Otk bare bottom spanking stories

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Harsh smacks on the bare bottom. Occasional whimpers punctuating the sighs. The sound of stinging whacks on flesh. I hate that word. But I love the feeling: squashed tight against someone with my arse exposed, their fingers digging hard into my naked flesh.

Over the knee spankings. Those ones you read about sometimes in books from before the war.

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The naughty individual is taken over the knee and given a few stern whacks to teach them a lesson. But the closest analogy I can think of for a calm, OTK Otk bare bottom spanking stories is massage. That moment when someone puts their hands on you and your stresses melt away — causing a sudden and urgent need to lie drooling in a pile.

His hand firmly gripping my wrist, pulling me in one swift movement across his lap. The warmth spreading through my thighs as they press against his. A few words:. Weird word, but the right one. Usually, by eight in the evening or so, I do need a spanking. Because I need something to mark the end of the day. Because I want to feel his hot hands on my skin, and I want to feel them hard.

Not a stroke or a kiss or a squeeze: a smack. I like the position too. Being held firmly over his lap. Feeling his body squashed tight against mine. The delicious, silky sensation of his fingers slipping down below the waistband of my trousers, then my knickers. Sliding them down to expose my bum. And he smacks his palm against me — gently for the first few, then harder until it builds gradually to that sweet spot. Thuddy, without too much sting. A whack rather than a smack. This post uses affiliate links, which means if you buy things from the shops you visit, I get a small cut which helps me keep this site running.

I love it! I think that everyone who is new to this and considering spanking for the first time should understand as much as possible about it before doing it. Nothing takes me to my happy place and makes me feel more loved than a good dose of otk spanking. A thrashing with a leather belt makes me blissfully whimpery and vulnerable too. I like it best when a partner starts slow and gentle and then builds up rhythmically, then slows the pace and intensity down a little before finally hitting me hard enough to make me gasp.

A great spanking takes all the stress away — at least momentarily — and leaves me happy and horny. Some women love that after a spanking. I was slippered at school when I was about ten and even the thought of spanking turns me off.

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Not for me. Mind you, that was in ! You are right. I look at it as more of a desire. Everyone loves a good spanking every now and again right? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Not painful, just solid. More thoroughly and completely there than a gentler touch. Sometimes sliding his hand down to dip his fingers into the wetness of my cunt. Sometimes it does. Vida says:. August 2, at pm. RB says:. Mark says:. August 16, at pm.

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Otk bare bottom spanking stories

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