Naked pool stories

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Jasmine went to Japan with her family last week, and that means nobody will be at home. I figured I took this opportunity to go her condo there for a naughty swim! I was wearing a white spag and denim shorts. Inside was wearing a strapless bra and thong, all in matching black, so my bra can be easily seen through the thin material of my top.

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I get to drive that day, so when I reach that place, was stopped by security for a while, before they recognise me or rather, how scantily-clad I am. I already have this planned. After I parked my car, I went straight for the swimming pool bringing only my towel. Then I took off my spag and shorts and threw it on the bench, together with my towel! Can see 2 aunties turn their he turn to look at me. Instead of diving into the pool for shelter, I walked back to the toilet, wearing only my bra and thong, and had a cold shower!!

Like tat, the material would be sticking to my skin and make it more thin…!! I swim for a few laps with only my underwear. There were about 2 groups of family there only. Got a bit bored, so Naked pool stories rested one corner and relaxed. Then dunno what I thinking, I saw that there were only kids in the pool, so I slipped off my thong and left it in the water!! Then I swim past the kids bottomless and reach the other side.

I see the parents talk to each other and din notice me. Then I did something crazy and took off my bra in the water as well!! Now totally naked, I swim towards the kids and hanged around near them for a while. I looked down and saw my nipples erected liao! Then when I was enjoying my naked swim in the water, got this guy came out from nowhere and dived into the pool!!! I must have paid too much attention to the kids and their parents that I din notice! My heart nearly jumped out!!

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Now in the middle of the pool naked, my bra is at one corner and my thong is at another corner!! I really dunno what I should do!! Jia lat!!! Then saw the guy dive into the pool near my bra, quickly I swim towards the corner to where my thong is. I had to cover my breasts with one hand and swim with the other. My entire back and butt was completely exposed!! It got a bit scary and then when I reach the corner, my thong was not there!!

Tin it was swept away by the water current!! Then can see the guy swimming towards me liao and I was still naked!! It was getting so dangerous!! I had just shaved my pussy last night, and there was nothing to hide my vagina!! I had to let go my arm, exposing my breasts and quickly get Naked pool stories of my thong!

By now, the guy must have seen me naked and struggling to put my underwear back on!! So embarrassing!! The guy swam and reached my side just as I slipped back my thong back on. Tin he saw my nipples and I turned to lean on the Naked pool stories wall, hoping that he would swim away. Still topless, I glanced back and see him staring me, wearing only my thong.

My thong was just a sexy little piece, so he must be looking at my exposed butt!! So pai say!! Luckily, the guy swim away, and I followed behind him swimming, with my breasts still exposed!! I tin he must have noticed the other piece of underwear that was not on my body and he kept looking at the bra!!

It was just so embarrassing swimming to the bra and putting it on, I just decided to abandon it, overtake the guy and walked out of the pool topless!!! The guy immediately turned his head and stared at me, then the parents also noticed!!

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I just used the towel to cover my breasts and walked away to the toilet with my clothes…. Because the guys and gals toilet entrance very near to each other, I decided to try something crazy again!! I took off my thong, put everything on the shower bench, walked out of the girl toilet, and entered the guys toilet without a stitch of clothing on!!

My heart was beating so fast and my breasts were bouncing so freely without the support of my bra!! I just walked inside for a while and saw the white colour thingie which guys urinate into. Was very scared that someone would come in and saw me, but damn exciting!!

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Then suddenly, I heard the entrance door open!! It scared the hell out of me and I immediately slammed the door shut! Can hear the person putting his stuff and could be changing, but I was still in the cubicle nude and nowhere to run. I was trapped!! Then the person went into the shower cubicle next to me and started showering, but I did not hear him close his door.

Wah…guys so open one? Shower no need close door meh? Dunno what to do, I was terrified, but at the same time, very turned on. I touched myself, and found that I was already very wet!! Was so tempting to masturbate there, but worried that I might moan too loudly. With nothing to cover myself with, I think getting out is more important now!! Then I opened my door slowly, Naked pool stories left it open for about 5 seconds.

Should be safe. My heart was bouncing very fast as I walked quietly past the guy showering, then I peeped in, his back was facing me and he was just as naked as I am! Both of us are completely nude, but I was the one in the wrong toilet and totally exposed somemore. Since his back was facing me, can see his butt. I tin this time I was really daring or crazy….

I opened the door, and proceeded to the ladies. Just as I was doing that, can hear the kids coming towards me! The towel was still with me, but I just sling it Naked pool stories my shoulder. Din even bother to cover my nipples from view!!

I covered myself with only the towel, and pressed for the lift. So exciting!! Then when the lift arrived, I pulled off my towel, threw it outside and let the lift doors close!! Went to the highest floor, completely naked!! Was very scared inside the lift, with nothing on my body!! After I reach, I just hang around at the lift lobby there naked. This time, I was really naked by myself!! I walked down a few floors, and saw 1 of the unit with the door open.

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Then I just walked in front of the door!! There was this guy watching TV, and he was shocked to see me naked!! I just stood there to let him see me for a few seconds, before I flee to the staircase! So embarrassing!!! Then dunno wat I was thinking again, I pressed for the lift and went down on it!!!

But luckily the lift did not stop. I stopped at the 4th floor, and walked bare-footed down, before I managed to reach my clothes on the 2nd floor. But now, only my spag and shorts were left, and I was without any underwear. I just walked to my car, with my exposed nipples and headed home. I think today quite crazy for me, but the condo more quiet than I tot.

Should I try walking naked at a HDB block next time?

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Naked pool stories

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