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So finally getting some time to sit down and write about my experience this weekend with my son. So this weekend we made our first ventures into this unknown world. At least it was unknown to me, more on that in a bit.

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My son made arrangements and found the club that caters to meet and greets for couples of the swinging type. We made our alibis to my daughter who would be staying with her bff on Saturday as not to complicate things.

Friday night arrived and i was so nervous that i almost called it off but my son, and Katie, assured me that everything would be ok and that i would enjoy myself. So Saturday arrived and Katie took me shopping and to a saloon to get fixed up. She also paid to have my pussy waxed Real incest stories tumblr the occasion.

It was a very erotic experience having the young woman wax me. So afterward Katie and I stole a few moments to test the newly smoothed flesh around our pussies by grinding them together in the back of my SUV behind the mall. Then we went home to meet my son. Katie was not coming tonight but would be waiting for our return. My son drove us since he knew where we were going. As we pulled in i notice quite a few cars already there. My son helped me out and we walked up to the door.

My son gave the doorman our assumed names for the night and we were shown right in. My son explained the to get in we had to be on the list and approved ahead of time. Which also meant my son had advanced knowledge of who would be here to make sure no one we actually knew would be here. That settled the butterflies in my chest. As we entered the room my son went to get me my favorite drink. I was a little surprised to say the least. It was not at all what i expected. I kinda guess my mind was think it would be the scene from the movie Taboo where Kay Parker is the center of a group orgy.

Instead it felt like a very relaxed party. There is a main room where the party is and the guests mingle. Off that there are other rooms where couples or groups go to play. Some are private, while others are open for all to see. As my son and i mingled i notice quite a few of the women were openly staring at him. Of course wiyh the short black dress Katie had slipped me into, i wasnt short of drawing a few stares myself. We struck up a few conversations and i was onto my second drink when my son steered us toward one of the public rooms. I entered an sexy little brunette 69ing with a young asin woman, all the while two men were sliding their thick cocks into the women much to their enjoyment.

I watch as my son stood behind me grinding his very hard cock against my ass. My mouth and pussy watered at the thought of sucking him here in this room with anyone watching. As he grabbed my hips, i placed my hands on his. I ground with him for a few moments. Then i turned, kissed him and dropped to my knees. I quickly had his pants open and my lips wrapped around him.

I forced myself to take every inch of him into my Real incest stories tumblr and throat. Exposing my ass to anyone who wanted to see. All the while focusing all my efforts to making my son cum. After a few moments, or quite possibly several hours, i could feel his balls contracting in my hands. Then he began to fill my mouth with a massive load.

I swallowed once and kept sucking. As soon as he finished, I released his thick head from my mouth. I wiped the corners of my mouth as i felt a tap on my shoulder.

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I turned to see a blonde woman slightly older then myself there, she was naked from the waist up, but had a radiant smile. She asked me if she could have a taste. I nodded, thinking she would suck my sons cock, but instead she locked her lips with mine and kissed me deeply. I was so shocked soon i was returning the kiss. My son had fixed his pants as we left the room but when i went to straight my dress he told me to leave it up. So i did. We walked back into the main room, but i was releived to find many guests now in a state of partial clothes. Not my real name, but the fake name we gave to the group at large.

I looked around and saw a face i recognized. I was, Kim, the sister half of the couple that I had meet a few weeks ago. It was then that a few things clicked into place. Obviously my son had talked to them about this place and had made other arrangements. I was both embarrassed and amazed by my sons ingunity. Kim offered to talk in a private room where we went. She explained what was going on and that within this club the was two other swinging couples that were also related and they all kept yhe secrets of each other.

We then went around and she introduced us to other guests. Bobby kissed me in greeting and after a bit my son asked if i wanted to fuck Bobby. He whispered it in my ear and i nodded. My son told me to ask Kim if i could take Bobby to one of the private rooms. She smiled and agreed. The butterflies were back as Bobby and I walked into the room. Bobby started by kissing me and removing my dress. I was on fire, and it was consuming all thoughts of my anxiety.

He guided my lips to his cock, and i caught sight of my son and Kim watching partly clothed. I groaned as i sucked and swirled my tongue. Bobby moaned as he placed his hand on my head. It was raw and fueled by desire and lust. I suck him deeply and felt my desires Real incest stories tumblr hold. Real incest stories tumblr wanted this as much as my son did.

I pulled my lips off his head and begged him to fuck me. I came the moment his cock entered my body. I was on all fours watching Kim give my son a spectacular blow job. I watched as Kim rolled the condom on my son and turned to face me she moaned deeply when she felt my son enter her. Bobby was fucking me hard as Kim and i moaned in complete harmony.

I could feel my orgasam building and i locked eyes with Kim. I leaned forward and for the breifest of moments kissed Kim on the lips. My orgasm rolled through me like a freight train. I felt Bobby start pulsing. I am not sure how much tim had passed but i next found Kim between my leg licking and sucking my clit and pussy. I dont remember her making me cum but after that the evening was a haze of cum and sex.

As with all thing it was nearly midnight when my son offered the Bobby and Kim us at our house since it was the closest place. They agree and the three of us were the the back seat. Once we got home, i noticed the candles and music. Bobby and my son lead Kim and I into my Bedroom where we found Katie grinning and almost bouncing on my bed completely naked.

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We all played until both guys were completely spent and could no longer stay hard. I sent Bobby and Kim down to the guest room. While Katie my son and I crashed in my bed. The next morning we all ate breakfast and relaxed in the hot tub until my daughter came back.

I spent much of Sunday recovering. I know there will be many more adventures to come. Lots of love, Tina. Never wrong!! Message me if you do real incest x. Anonymous asked: F19 I think secretly my boyfriend has an incest fetish just like me, but I've never told him.

Once I was stroking his dick and his sister messaged him, he told me not to stop stroking while he talked to her. Also, sometimes I call him Daddy during sex and he calls me his baby, when we were fucking the other day I was being noisy and he said "be careful baby, Mummy might hear us", I practically came on the spot. A weekend in heaven.

Real incest stories tumblr

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