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Hi friends, you must have got my introduction from my earlier stories published in this site. Let me share with you my experience with a young South Indian nurse in a nursing home at Mumbai. Once, a friend of mine had to be taken to a doctor, about 40 KM away in the outskirts of the city around After examining him, the doctor, as usual and expected.

Advised him to be admitted to a nearby nursing home. It was a C-grade nursing home but the best available in the locality. The nursing home was two-storied. The ground-floor provided accommodation for male and female patients in groups as in dormitories. The first floor had separate rooms with attached toilets on rental at higher rates.

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My friend was a miser and he wanted to be put up in a dormitory. But we insisted and put him in a separate room. Luckily he got the room at the end of the corridor getting fresh air and view outside through the window. There were two types of nurses there. In the first type, you do not engage a nurse at all. But each nurse attends a group of patients, may be once in hours mostly for changing saline bottles or for emergency calls.

In the second type, you can engage a nurse exclusively for you chargeable per 8 hours basis. To reduce expenses, normally relatives engaged exclusive nurses for night hours only. My miser friend vehemently opposed to engage an exclusive nurse. I found a group of such nurses, some old and some young in the staff room. In the next morning, when I visited my friend, I found a young nurse coming out of the room adjacent to that of my friend. She might be around 25, medium-complexioned and had a South-Indian look. But there was something peculiar about her body which arrested my attention.

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She was lean and thin but had very big boobs unmatched to her construction. I noticed it from her side profile. Suddenly, I got other ideas and I attempted to strike a friendly conversation telling her I too was a South Indian. She was in the exclusive category, on duty from 6 AM to 2 PM that day. But their duty time changed frequently — that is from morning, noon and night. She too was happy to know I was a South Indian. I told her about my friend in the next room.

Then I requested her if she cared to attend him in the night shift. She regretfully told that was not possible as her duty would be over at 2. I spent more time there than the normal visiting hours and could succeed in meeting and talking with her thrice. She too showed interest in me. My friend Nursing home sex stories fine by the evening and he was discharged the next afternoon. But I was disappointed I could not find Leena till then. I spent several following nights thinking about the nurse. Actually her boobs had done the magic on me.

Three weeks later my mind could come out with a nice idea. I telephoned the nursing home to talk to Leena and they told me she has night duty. I told them I was the brother of her friend and booked her to attend me to be admitted in their nursing home in the evening. In the evening, I packed a few clothes and essentials and told my friends I was going to a neighbouring city to attend an interview and would be back the next day or day after.

I went straight to a Heart Specialist in the area near the nursing home. I complained of a very small pain just below my heart in the afternoon. He took an ECG with his portable machine which showed everything was fine with me. But he did not want to leave a goose likely to lay golden eggs. As expected, he wanted some more tests to be done and referred me to the nursing home. At the nursing home, I referred to my earlier phone call and appointment. Around 8. As the room at the end of the corridor where my friend was put up earlier was vacant, on my request, they gave me the same room, Nursing home sex stories needed to pass another one-and-half hour for Leena to turn up to take exclusive care of me by remaining inside the room.

As I was perfectly healthy, I lay on bed reading a book. At in the night, there was a gentle knock on the door. She showed mixed feelings of surprise and anxiety recognizing me. She was anxious now because she had gone through my medical history sheet cardiac problem kept in the Staff Room before turning to attend the patient.

I told her to relax. First I made her to swear in the name of her God. That she would not feel bad to whatever I was going to tell her. She agreed visibly surprised. Then I told her everything about my trick and ploy to get myself admitted to the nursing home just to see and be with her only.

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While she listened, she smiled in an admiring way. To reassure myself at the end, I said if she felt bad or offended with me, she had the option to leave me to take care of any other patient. She said she was very happy to be with a person me who took many pains to be with her. I smiled to notice she went to bolt the doors from inside. When she returned, I sat on the bed. She sat on the chair near me.

On my request, she removed the white scarf so that I can see her full face. She was average beautiful only. She did not flinch when my eyes hovered on her big bosom.

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During talk, she told everything about her. She belonged to a very poor family. Due to acute pecuniary problems, she could not go for higher studies, instead took training in nursing so that she could get a job soon. She was honest in revealing she had submitted her virginity to a doctor who gave her a job in his nursing home in the native place as well as to another wealthy patient.

I went close to her and made her also stand up. I hugged her tightly and kissed hard on her lips. To reassure myself once again, I asked her if she minded, but she replied it was her pleasure too. Though her body was lean, yet her big boos hard pressed on my chest separated our bodies.

I virtually licked her small face. She Nursing home sex stories thick lips. I asked her to wet her lips by her tongue with the saliva. Then I sucked both her lips separately. She extended her tongue and I sucked it too. As I began to unbutton her shirt, I asked her if anyone was likely to bother us, but she said no. I was thrilled to see her boobs under the bras which I softly massaged over. I unhooked her bras.

Charge at a matador her big boobs jumped out menacingly. The boobs were round, may be 36C size, not proportionate to her body. They were really irresistible. All hell broke inside me and I virtually grabbed at them. I still can not remember what I did with those big boobs.

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Was I kissing or licking or caressing or pressing or squeezing or sucking her boobs? Rather, I did mix up all. I knew it was not unusual for a man who had gone mad with excessive sexual urge to behave the way I did. But you need not have to hurry. It also suddenly occurred to me that even a hotel room would not be more safe than the nursing-home room. I removed her skirt and panty too. She was having her stockings only.

I found her pussy small with a little growth of hairs. As I kept my hand on her pussy, she jerked a little. Perhaps she felt awkward to remain nude while I was dressed. She wanted me to lay on my Nursing home sex stories on the bed. I obeyed. As if removing the clothes before dressing up a wound, she removed my dresses one by one. She eyed on my jumpy erect cock. I could not sustain any longer with her standing nude by my side. I grabbed at her, pulled her up and thrown on my body. She lay with her boobs pressed on my chest.

I embraced her upper body tightly with my hands and at the same time held her lower body wrapped with my legs. She seemed to lay pasted on my body like a sticker except for her big boobs which separated us. I held her head with both of my hands and rammed her lips with kisses after kisses in a raining manner. Since she was shorter in height, I made her move higher.

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I made her upper body at an elevated angle with her elbows resting on my sides. Now her big boobs were hanging close to my face. This positioning made her pussy rub on my cock once or twice, but I left it alone. I caught of her hanging boobs with both of my hands and began to caress them in circular motions. Her nipples became firm, hard and erect. Yeah, she has big brown aureoles and nipples. As I did, she inserted and thrust her left boob into my mouth.

Nursing home sex stories

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Nursing Home Stories