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That was the extent of his compassion, but when Raj opened a bottle of wine and he drank a sip or two, he opened up and Penny found him comforting. Penny and Raj opened a second bottle of wine and the more she drank the more appealing Raj became; she liked the dark chocolate of his Indian skin and wondered how dark his cock looked when fully erect. As for Raj, he was really getting into comforting Penny; he stared at her and just could not believe he was conversing with this gorgeous blonde.

Today her long silky blonde hair was down; it was getting longer and longer and nearly reached the middle of her back. She was wearing a pair of black tights. It was every chic, with large lime green, yellow and white diagonally striped running from shoulders to hem.

It was loose fitting and every time she leaned forward the top of the dress ballooned out and gave Raj a peak of her large billowy breasts. The dress ended three quarters of the way down her full shapely thighs. His mouth watered as he imagined sucking on those large pillow-like breasts. He stared at her and he marveled at the way she lit up the entire room whenever she smiled or laughed.

He was super sensitive and every time she reached out and touched his arm or placed her hand on his knee he thought he was going to go right through the Penny and amy lesbian sex stories. Raj went into the kitchen to open another bottle of wine and Penny followed him. Leaning into him, she belt down and placed her warm, wet lips against the sensitive flesh just below his ear. He let out a tiny moan and he felt his cock stiffen when her tongue came out and flicked back and forth on his earlobe. When she began nibbling on his ear, he nearly lost it.

Putting the bottle back on the counter, he spun around and running his hands through her long silky blonde hair, pulled her bee stung lips to his and they kissed for the first time. It started off with tiny pecks and grew to a full blown kiss, it was gentle and their lips slid back and forth as they became accustomed to one another. Raj placed his index finger just below her chin and raising her lips up to Penny and amy lesbian sex stories he placed tiny kisses on her lips, chin, cheeks and the tip of her nose.

He returned to her lips and she leaned into the kiss and it grew more heated. She moaned into his mouth as she felt his cock poking her in the belly, she knew she had made the right choice. I thought when you broke up with Leonard I was free of that!

You better put those noise reducing headphones on! She laughed and placed a tiny kiss on his hand that was beside her face. When she kissed it he ran his finger along her red glossy lips. She continued to suck on his finger and her gaze dropped to his pants where she noticed a large tenting. Raj just smiled and stared up at her as she leaned over him, her long flaxen blonde hair swept across his face, neck and chest. She lowered her face to his and planted tiny kisses on his forehead, cheeks and chin. She moved upwards to his dark quivering lips and slipping her tongue out painted a line of saliva along his lips.

His lips parted and his tongue came out to hers. His eyes kept searching her dark blue eyes and he shivered as her hair swept back and forth across his sensitive skin. She d kissing Raj, planting hot, wet kisses along his chin and neck.

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Her hands began unbuttoning his shirt and when she had it completely unbuttoned, she parted his shirt and was surprised just how muscular he was. Over the next couple of minutes she covered every inch of his chest, neck and upper belly. She licked and sucked at his dark, stiff nipples and had him squirming and his cock was nearly bursting from his pants. Raj held his breath as she swept her long blonde hair back and forth across his dark skinned chest and upper belly.

He let out a tiny moan when her hands slipped open his belt, unhooked his pants and slowly drew the zipper down. She scooted around on the bed and nearly straddling his lower body, began to tug at his pants. Raj eagerly rose up, arching his back making it easier for Penny to remove his pants. Slipping them down his dark, muscled legs, she tossed it to the floor and ran her extremely white hands, compared to his dark skin, up and down his calves and thighs.

Every time she reached his tighty whities she stopped short. She licked her lips when she saw the large bulge she was causing and her pussy started dripping, filling her panties with her juices. She lowered her head and licked up and down his thighs and this produced a Penny and amy lesbian sex stories groan from Raj and he could hardly keep his hands off of her.

Her mouth hovered over his briefs and lowering her mouth she let out a burst of hot air and he groaned even louder. Opening her mouth she covered the big lump with her mouth and she sucked hard on my cock right through his briefs. Raj let out a loud groan and arched his hips, trying to shove more of his cock into her mouth.

Penny giggled and knelt up; a red lipstick stain was painted on his briefs where his lump was. Gripping his briefs in her manicured fingers she pulled on them. Once again Raj lifted his ass allowing his briefs to be taken off. She licked her lips as she stared at the dark chocolate beef stick before her.

She loved having a cock slide in and out of her mouth and down her throat. He knew any blowjob from a woman was a whole hellava lot better than his right or left fist. I need a cock in my mouth so bad right now! She slid onto her belly as she situated herself between the two columns of dark flesh. His legs came together trapping her there. She placed a tiny kiss on the head of his cock and licked the pre-cum off that was oozing out. He nodded again, placed his hands behind his head, taking a deep breath closed his eyes and waited for her lips to take over.

