Possessive girlfriend stories

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Latest activity. Install the app. Thread starter OrganizedJen Start date Apr 26, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed Nov 26, Messages 20, Reactions4, 8, Alleybux 11, All ears.

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I live possessiveness. I know that sounds weird but I feel like I am one of you few that can handle it. Regardless, I'd like to hear about yours. ed Oct 9, Messages 5, Reactions 2 2 Alleybux 5, This chick grabbed my junk once and said "mine" but laughed it off. I was caught off guard to say the least. ed Apr 11, Messages 2, Reactions 16, Alleybux 26, A few years ago my ex quit his job and left his family and friends to move to my college town.

We weren't Possessive girlfriend stories and when we started chilling because of mutual friends he started getting weird. He'd come over at all times of night and one night I told him he had to go so he sat outside my apartment all night to see if I was gonna leave with someone.

The next day he showed up in my living room unannounced and I freaked out so I ran to my room and before I could shut the door he stuck his arm in and my roommate was about to call the police so he left.

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Crazy crazy man. I have lots of those stories but that was the more recent time. ed Dec 5, Messages 4, Reactions Possessive girlfriend stories 10 Alleybux 0. Sharknife said:. Click to expand ed May 9, Messages 21, Reactions 40, 1, Alleybux 47, ed Sep 17, Messages 21, Reactions 1, 52 24 Alleybux 4, FnA said:.

Hey, some women gotta stake their claim to the goods too. She was just keepin' it real and lettin' you know what was up BillieOcean said:. Was this actually your bf? Thot For MJ. ed Dec 5, Messages 11, Reactions 7, 98 Alleybux 47, I was too young and in love. Only 17 and he was 22, we started dated. I graduated high school at the age of 18, got my first job, had my own car, and money. I thought I was grown and move in with him. I wanted to be love. I was a very lost girl, who been sexual abuse in a young age. Been hurt by my last boyfriend, I thought this one will be different, I was wrong.

He became controlling, I had to answer the phone anytime he call, he didn't like my mom, my half sister or any other family and friends to be around. He was crazy, I am so glad I left him. I am now in a better place and happy. I feel sorry for his new girlfriend. I guess.

I mean on one hand my self esteem went up, but on another she gripped a little too tight and I was like "yo I Possessive girlfriend stories no piece of meat lady I got emotions hopes and dreams like real people! She was killin' yo future kids! ed Apr 2, Messages 3, Reactions 17 13 Alleybux 16, I tend to attract weak, over emotional, insecure men. They start off lovey dovey and strong minded and eventually they get a little nutty and I have to step off. They all tend to do the same shit so I now look for the qualities before I date them.

I've dated 3 little boys like this. Most recently is my soon to be ex husband. I couldn't take his shit anymore so I kicked him out, and once my lease was up I moved states. I can only fux with crazy so long and I refuse to any longer. So far it was making me tell them were I was at all times. Answering my phone and if not, they'd call all damn night and text too. My recent ex used to stalk males who commented on my fb no matter how innocent the message it could be. A male friend from college part of a group of friends that I've never had and never will have any feelings sexual or otherwise randomly commented on a present I bought my ex for his birthday.

He asked if I could ask his gf to buy him one as well, it was a PS4. My ex got outraged and wanted to beat the guy up thinking he was flirting with me. He also accused me of flirting with his Command Sargent one time when I was only being social. His CS came by and helped move in some extremely heavy furniture for us when we first moved on base and he was the only person I recognized at the company picnic so I naturally became talkative. My ex had an attitude the whole time, brought down my mood and when I got home he reamed me out when all I was doing was being friendly.

He was super insecure and was the same way in his last relationship. I ended up on high blood pressure medicine because of him. He's broken expensive Possessive girlfriend stories of mine, stalked me at work, would give me shit and take it back. He was extremely manipulative, possessive, and very vindictive.

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He was a man. We've been separated for a year and a half now and he still won't leave me alone entirely.

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He still blows up my randomly crying about how he misses me, asks if I'll give him another chance, then gets evil and calls me names and shit. I Possessive girlfriend stories he's bipolar and has PTSD. His episodes are just too much. He was also hiding a drug addiction from me which aided in him getting kicked out of the military.

When we were together he was going to my family on FB sending them personal messages about me and playing a victim. I had to make him them and apologize and then I blocked him on FB for good. I noticed this week that he created another on FB and is trying to re-add me. He messaged me and it went straight to my FB spam folder and it said "Hey, now don't go trying to block me again" and I just ignored that shit just like I do his s.

He tried forcing me to give him my new cell phone but I refuse. He can stay his bat shit crazy ass mooching off his parents for the rest of his life for all I care. I'm glad I decided not to have kids with him and leave his crazy ass. OP, possessiveness might seem cute and feel "passionate" but trust me; you do NOT want a possessive male.

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Most of them are extremely insecure men child with a mommy complex and you could find yourself heading towards an abusive relationship. My ex would kiss and love on me one minute and the next call me all the names in the book. He was verbally abusive as well as emotionally and he even shoved me a few times.

Possessive girlfriend stories

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