Panty raid stories

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Live sex. Masturbation Diaries: Panty Raid! I'm just past 50 now and don't think I've lost the good shape I've always been in, even at this age, if I do say so myself. After passing that milestone I also haven't lost my extreme love of women's panties. No, I don't like to wear them, but I do indulge in the fantasy of thinking about getting a pair off a woman when I peek at them riding up over a jeans or up under a short skirt. I love them all, all kinds, shapes, colors and materials.

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Did you know there are a crazy of panty varieties? In just bikinis, there are bikini briefs, bikini high cuts, string bikini, bikini thongs I know right when that obsession started I have great memories of the girls in college wearing those sexy short snug mini-skirts to class.

I would find something to drop on the floor, like my pencil or pen and stoop down to catch a look between the legs of an unsuspecting girl or two. The panties always looked so inviting. Of course, I got my share of 'beaver shots' too, but back then and probably just as much today seeing a nice bared pussy might be thrilling, but the flash of a thin, smooth panty up tight to an unseen pussy is so damn sexy and hot!

But it really all started when I had been at college no more than a week and Panty raid stories the wonderful excitement and benefits of a panty raid! This newfound pastime sparked a whole new dimension to my methods of masturbation. I can remember that first time. Girls threw their panties out their windows at us. It was incredible! But it was hotter when I took that first pair back to my dorm room, shoved down my shorts and lay back in my bed. They were yellow with a little bow at the waistband. I rubbed and squeezed my cock with that soft pair of cotton panties. I can Panty raid stories distinctly see that drop of clear pre-cum ooze up through the material of the sexy underwear.

Honestly, it was the first time anything female had ever touched my naked cock and balls. I had never been with a woman in any way up until my first year in college. But it wasn't long before I exploded the biggest load of cum I had ever shot with that sexy pair of underwear. It was, to that point, the most exciting experience of my life! Many more panty raids were held that first semester with the end result the same, back in my dorm room stroking away to some fantastic cums. The feel of soft underwear, whether cotton or silky satin, they all drove me wild.

I would wrap the panties around my hard cock and jack off to my heart's content. Or sometimes, when I'd get more than a couple of pairs in a night I would lay the panties out nice and neat on my bed and pump my cock until I would cum all over them. I visualized girls in my college classes or women I saw during the day while jacking off with my pilfered panties. If we'd done an indoor raid and I saw the actual panty owner I would visualize her and spend hours in my room making myself cum over and over through the next several days. My appetite for panties seemed to have no end back then.

The more panties I had the more I would masturbate. This Panty raid stories lasted through my college years, even after having been with a real woman or two in bed. In fact the naughty habit lasted nearly until I got married. Needless to say, if I had kept that whole stash of panties, I could have had quite a collection of women's underwear by now. Another more recent and just as memorable experience came a few years later, after I had been married and was enjoying a satisfying sex life.

That latent panty fetish of mine found a new outlet. Ann was our next door neighbor. She was a forty something year-old, divorced school-teacher. She was also one hell of a baker! She'd come over frequently with some of the most delicious home baked cookies. Ann was very friendly to my wife and me. We all did a lot for one another back then. I took care of her yard and did some other odd jobs around her place. She watched our little dog when we would go away for weekend trips. One time she asked whether we could watch her place. We were to water the plants, take in her mail and leave on a different light each night to keep away the would-be burglars.

My wife did most of the chore but on Wednesday evening that week she had to go to a couple of meetings right after work and called to ask if I could take care of Ann's place for her. I had some writing I really wanted to get started on, but I knew it shouldn't take more than a half hour to take care of the business next door.

So I got her house key and walked across our lawns. It wasn't the first time I had been in Ann's house, but when I walked in her front door it still impressed me how Ann had a really nice place, was so well organized.

For some reason as I walked around the house watering Ann's plants I had the overwhelming urge to go upstairs. I had never been up there before and I really did wonder what her whole house looked like. I had no ulterior motives, not consciously at that point anyway.

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So ever so tentatively I found myself stealing up Ann's stairs. I less than boldly went up to her second floor and toward her bedroom. I moved around quietly even though I knew no one was around and wouldn't be until the weekend.

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As it turned out her three bedrooms were as neat and organized as the downstairs. Nothing seemed out of place. Even looking in her master bedroom there was not a single stray article clothing on the bed, the floor or anywhere. My eyes roamed around until they fell upon her chest of drawers. There was something slightly out of place.

Something was visible sticking out of the second drawer. I found myself drawn toward it and before I knew it I was standing within two feet totally focused on the blue fabric smashed in the closed drawer. I knew what it was immediately. With shaky hands, and full well knowing this was so much an invasion of privacy, I opened the drawer. I had hit the jackpot; it was her panty drawer! My heart raced, but although I was quickly excited at what I had found there was a mature part of me that stopped and had to grin and nearly chuckle at what I saw.

For as neat and organized as this woman always appeared to be, she had Panty raid stories most disorganized and shambles of an underwear drawer. Many of them were very expensive looking with very expensive brand names on the waistband labels I could read from my immediate vantage point. All of them were sexy and smooth looking regardless of the materials they were made of. I suddenly could imagine any of those on my sexy neighbor.

I began to feel Panty raid stories hand around the drawer. My raced on saying But just as I started to get too nervous and feeling just too kinky to go on I looked upon that pair of baby blue panties I had seen sticking out of the drawer in the first place.

Although I still felt more than a little self-conscious and my hands were shaking, my cock was also throbbing its ay into the picture from within my shorts. I knew that I had discovered something that I wasn't supposed to, but I couldn't resist the temptation. I carefully up the blue panties to see what type of they were.

She wore my favorite, bikini panties! I nervously fondled the cotton panties. I slid a finger around the side of them and swore I felt her heat from that hot cleft every woman had between her legs. But this was Ann, our friend and neighbor!

Panty raid stories

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