Quadriplegic fiction stories

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Do you know your hidden name meaning? Saturday, 1 September The Night. The Night This is the night. The night I paralyze my wife. After 10 years of marriage and two children it's finally come to this point and I can't wait I have to say. She is due home any minute from her night out with the girls while I left the kids at their grandma's.

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God the kids are getting to get a shock at having a paralyzed mother but they will adjust, their mother will still love them and nothing will change, oh apart from the fact she will be in a wheelchair of course. Will be very hard to explain though that's for sure, not just to them but the authorities too possibly if they happen to get involved but it should be right. I love Sasha so much and that will only intensify once this is done that's for sure. It hasn't even happened yet but I can already picture her sitting in her big black wheelchair, her long shapely legs strapped in tight sitting limp and flaccid with her delightful feet lying bare and crippled in the foot rests, her upper body is what will get me though I think, seeing her positioned upright against the back of her chair, her arms in the grooved rests on either side of her body with her fingers curled up due to being immobile and straps possibly over her wrists keeping them cosy and unable to be dislodged out of position in case she goes over a bump or something.

It all sounds so exciting and I haven't even mentioned the vent yet, that will probably be squeezed in between her glorious breasts, the sight of Sasha on a vent will definitely take my breath away pardon the pun. Last but not least the lack of head movement, oh boy I Quadriplegic fiction stories I get her high enough so that she has none, to see her beautiful blue eyes with her long brown hair cradling her face while partly obscuring her head p will make it the complete package, the perfect woman you could say.

God I'm nervous, after all the Quadriplegic fiction stories I have performed spinal surgery on all those people trying to gain movement back for them I'm going full circle and paralyzing my own wife. This is the stuff of movies, although they would never have a storyline like this, people just wouldn't understand. I don't want to stuff this up so I better have one last check to see I have everything.

Operating table prepared?

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CHECK, medical instruments? CHECK, phone turned off so no interruptions? If anything goes wrong it definitely won't be from lack of preparation that's for sure. Is that her car I hear pulling up in the driveway? I think it might be as I can hear the door knob turning and soon she appears in front of me, I take note of the last time she will be walking, last time I will hear those 6 inch stilettos of her clicking as she walks down the hallway.

Sasha is a tall girl, about 5"9 but that won't matter once I'm finished. The last 2 hours waiting for you have been Quadriplegic fiction stories torture, so glad it's finally here though. No second thoughts I hope? No way, I've wanted this for 15 years! I'm glad I had the kids though before we did this, I love them so much and I hope they don't get too freaked out by all of this when they see me" "So no regrets after tonight you think baby?

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I have to do this now or it will never happen. I'm 34 years old and time is Quadriplegic fiction stories out. I just hope it all goes well that's all" "So do i. If you would like to get on the table i will start" Sasha pops off her shoes and lies barefoot and flat, face first on the table, she is wearing black pants and a nice red singlet top which will give me access to the top of her spine, normally I would put her in a hospital gown but I'm going to have to call this in to the hospital after I have done it.

Normally that would have presented a major problem as they would have known straight away this was no accident and the work of someone very skilled in this area such as myself so I'm glad I know Garry, one of the other leading spinal surgeons there, he understands what my wife and I want and is more than happy to be our "doctor" at the hospital so it doesn't raise any suspicion with others, that should be the only hard part as once I can bring her home from the hospital it will be happy days for Sasha and me.

Just make sure you concentrate Greg, this is your wife's life your dealing with here. OOOH that needle is cool" Sasha moans as the tip of the needle penetrates her soft supple skin into her spine.

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That will be the last thing she feels if all goes to plan. After a few seconds she is knocked out and I pick up the necessary instruments to snap her c1, the sound of it cracking really sends me in a world of delight but I must concentrate, just to make sure of the paralysis I will snap the c2 as well, don't want to be doing this again as it will be ten times riskier then probably and I want Sasha paralyzed not dead. Ok, time to fix her back up. She should wake up soon then I will call Garry at the hospital and tell him to expect her, the ambo's better take my instructions to send her to him otherwise I will be forced to take over Quadriplegic fiction stories that could arouse suspicion I don't want with some people probably thinking I did this because i'm an abusive husband or something, Sasha won't be able to stick up for me either as she won't be able to talk for a while if I have done this right.

Hope she wakes up soon, her vitals are all good and I have made a trach in her throat for her to breathe so all is on track I think.

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There it is, she's awake. I look at her and never thought she could get any more beautiful but I had never seen true beauty till tonight. She looks at me and tries to talk but can't, just a barely audible moan. She looks like she can't move that has to Quadriplegic fiction stories good. If you can move any part of your body blink once for yes and two for no. A big smile develops over my face followed by one from Sasha, we've done it The van pulls up in the driveway, it's finally time for Sasha to come home.

Her mouth jostles with the control which is operated by her tongue, Sasha's condition is a c1 quadriplegic reliant on a ventilator and paralyzed form the neck down, as she makes her way down the ramp she looks at me out of the corner of her eye unable to move her head, god that look gets me every time and she knows it, sometimes I don't even need to see her to get turned on with just the thought of no part of her body being able to move making me weak at the knees.

To be completely honest I can't believe all of this is finally real and the fact I have actually met someone to do this and become a quadriplegic, the love of my life no less. It's just insane. I'm the luckiest man alive with Sasha and I now having the rest of our lives to enjoy this. Life is good. Quadriplegic, Paraplegia QuadriplegiaThe Night.

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Quadriplegic fiction stories

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Quadriplegic Stories