Pantied men stories

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You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. I am a straight male with a passion for panties.

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I love to wear them, masturbate in them and just love wearing them. My story starts one afternoon in the summer. I got out of work and decided to go to the beach and take a nice walk along the water and relax.

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Before I did, I stopped in the parking lot, a bit secluded and got changed. Normal story, right? Until today. I had brought a few pairs of full cut panties with me. I knew I wanted to wear a pair under my shorts but just couldn't decide.

I got undressed in my car and tried on the first pair. There I was with only a pair of panties on. WOW, what a turn on. My cock was swollen and leaking pre-cum. I stroked my cock while watching people walking near by. Some women in their bathing suits were so close and I was SO hard! I finally decided on the right pair. I put on my shorts and t-shirt and off I went.

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OH did they feel so nice A short time later, as I Pantied men stories the crowd had thinned. I decided I would sit and watch out over the water but before I did, I noticed this man in a speedo laying out his towel and he had a nice ass and a nice bulge. Now at this point, I am thinking stop looking He looked at me and smiled. I kept walking. About yards away, I stop and sit down. I can feel my cock twitching in my panties and somewhat exposed through the sport shorts leg.

I am thinking how I would love to feel my cock inside the panties and jerk off in them The next thing I know, this man I spoke of sits down beside me and starts talking. I chat with him and he compliments my calves and actually touched them.

I don't know how to react. He comes out with that he is gay. I am ok with that and we talk. As we do, he touched my leg and comments on my body.

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Now, I am getting aroused. I look and see he is hard in his speedo. He asks if I had ever been with a man or thought about it. I say, I haven't but I have thought about what it would be like to touch a mans cock. He says well you can touch mine if you would like. So I go for it and feel his swollen cock. My cock is now hard! As we sit and talk, I feel myself shaking and unsure what to do.

Finally I say to him, I have a secret. I like to wear womens panties. He asks why and I tell him. He asks are you wearing them now and I reply yes, I am. I reach to my elastic waist band to my shorts and raise them Pantied men stories he can see.

He says wow, they are nice, can I feel them. At that point, I figure it is too late now Sure I say, and his hand reaches in my pants and on top of my panties. Oh WOW I am so hard and wanting this man to make me cum!

While he is feeling my pantied cock, I reach over and feel his cock and balls. I must say, I did love that feeling. He invites me to go behind the dunes and he will gladly give me a handjob. Oh boy, what have I done I am thinking, but oh so turned on. We continue touching and talking and finally, I agree.

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So off we go to a semi secluded spot and he slips his hand in my shorts and starts rubbing my cock. He comments how big and hard it is. He pulls his bathing suit down a bit and his cock springs out and I touch his cock and stroke it. I feel his hardness while he is stroking my cock in my panties.

I pull my shorts down and am wearing only panties! I continue jacking his cock and he is close. It was only a very short time later with his cum on my panties, being completely exposed in the panties outside that I felt my cum blast out into them, the sperm oozing through the silky material.

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I pumped his hand and spurted all that cum. When we were done, he commented how much cum I had let go and together with his, I had the wettest and sloppiest panties under my shorts for my walk back to my car. I kept those panties full of cum and hope to go back one day and see my jerk off buddy. Copyright SMI-Help.

Pantied men stories

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