Pokemon hypnosis story

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Creative Apps Mobile apps to spark your creativity! Prompts and more The Troll and the Gecko Grundlebletch and the Gecko discuss things. Can they stop her? Ash and the Hypno's Pendant. Ash Ketchum of Pokemon finds a Hypno's pendant on the ground and uses it for mischief!

Location: My Portfolio. Genres: AdultEroticaFanfiction. Chapter 1 The Beginning. Ash Ketchum, a Pokemon trainer widely known by many across the world of Pokemon, was on his way back home from his latest adventure. He walked into Pallet Town and took in the air with a deep breath. Good to be home, Pokemon hypnosis story Pikachu?

Ash walked over to the location, and there he saw a small, bronze colored ring with a string tied to it laying on the ground. Ash knelt down and picked it up, looking it over. His old traveling companion and good friend Misty, sitting in front of a Hypno, seeming to think she was a Seel.

Poor little guy must've lost it. Maybe I should try to find him Ash jokingly swung the pendant before Pikachu's eyes. Pikachu's face went blank. Ash pulled the pendant away. Pikachu just stood there, in a daze. This thing is powerful!

Pokemon hypnosis story

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Hypno (Pokémon)