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Not every time, but most of the time, within the 10 minutes of when I go out to tan, my neighbor decides its a great time to sit on his deck, where he happens to have a pretty clear view of my tanning. And usually when I go inside he wraps up his time on the deck. Today I went out in my classic outfit and low and behold, my neighbor was also right on cue.

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I did my usual tan my front, flip over, take off my top, start my back. But this time, he was in for a special treat…. When I turned over, I took off everything. I laid their for a few minutes, head on the ground, with my ass bare in the air for all to see. I started to sweat because of how nervous and excited I was. But I knew I could go just a little further. After 15 minutes laying on my stomach, I decided it was time to go in.

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All I did was stand up, still not a single piece of clothing to cover me. But it was probably obvious since I was so clumsy collecting all my things before I went inside. After I had my towel, bikini, and water bottle in hand, I just stood there for another few second, acting like I was just looking around, still avoiding eye contact. He must have gotten a perfect view of everything, luckily I had shaved very recently.

Seeing no plausible way to draw this out any further, I went inside. Source: reddit. That is beautiful. You definitely made his day. But now hell be put there everyday trying to get a view. Keep giving him the show for sure. Just invite him over, might be real enjoyable time for both. It would be satisfying for both of you.

Nude tanning stories is effing hot, hot, hot! You have made his month for sure. The wife does this. Hot as hell! The ultimate challenge being having a conversation with the neighbour while topless and only 10 feet away.

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The only thing that came to my mind is that he was probably masturbating too. And likely you guys were fapping at the same time. I loved reading it. I just gave my notice to my landlord!! Too old? Never too old! Try it. You might like it!

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post. Next post. I wish you were my neighbor I would watch every day, maybe come over and you. What a lucky neighbor he is lol. And what a naughty neighbor you are lol. How old is too old to do anything with? You may be missing out.

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