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The three of you have Plant vore stories given 'adventuring opportunities' by a wolf scientist on fringe of a jungle a ways away. When all of you accepted the task, they sent for a light helicopter to take you to the hut they were based out of while briefing you in route from a portable computer.

A prerecorded message is shown with the wolf in lab coat and all smiles. Thanks for accepting this mission. There's a rare exotic flower that's opening up here in the jungle pretty soon, and the more of it that you find and can harvest, the better my research can go! I've already put the equipment in the heli so you can see what it's like and practice a bit on the way here.

Kale double checks her medical and cartography supplies before looking over the dirt devilish machines, "This will be my first job outside the triage center in a while, I hope everything goes smoothly. The iguana has been fairly silent throughout the journey so far. While others may have a sense of modesty, this one definitely does not.

When the message starts to play his eyes open and he focuses upon the image, listening to the instructions. When the machines are brought to their attention he leans forward and takes one, setting it into his lap for easier inspection, "I have come to know that very little every runs smoothly here.

Always the unexpected around most turns. Kale wags her tail vigorously as the helicopter gives dazzling views of the land below, "Oh cheer up, hope for the best, prepare for the worst I always say. Also my first time on a helicopter, this is really exhilarating. Jonah looks at the machines, muttering under his breath "How the hell do you control one of these? He has brought only a backpack and his chain sword for the mission, because he didn't plan on using any high tech stuff.

Kale looks over her copy of the machine "Looks like its a simple enough device, aim and press the button I hope. Kale begins to rearrange her gear so she can carry the machine easier, "Well it looks like a vacuum, so I am hoping Plant vore stories is a glorified vacuum and not some sort of I don't know, a whether control device or something.

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The video continues on, a picture of the flowers being seen as the doctor says "See these bright blue things? They glow at night, and are known by the name Jungle Finders. Your tools will gather them, crush them, and store them for you. Easy as cake. They're really in the heart of the jungle. Kale studies the map carefully and makes some notes and sketches in her notebook for the journey, "Sounds easy enough.

Kale finishes sketching the flower and puts away her notebook. Probably because if you find them you know your lost in the heart of the jungle. Mazurek grunts, studying the map while it is on display, "Need to make our own path, he says. Sounds like we might need a blade to cut our way through at some point. I won't be able to eat everything we find.

He expecting trouble of some sort? The ride takes nearly six more hours before the jungle can be seen. A faint audio alarm tells the passengers that they're getting close, with an ETA of 15 minutes. Those who are looking outside the helicopter can see some of the unique flora and fauna from time to time Plant vore stories the helicopter passes over the tops of the trees. Without warning, multiple large tentacles shoot out from the ground and grab the helicopter by the tail, clear of the rotor as the automatic defense systems deploy, shooting smoke, chaff, and flares.

Anything to break free! Warning sirens are going crazy as red flashing lights illuminate the inside. Kale desperately holds onto her safety harness looks at the Iguana and shouts "I think we found the trouble! Mazurek has fallen asleep during the trip so time has the illusion of traveling faster. Upon the helicopter encountering trouble following the minute-notice, the lizard jerks awake and looks around and outside. There is absolutely no fear in his voice as he remarks, "Well, looks like it might be a fun trip after all. The helicopter shakes left and right, jinking as it tries to break free.

Jonah manages to slice into one of the tentacles and seems to be making progress. Suddenly, there is a moment of serene clarity when a rough 'snap! She's going down, down, down and -BAM- the last thing any of the three see before blacking out. Mazurek laughs, "Crazy? You have no idea how much fun I like to have in my days Kale is having a nightmare. She is running through the city and her best friend Morgan is chasing her Plant vore stories like prey, feral and out of control.

It must be some hours before anyone wakes up. The burned out wreckage of the helicopter not too far away, all three thrown clear. It must be close to night as the last rays of light can be seen from the sun, every moment fading from green to the black of night. Plant vore stories jungle has already started moving and trying to claim the three of them, small vines and tendrils having grown over them already, but not yet strong enough to restrain them. The only thing that might be considered luck is one of the red emergency lights from backup power in the helicopter is still working, but it flickers a bit.

Kale checks herself for serious injuries and then relieved that their are none, calls out "Anyone else survive? Jonah cleans the vegetation from his hand, then starts his sword again, starting to clear any larger vines and branches in the immediate vicinity "Plants are worse enough, no need to give animals place to hide". Mazurek groans a little upon regaining consciousness. Opening his eyes slowly he shifts to rise to a sitting position only to notice that he is being held down. Raising his head instead he peers down at the tendrils holding him in its gentle grip, "I'm here.

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It seems. Kale pulls out something from her pocket "Here take this, its a mild stimulant and will help with the recovery. Jonah meows"Huh, what did you say?

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Nothing but jungle? Couldn't hear well with Plant vore stories chain roaring". Mazurek actually declines the item, "I'm fine, sir. The name's Mazurek, and I recover fairly swiftly. The good part about where they landed is they seem to be near a trail. It's kinda narrow, but it looks like it might lead in towards the heart of the jungle. There's one emergency flashlight Plant vore stories can be found with the helicopter.

It's not too bright, but it's something at least as the jungle, which had sounded like it was holding it's breath, suddenly exhales and the loud sounds of life come flooding back in. Kale shrugs takes a stimulant herself soon feeling like she had a small cup of coffee, and makes sure her equipment survived and pulls out a map trying to figure out where they are in the last vestiges of sunlight, sighs "Well I guess we head that way.

Jonah shrugs as he continues to clear a path in the vegetation. Mazurek brings back the devices for the other two, as well as for himself along with a flashlight, "I found this. No emergency rations to be had, either. I will have little trouble surviving on the plant matter here, as this is my native environment. You two may not enjoy just plants, though. Who wants the light? Kale sighs "Alright then I think you should go first since you have the chainsword ready, I will be right behind you, and Mazurek can guard our rear.

Kale pants, "I should take the flashlight "I can't see well in the dark and I will need it if one of you gets hurt. As the group eventually start moving along that path, little shadows of the jungle start being seen. The lights playing tricks like there's something nearby, ready to pounce them at any moment. Kale grabs the device meant for her and slings it over her back then starts heading to the path, "Doctors without borders, and all that jazz. Mazurek hands the light over to Kale before holding the Vac in one hand, "I will guard your rear in more than one way if it comes down to it.

Silliness aside, I'll do what I can. Whimpers "I don't like this place I don't like it at all. Jonah looks around, being the one who le the group and tries to see if indeed there are beasts in the shadows "Things get creepy guys, wasn't there a hut in the end of the trail? Kale pants, "We aren't even sure this is the right trail, the plants are moving for gosh sake they can probably create trails and lead travelers Mazurek snorts, "Oh, stop being so negative. Where's the danger in a leisurely stroll through the jungle?

Jonah turns to face Kale "If you think this is not the right trail, take your notebook out and check. Just don't scream in my ear. Kale embarrassed pulls out the map and tries to get a good sight of the night sky to orient herself, but it is proving impossible. As the three bicker, small tendrils start to wrap around the ankles. Ever so lightly so that when they've wrapped enough they give a series of hard yanks, each one like a noose around your feet as you're all picked up heels over head and held off the ground. The vines are strong, tough, and even if cut, seem to heal fast as well.

Jonah gives another growling "Oh shit! Mazurek reaches out to grasp a shoulder for each of them, "When you are in the jungle and want to get your bearings, you climb Plant vore stories tree and not guess. He cries out as he is suddenly knocked off his feet and held up into the air, but not before striking the ground with a grunt.

Plant vore stories

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