maybe it was the risk of getting seen while having sex. Maybe it was the slowness of my movements in an attempt to not make it obvious what we were doing. Or perhaps it was the water that made it difficult. Once on the bed, we went after each other with abandon.

We used the missionary position and then transitioned to me on my knees, watching my Naked hot tub stories go in and out of her pussy. That usually did it for me. Seeing that beautiful sight would generally send me into orgasm land, and this was no exception. The intensity built, gradually at first, then quicker and quicker, until it felt like a boiling kettle ready to explode. And explode I did. Contractions started in my groin as cum pumped up my shaft and shot into her vagina. I pushed my dick all the way into her as the cum flowed in glorious pulses. Each pulse sent a release of orgasmic electricity through me.

Finally it died down, leaving a content and pleasant buzz in its wake. We kissed passionately as I basked in the afterglow. I thanked God for my wonderful wife. Once we were cleaned up, we went back out for some more time in the hot tub. Naked, of course. Just a towel.

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Needless to say, we spent nearly every spare minute in that hot tub. We were sad to leave it behind when we returned home to our daily grind. We looked forward to other times we could enjoy a hot tub naked. Maybe some more will also be in our future? I can hardly wait. Click on a heart to thank the author of this story! Vote count:. No votes so far!

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So random confession. My wife and I Love the hot tub. Married 17 years.

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Also lost our virginity to each other in a hot tub. Hot tubs bring back so many great memories. Oh boy, water and outdoors two wonderfully terrific items. Then enjoy intimacy with my beautiful wife? Awesome images floating in my head now. Thank you for stirring them up. God Bless. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Jump to your favorite category. Help us understand why. Submit Feedback. Nice story. I love hot tubs. Log in to Reply. Great story Maxloving! Very well written. God bless! Getting naked after you have been in the water for a while is a special feeling.

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Naked hot tub stories

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