Naughty wife stories

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This is about the first time we introduced another lover for my wife. But before I can start on that episode, I just need to explain the events that lead to it. We were married for about a year and lived in the city. It was a public holiday and we were sitting at home being lazy when one of my close buddies and his girlfriend showed up for an unexpected visit.

We were talking and drinking and having fun, like normal couples do.

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At one stage someone suggested we play cards. After a few rounds however, a suggestion was made to turn things a more naughty. The guys would play against the girls, the losing group will then receive an instruction from the winning group on what to do. Everyone was game, I must confess I was surprised, since his girlfriend seemed like a prude. The first hand was won by the guys, and my buddy asked for a kiss. And sure enough, the two Naughty wife stories turned to each other, giggling and shared a very nice kiss. I saw that this was going to very naughty indeed.

We played for a couple of hours. My buddy suggested that we retire to the king-size bed in our room and everyone followed him there. On the bed I took my wife and he his girlfriend, kissing, rubbing, licking and finally fucking. We all collapsed on the bed, slowly winding down from a very hot session. Later that evening after my buddy and his girlfriend left, my wife and I was taking a bath together and discussed the episode. She explained to me that she liked the whole episode, she enjoyed the sex and she had secretly hoped that we would swap partners. It surprised me, but she explained that it was just for the sex, instead of using a dildo or vibrator she would be using another man.

Strangely, the idea excited Naughty wife stories, I remember how it turned me on when my wife did a strip show in front of some strangers. A few months later my wife and me was visiting my buddy on a weekend.

His girlfriend was working the Saturday, so it was just the three of us. There was a bag of her clothes in the back of the our car for some reason, and she found some of her gym wear inside, a green tank-top and black lycra shorts. Her nipples was clearly visible and drove my buddy nuts. He made comments and teased her about it. She just shrugged and reminded him that he did see her nude before. For the remainder of the day there was a lot of teasing from my buddy and some flirting from my wife. His girlfriend came back from work, we ate and pretty soon she went to sleep since she was tired.

The rest of us stayed up drinking and joking around. By midnight we were pretty drunk and it was suggested that I would fuck my wife while my buddy watched. Like all drunk ideas it seemed like a good idea at the time. I started to kiss her and strip her while my buddy stripped and stroked his cock.

I saw her glance at his penis and remembered her wish. I whispered in her ear that she can fuck him if she wanted to.

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She turned to me, smiled and gave me a very wet, passionate kiss before she crawled in the nude on her hands and knees over to him, took his cock in her hand and kissed him. My buddy was surprised, he looked at me and raised his eyebrows while she was kissing him. I gave him the thumbs-up, he winked at me and the started to work on my wife. They kissed and he fondled her breasts and then pushed her down on her back. He kissed her some more while running his hand over her body, squeezing her breasts, then moved his mouth from hers and moved down tonguing her breasts and sucking on her nipple.

My wife reach out to me and pulled me closer, she kissed me and pushed my head down towards her other breast. She now had two guys sucking her nipples, my buddy moved his between her legs and started to rub her there, Naughty wife stories slipping a finger into her. My hand ed his, my fingers tracing her outer labia. She moaned and arched her back. While we were busy with her, she hand a cock in each hand, pulling and squeezing it, keeping it hard.

Finally she demanded a dick in her.

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He quickly opened her legs some more and positioning himself between them. Then she told my buddy to fuck her and he did. She kissed him while he fucked her, I could see his cock disappearing between her legs, moving in and out. He came quickly and she told me to carry on. She pulled him closer to her, kissing him and holding his dick in her hand. I came quickly as well and he took over.

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Both of us stayed hard for quite some time and we fucked my wife many times. At one stage we changed to Rockygy-style and carried on. As soon as the one is finished the other replaced him. Finally we were done, gasping for air, my wife in the middle with a guy on each side. Shortly afterwards we went to bed. She asked if I enjoyed it and when I said yes she grinned and pulled down my shorts.

My dick was still half erect and she took it into her hand, squeezing and pulling until it was hard. Se pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me, starting to move, but slowly because we were both a bit tender. My buddy opened our door and was surprised to see us in that position, he thought we would be sleeping soon. My wife called him over and gave him a long passionate kiss, thanking him for Naughty wife stories evening. He left and we finished our session and then went to sleep.

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Naughty wife stories

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My naughty wife – the first time