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Return to General Transformation Talk. Advanced search. Race Change Want to talk about transformation of any sort? Not covered by one of the subforums "looking for", linkage, etc. Here's your place to do it! Post a reply. I know Toby did one a while back that I really liked but I haven't seen too Race change stories other ones on here.

If you do like them, what kind do you prefer? You name it, I've likely done it. Are they here on CM? I have read a few but the good ones are few and far between. I didn't want to link anyone to anything that might have upset them. So I guess the best question is what type are you okay with? Reply with quote Re: Race Change by Phoenix10 » Fri Dec 16, am I'm the original poster and I'm a fan of pretty much all race change - link away! Here goes and this is a clue to what sorts I've written and posted so far I've still got so many more yet to be posted Remembering all of these are male to female race transformations.

In other words Transgender stories. The Ganguro Girls. A slice of Eden. The new Tennis Ace. The conversion of Ebony. An age of rest.

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The robots of 42 East Street. Bus ride into womanhood. Faceting Diamond. Nun for the Goddess please. See the world.

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Swapping Grace. The Witch I loved! Jessica's jubilant journey. The brown Bimbo. You are welcome. Annapurna and Charumati. Those are just the ones that have been posted on my site The ones I haven't gotten around to posting yet contain a Race change stories of the above race changes and so many more Now I hope this part of the message is okay But the site description sort of said I wouldn't find transformation per se. In the chance that the rule mentioned in the above post has been misunderstood, I feel I should post a little clarification.

Before I do however, I would like to apologise in advance. I'm a rather straight to the point, blunt person who tries to speak the truth as I see it. In this day an age not sugar coating things online seem to upset a lot of people. There for, if I offend anyone with this post, sorry! Within the Transgender fetish fiction community which tends to be in denial about its own existence there is a faction of people and I'm not saying all, just a group of them with a serious hang-up about gender.

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Yes I know that doesn't seem to make sense. Fans of transgender fiction with a hang-up about gender. They have this view that the only true transgender story is one where the main character under goes a total transformation.

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One where their mind is altered so they are purely female and their body is altered so it carries an XX chromosome. There is a, I guess philosophical question based around this kind of story, but I will cover it at the bottom of my post, once I've gotten the explanation out of the way.

In my story rather than some thing like magic instantly turning a guy into a black woman, with all the womanly bits and personally.

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I use a more realistic approach based off the real world transition of a male into a female. Not only does the main character use medicine and surgery to go from being male or female, but they also use medicine, surgery and sometimes tattoo's, dyes, or taints to take of the traits of the race they are becoming.

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That warning that was mentioned above was for the small band of people that can only abide by stories where the character under goes a total transformation It doesn't mean that the characters in my stories don't change gender and race too at times. It just means they do it in a more realistic way than magically "You're a black chick in every way, now.

Philosophical question or comment Maybe this is a non-issue for fans of transformation fiction, but when I thought about it, it wasn't a non-issue for me. If you take the kind of story I mentioned above where the character is both physically and mentally altered so that there is no trace of the character that the story started with left, what's the point of the story. If the character doesn't Race change stories who they were, what is the gain or punishment depending on the way you like your stories.

If their genes are altered to the point where they are a biological female, the main character you started with is just gone. Basically dead because there is no trace of them left and the female character you now have is a totally new character.

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If the story has someone inducing the transformation, the question becomes why would he or she bother. Wouldn't it just be easier to take a woman and mold her into what you want her to be. You see the whole transgender element becomes totally redundant. Like I said it might be a non-issue for fans of the genre but for me it wasn't.

Anyway I've rambled long enough and if you are one of the people who think the only real transgender story is one where the person undergoes a total mind and body transformation so that nothing is left of the original character, well it is likely true that you won't find your kink on my site. Still if you could be more open minded in your tastes you might find something of enjoyment. Reply Race change stories quote Re: Race Change by Phoenix10 » Wed Dec 21, am I just wrote a new race change story about a white female professor who gets turned into a Hindu harem woman by a conniving sheikh.

Contains elements of weight gain, race change obviouslyage regression, and pregnancy.

Race change stories

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Race Change Stories