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Penny cupped his balls and played with them as his cock swayed back and forth. She caught it between her lips without using her hands. She licked it up and down and all around. She took the large head into her mouth and her snake-like tongue whipped around and around. She took more and more of his cock into her mouth and when she felt it bump the back of her throat she pulled back allowing her thick, hot saliva to drip down his dark shaft and collect around his balls. She played with it as if it was her own personal play toy. She switched up from slow deliberate sucks to fast and deep strokes.

She pulled it out of her mouth and ran it all over her face and throat and once dry she d sucking it. She took it in slow and deep, sucking harder and harder and she heard Raj let out a loud groan.

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She held it firmly in her mouth and toying with his balls, she felt them tighten and felt his large cockhead jerk and begin to spurt his thick, hot creamy cum down her throat. She drank it down quickly as she felt it jerk again and again, sending more of his sperm into her mouth. She stroked his cock and another drop came out, she licked it up and looking at him ran the white creamy cum alone her lips and then into her mouth. She had already taken her shoes off and she stood on the bed and swayed back and forth. She locked eyes with Raj and threw her head around several times sending her long flaxen blonde hair everywhere, it looked amazing and her heir completely disheveled made his cock begin to stiff already.

She swayed her hip back and forth and from side to side as she hovered above the completely nude, dark handsome man.

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She reached up and finding the long zipper on the back of her tunic, slowly began to lower it. She slid it from one shoulder and then the other. She held it in place just above the swell of her full heavy breasts. She teased him by nearly lowering the tunic to show him her tits, but slipped it back onto her shoulders. She giggled when she heard him groan in frustration, nearly seeing the breasts he had longed for, Penny and amy lesbian sex stories nearly five years.

She reached for the hem of her tunic dress and gripping it in her hands, in one swift motion; she lifted it over her head and tossed it to the floor. She giggled when she saw his reaction. She looked lower and saw his thick chocolate cock completely stiff once again and standing perpendicular to his body. She felt his cock scrap against her slim thigh and his clumsy fingers pulled at the three hooks holding her bra together. Finally getting them open she knelt up and the straps fell from her shoulders.

Penny shook her shoulders and the bra fell to his lap and landed on his cock and it swayed and twitched. She raised her hands and cupped the twin perfect mounds of flesh. They stood high and they had to be large C cup size with large pink areoles and even darker pink, nearly red nipples. They stood stiff from their center and her thumbs came out and flicked them back and forth producing a moan from both herself and Raj. Would you like to suck on my big fat nipples? I just love having my tits played with!

She laughed again and lowered her red, ripe tit to his lips and he placed his hands behind her and drew her down harder against him mouth. He worked the nipple over and over. Penny moaned softly as he ran his tongue around the sensitive areole and drew the stiff tip further into his mouth.

His lips sucked even harder and another moan even louder escaped her mouth and she shifted allowing him to do the same to her other tit. Suck them harder Raj, ahhhh just like that! He swept a stray blonde lock from her face and stared down at those gorgeous dark blue eyes. Lowering his face he began to rain kisses all over her forehead, eyelids, cheeks and lips. They exchanged spit and tongues for several minutes.

Raj moved lower and sweeping her gorgeous hair from her neck he attacked her long slender neck. Raj ignored both of them and planted wet kisses on both of her shoulders and moved lower to the tops of her sensitive mounds. Reaching the erect tips, he pushed the two mounds together and sucked on both nipples at the same time.

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She was still wearing her skintight pants and grasping them by the waistband he wiggled them back and forth and they finally cleared her slim hips and ample ass. He dragged them down her shapely legs and she assisted Raj by kicking them back and forth until they flew in the air to the floor below. Raj knelt up, his thick chocolate cock swayed back and forth and Penny bit her lower lip as she watched that monster bob up and down so close to her pussy.

His eyes traveled from the tip of her blonde head, across her beautiful face.

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He stopped at her sexy tits and licked his lips as he watched them rise and fall from her labored breathing. Downward his gaze went to her flat belly and stopping at her pussy which was glistening with her juices. A tiny patch of blonde hair was wet with her juices just above her pussy. He looked lower, having a hard time tearing his eyes from her gorgeous fat lipped pussy; he took in her perfectly formed legs and tiny feet.

He slid down to those feet and taking first one and them the other in his hands he sucked and licked on each tiny toe. He ran his tongue around and around the digits causing her to squeal and giggle. Her giggling quickly dissipated when he lower the feet and began raining hot, wet kisses up her shapely legs. Penny held her breath as he moved to the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs and nipped and licked at the golden thighs.

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She let out a long deep grunt when Raj spread her outer lips with his thumbs and leaning forward let out a long cool steam of air on her overheated pussy. Raj leaned in and inhaled her musky scent and sticking his tongue out stabbed her at the base of her swollen lips. Pushing deep her swept his tongue upwards slowly and as deep as he could. When he reached the top, he wiggled his tongue around and coating her clit with her juices he stabbed at it and flicked it back and forth.

Penny went into orbit; Oh god, oh god, oh god, where the hell did you learn to do that Raj?

Penny and amy lesbian sex stories

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