Natural insemination stories

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But it was one of those things that I could not turn off and so essentially since high school, it had cramped my ability to make the best choices with men and have a normally paced relationship. I married at the right time vs. Frankly, I was embarrassed by it. My brother told me that he thought I would probably not find the right man until I became a mother. In any case, call it bravery or selfishness, when I turned 36, I decided that I needed to try having a baby on my own.

My first decision was one motivated by financial constraints. Being single, living in New York City, and working at a non-profit, I had to be as frugal as possible while still reserving money to use for parenting should I actually give birth.

My gynecologist had recommended a large cryobank that had thousands of donor options. I would have had sperm choices from all over the country. Natural insemination stories also offered bonus personality-revealing options like a drawing the donor made as for additional fees, of course. One way to save would be to bulk order six months worth of sperm but if I got pregnant immediately then I would have wasted funds.

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The internet as usual was pretty ripe with worst-case scenarios. Jacky and I had met in the strange world of reality TV. She was a person I probably never would have been friends with in real life; we disagreed on pretty much everything. It made sense that I had to choose her. The fertility clinic my doctor recommended to complete the insemination also had some donor sperm choices, albeit a much smaller pool to choose from, perhaps 30 to 40 men.

In my mind, thousands of options were not necessarily better. They all have to go through really stringent background and medical checks anyway so I figured several dozen options would be enough. Having her review files on 30 to 40 guys was probably the right amount of imposition. Deciding to go local would save me hundreds of dollars per month.

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But going with the smaller pool of donors also meant less diversity. Choosing a donor from written profiles is strange though. It is the way the system is built. Well educated was a given because shortly after sperm donation programs started, it became a baseline requirement; all of the donor men seemed to have great SAT scores and Ivy League educations. When you marry someone, you are asked to love him in sickness and in health but when Natural insemination stories choose a donor, you look for the squeakiest family history.

Every family member the donor can remember is listed and neat spreheet checkboxes make it easy to see histories of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, whether they wore glasses, and almost anything you might think of that could be a hereditary concern. I held onto that photo of the toddler in the superman costume like the parents I work with hold onto the first photos of their prospective adoptive. I studied the features so I could imagine what my baby might look like. The first two s of donor information were free. These s mainly listed month and year of birth, height, weight, profession, Natural insemination stories color, hair color and if there had been a successful pregnancy with his sperm.

Jacky and I disagreed naturally about our one choices, but I was surprised that we agreed easily on the second choice. I bought three of the more extensive profiles. It was a guy I would never have chosen in real life. I reviewed last the longer profile of the donor that Jacky and I both thought would be most promising and seemed to tick all the desirable-trait boxes.

The only thing that triggered a little concern was his strange answer to the question about his motivation to become a donor. He had donated to three other sperm banks before and said his reason for doing this was that he wanted to spread his seed.

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He was tall and intelligent and in good health. Good enough. Obviously I expected and wanted to be pregnant as soon as possible. Every ultrasound, every blood test, every procedure was costing me money. While I sat in the waiting room the first month my cycle was ready, a man sauntered into the office. He smiled at me and went over the closet and hung up his coat. By the way he carried himself, and how the nurses interacted with him, I knew he must be one of the donors. In that moment I texted her and asked Natural insemination stories if I should change my mind.

In the minutes left, though, I decided to stick by the choice we had ultimately gone with. I felt confident that I was going to get pregnant the first month. I did not. After all, having not yet gained prior approval from my traditional Asian parents, I was contemplating what it might be like to be disowned and have to live as a single parent in New York City.

After all, this was my professional expertise and I could accept it as my destiny. On my fourth and last try, I was undressed and in my clinic gown when the nurse walked in without the sperm vial. She leaned against Natural insemination stories table behind her and sucked in a deep breath through her teeth.

I had spent weeks deciding who would be my donor and now she was just throwing out some ?!? Be right back. I frantically texted Jacky asking her if she had a minute to help me choose another guy this second. Within what seemed like a few seconds, the nurse was back with three two- profiles. I scanned through each of them while she left the room for a few minutes to give me some privacy. But then I thought back to my moment in the lobby seeing one of the donors. It reminded me that the nurses know these guys for about a year, the time they are asked to come in to donate.

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Maybe there was something special about that they saw and thought was a good connection for me. Why not? What did I have to lose? Besides, by this point I had kind of given up hope that I was going to get pregnant. I was already projecting my move back to LA to adopt. I went ahead with letting her inseminate me with But then halfway through the trip I began to feel unusually exhausted and felt hope starting to rise within me.

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I wondered if I should just go out and buy a test because this was my chance to tell my family what I was attempting. If we were going to have this tough talk, perhaps it would be better to have the chance to hash it out in person. In the end though I felt like doing any of those things would be jinxing my chances, and could possibly start a painful discussion about their disowning me, so I kept quiet and did nothing.

I called the fertility clinic and immediately jumped right back on the subway to go to the office and take the official blood test: Yes, I was definitely pregnant! Then she handed me a photo of the donor as. I was going to have a baby! In the end, someone who did know better than me chose the guy; it was just the nurse, not Jacky.

And it was clearly one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. My brother had also been right: Becoming a mother helped me be ready for the right man, too. Jacky once Natural insemination stories that someday I was going to have it all. Just not in the order I expected it. She is a writer, speaker and trainer on all types of adoption related topics domestic, international and foster but conceived her son Jonah with a donor and gave birth to him in in New York City.

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Natural insemination stories

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