Rapper sex stories

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This one involving Drake is pretty special. I know you probably have women writing in talking about sex with rappers and athletes all the time, but this is my experience with Drake. It was at his house in California. It was really far from the club, maybe like 45 minutes, in the middle of nowhere. But every house in his neighborhood is a mansion. As soon as we walked in the door, it was like we entered the White House.

Security Rapper sex stories tight, he made all of us give up our cellphones and a contract. Then a security man took a photo of our drivers s. He took off all his clothes, and mine and laid me down and started eating me. On after the other, after the other. He has a real talent. He was laying there on the bed with his leg spread open and my face in his butt and his legs shaking. I wish I had a camera and could see what was happening from far back. All over my new weave.

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After it was over he was cool. He always changed his mind :.

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OK then. Decent ammunition for the next rapper who wants to take a few shots at him? Either way, sounds like this girl is an absolute pro at it.

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Sick Chirpse. Drake might be a little bit embarrassed to hear this one got out. Recommended for you. To Top.

Rapper sex stories

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