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My wife, Jenn, and I have been married 15 years and together almost We have 3 wonderful kids who are finally old enough to stay at our in laws for 10 days without needing constant supervision. We went to the Dominican for our honeymoon but we decided to go to a Sandals resort in Negril, Jamaica for our Winter vacation. In my eyes my wife is a Milf! She felt differently and dressed quite modest and the only swimsuit she owned was a 2 piece that involved a tankini top and modest bottoms whenever she took the kids to the pool.

I urged and more accurately begged her to buy a bikini or 2 for our trip. No one would know us and with no kids it was time to soak up the sun and drinks on the beach. She reluctantly bought a few bikinis and had begun heading to the gym a few months prior to our departure. I could tell she had lost a few pounds and toned up her tummy region before we left.

We had a very early departure from our snow covered province and arrived in the afternoon to our resort. Once we were off the plane the heat and humidity were very noticeable and I could not wait to make it to the hotel for a beer, a pair of shorts and sandals. Once we unpacked I grabbed my swim trunks, sandals and T-shirt and changed. My wife had changed as well into her bikini and although I had hoped for something more revealing I was quite happy to see her in something less mom like. She had a bright orange boy short bottom on with a dark floral print bikini top that showed off her small breasts as best as she could.

The boy shorts bottoms are what caught my eye the most. The bottoms of her cheeks were damn near falling out. Of course she had to cover up with one of those wraps and brought a big beach towel to go with the towel I was carrying. We made our way to the beach and looked for some chairs but they were all taken so we just laid the towels on Nude vacation story ground.

Being somewhat childish I dug a pit for myself to resemble Nude vacation story recliner chair and asked Jenn if she wanted one too?

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I was getting thirsty from the sun and headed to the bar to get us some drinks in our Contigo cups. When I returned my wife had shed her wrap and was applying sunscreen to her body.

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I have managed to bring toys into the bedroom and she never complains about having a vibrator inside her and one on her clit. When she cums, she almost always clamps her legs together and lets out a small moan. No wild thrashing or screaming. I had hoped she would just let it fall and discard it but unfortunately she held her hands over her tits and then retied the knot.

After our drinks were gone we went for a walk down the beach to check out the other resorts. We often would walk into the resort to see the pool areas just to compare to ours. Soon it was 7 pm and I was getting hungry and tired from the long day so we headed back to our room, changed for supper and headed to eat. That night Jenn and I had sex and she slept naked for the first time in years.

Day 2 was much the same except Jenn wore another new bikini. This one was a bandeau top with a typical bikini bottom which I absolutely loved. It concealed her breasts more but the lack of straps sure made me excited. Today we found some beach chairs under a makeshift umbrella hut which gave decent shade. We sat and read while sipping on our Nude vacation story drinks. I noticed the odd girl walk by topless along the beach much to my delight and I kept nudging my wife and mentioning she should do the same. Even though she has small breasts, they are very nice with big nipples that do get hard and are very obvious.

For some reason whether it was the atmosphere or what I was dying to show her off.

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I was very lucky and proud of it. Once again we decided to head for a walk down the beach but headed the opposite way as yesterday. I noticed we had passed quite a few topless women and once we were up close I saw a buck naked man and woman walking towards us. We kept going and thankfully I had my sunglasses on so I could gawk at some of the women. We headed towards another pool and when we got closer a worker stopped us and said no clothes allowed.

This is the nude pool! Hedonism he explained. I had never heard of it.

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I surely was going to google it tonight. The guy was super friendly and explained that we could purchase day or night passes to come on to the resort. We took in the scenery as he spoke Nude vacation story then I saw the biggest cock of my entire life walk just behind him. He was easily longer than I was fully hard and his cock was undoubtedly soft as he strolled by. He saw my wife beside me, stopped and admired her as he looked her up and down. I was a little jealous to see her checking out this well hung guy but a little turned on at the same time.

We headed back towards the beach and went back to our room. We were both quiet it seemed as we changed for supper and headed to the bayside restaurant. What was it called again? She then grabbed her iPhone and began typing which I assumed was a search of Hedonism. She began to explain the 2 different pools, prude and nude, and how anything goes at the nude side.

Watching Jenn read and explain about Hedonism had my other brain at full attention as I got the feeling she was quite intrigued by the resort. After supper we headed to the bar for a few drinks and chatted with a couple from England. We eventually retired to our room.

I walked out into the bedroom and Jenn was butt Nude vacation story spread eagle on the bed fingering herself. I was shocked to say the least, but needed no explanation or invitation. It was obvious Jenn was worked up and needed relief so I dove in head first and began licking her clit. I adored her in every way and she looked more beautiful than ever at this very minute. I aimed my cock at her hole and fucked her hard and fast. I was soon cumming inside my wife and it was incredible. I rolled off of her and soon fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and headed to the balcony to google that resort for myself.

What I read shocked me. There can be full on sex on the nude side in front of all to see. Special rooms for orgies and even toys. Also, a strict no means no and absolutely no cameras allowed. The thought of going there as a couple was intriguing.

I have to admit getting a BJ from a few of those women I saw yesterday would be sweet but could I handle someone else with my wife. Jenn came to me on the balcony around 10 am. We eventually got dressed for the beach and headed to find chairs around Jenn once again had a new bikini. This one looked great on her. Royal blue with white stripes. Once we were settled I headed for refills of our drinks at the pool bar.

When I got back Jenn was applying sunscreen to her arms, stomach and her legs. I handed Jenn her drink and what happened next would change our lives forever. Thought while we were here we could check it out.

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When she returned she wanted to head to Nude vacation story prude side first. We headed to the bar and I noticed a few women were topless but none without bottoms. All the guys still had trunks on. Are you kidding me? Of course I am, take the bottoms off too I thought. With that I watched in awe as my wonderful wife proceeded to take her bikini top off and let someone other than me see her tits in almost 2 decades.

She put her top in our bag and walked over to a table. I wanted a drink badly so I went to the bar. I had a pretty good chubby as I waited my turn. As I ordered and watched the bartender mix the drinks I noticed a man and his wife, I assumed, were sitting at the table with Jenn. When I got back they introduced themselves as Ron and Sara. They were pretty big and looked fake. They were staying at the resort and had just got up for the day.

My wife asked lots of questions. Apparently there was quite a party last night and Sara mentioned she was a bit sore. We talked for a while as Jenn asked more about their lifestyle, they were obviously swingers, but they were very respectful to us and very open. Ron and Sara got up and said they were headed to the other pool and hoped to see us again. Could I keep my hard on down?

Would Jenn be mad if I got hard around another woman.

Nude vacation story

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