Nudist erection stories

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This happened when my wife and I were on vacation in Germany to see my cousins and their families. My wife and I had just gotten married about a year before when we went to visit my cousin in the north of Germany. I had stayed with them a few years earlier on my own, and at that time they had a very small pool in their back yard and I saw their kids swim naked in it.

In the years that followed, I started having fantasies of going back there and practicing social nudity with them. She said she would consider going topless. In the meantime, they would frequent a couple of local beaches. And it was a pretty well-established nude beach.

OK let me back up a minute. I forgot something. They were only little. But she remembered me and she was thrilled to see me this time. Chris and his wife had had a 3rd child since then who was now 4. The older boy was maybe 8 or 9. And Ruth — I can't remember exactly how old she was, but she had just started developing breasts. She was very skinny and extremely pretty. So the first few days I was there, it really was in the back of my head a few times whether or not there was going to be any social nudity, and who would be comfortable with what.

But I kept my mouth shut. So on Sunday we go to this nice beach which was a bit of a drive—the whole family and my wife and I. Chris let me know I could be nude or not as I wish, and I of course was completely naked within seconds. But I kept my head together… literally, because there were several sets of eyes upon me: from my wife, to my cousin, and not to mention that their kids were around. My wife finally did take her top Nudist erection stories, which I was happy about.

Anyway, Ruth was the only one who kept her bathing suit on at first. She took mild notice of me in my naked state but then went go play in the water. Later, I saw her lying face down on her towel, and she had removed her top.

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When she had lifted up at one point, I saw that she had very small breasts with beautiful puffy nipples. I really had to make an effort not to stare, but I think she noticed me at one point. Over the next few days I started having thoughts about her that were surprising to me, and I sure as hell had to keep them to myself. She had an outgoing personality. A few days later, we again went to the beach, but it was a different beach.

This one was closer, and very small. So we went to the little nearby beach, with just my wife and Vera and the. When we got there, the boys got naked. I kept my suit on at first, until Vera took her top off and laid down on her stomach. So I took my suit off. Then Ruth took her top off, exposing her hardly-developed breasts. Then my wife took her top off. I went with the boys into the water and played with them for a while. After 10 minutes or so I looked back to see Ruth completely naked coming down towards Nudist erection stories in the water.

Again, I had to try very hard not to look at her too much. But I remember thinking at first that she had hardly any butt, because she was so skinny. We ended up back on the towel and ate some lunch, and I stayed naked, and so did Ruth, and of course the boys. I got a better look at Ruth and noticed she had a silky wisps of blond hair between her legs, and it set my heart racing. I remember trembling a little and hoping that no one noticed. Thinking that my wife might notice, and being afraid of getting an erection, I turned over and lay on my stomach.

I turned my attention away from the kids and talked with Vera and my wife for a while. That worked for a while, and I actually dozed off for a few minutes. The kids had all gone down to one end of the beach about 20 yards away where there was a jetty. I got up, stretched, looked around for Ruth, and saw the top Nudist erection stories her head over the rocks in the jetty. I stretched and walked down to them, leaving my wife and Vera to keep talking. The middle boy came running back to the blanket holding a crab. As I walked, I felt an erection coming on. I was trembling a little again, and feeling like I was throwing caution to the wind.

When I got down there, Ruth and her brother were digging in the wet sand. I sat down on the jetty rocks and talked with them… you know, just bullshit, like, what have you found there? The second time Ruth Nudist erection stories up, she definitely looked straight at my cock. I heard the older boy call out from where he was at the blanket, and saw my wife stand up, and I thought the moment was over, and that everybody was coming down. The four year old got up from where we were, and ran back towards them at the blanket.

I also was shamelessly trying to get a better look at Ruth. Huge feelings of guilt and fear and lust swept over me. I think I heard my heart beating in my ears. I glanced quickly to the left toward the blanket, and nobody was coming over. Ruth had repositioned herself at the shore and came closer to me, and sat so that her legs were spread. I stared for a few seconds, and then looked to the left again casually at the blanket, 20 yards away, and I felt my erection go to full mast.

When I looked back at Ruth, she was staring at it, then looked down again, sort of digging in the sand, then looked up at it again, then at me and smiled just a little. Over the next couple of minutes or so, I managed to blurt out a bit of mindless conversation, while she looked at what she was digging at, then at my cock, then at my face.

She finally smiled more fully and realized why I kept glancing to the left toward where everyone was on the blanket. So she did something equally sneaky and devilish, and it completely blew my mind—even thought it was very subtle. She lifted one knee up, and casually rocked it back and forth. It was only about 3 or 4 times, and lasted only about a few seconds, but it was unmistakable.

She looked directly at me as she opened and closed her leg a little, slightly wider each time, and finally paused with her legs wide open and her cunt on full display to me. I stared at it openly for a few seconds, and I felt my erection throbbing obscenely in front of her. Within another minute—or 10 seconds, who knows? I managed to be only half erect by the time they got down to the jetty.

The older boy took notice but did not say anything. I started to freak the fuck out. After 5 or 10 minutes in the water, I came out, relieved that I was finally completely soft, and could walk guilt-free back to the blanket where my wife was.

Two minutes later I had pre-cum leaking out of my soft cock. It was all I could do to wipe it away without anyone seeing. There were a couple of other instances during that trip where I got a little hard in front of people, but none of it was as scary and confusing to me as that afternoon. I learned to relax about it a little. They had all seen boners before. Reactions: muloWillVarnerMikey04 and 14 others. Nov 5, Nov 2, 6, You can get a tube of pool fix it Nudist erection stories a few bucks.

It works even under water. I repaired more than a few pools in Hawaii. You could fix their pool next time you are there and be a hero.

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A naked hero.

Nudist erection stories

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