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First time poster! Take it easy on me. This will be a story in 2 or 3 parts. A few pictures sprinkled throughout. Hope you enjoy! About me. But sometimes…you get lucky. It was Christmas Day. Pretty mellow and low-key, just spending it with the parents opening presents and hanging around their house.

My favorite kind of package, and perfectly wrapped to boot. Being horny and fitting the billI popped off a brief and respectful response, never expecting anything to come of it.

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Alyssa was a new hotwife. By which I mean she and her husband had explored polyamory and sharing her before their marriage, but had only recently tied the knot. Their desired dynamic went something like this…the husband would be present, watching and filming. As for me?

All I had to do was show up, not be a creepy weirdo, enjoy this beautiful present that had been dropped in my lap, and be okay with being filmed. Done, done, and done. My penis did a little dance of joy. Straight up, 26 year old goddess. We timed it! Wide, dark, deep brown eyes that just suck you in. Full lips that beg to be kissed.

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And the cutest cherubic cheeks that make her look so innocent…even though, as I very quickly learned, she was anything but. Alyssa also has a beautiful collection of tattoos…really artfully done. After some laughably cute flirting, comfort building, and genitalia pictures for verification of my endowment hey, they were looking for a little extra we agreed to meet up late that night.

To make sure everyone was comfortable, we figured a bar around the corner from their house would be best. Though it was a pretty chilly December evening in Colorado, I requested that Alyssa wear a skirt.

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The rest was up to her. I was nervous walking into that bar. And the moment I laid eyes on her, all the nervousness melted away. She was wearing a white top which showed a little shoulder and a black skirt with fishnet stockings. Her figure was gorgeous — dat hip to waist ratio tho — Her black curly hair was bouncy and voluminous and everything the shampoo commercials promised that it could be. And she was smiling right at me. We introduced ourselves, we hugged, and we sat down at the table with her husband — him on one side, her and I on the other.

I slid in next to Alyssa, immediately but slyly grabbing a handful of her scrumptious ass. And What.

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And sure pictures of a great butt are great and all, but there is nothing like getting a big handful of that impossibly soft skin with enough muscle to resist your squeeze and enough fat to make it fun. And better than that? Grabbing that ass under the table. With her husband right there and a big grin on his face.

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We bonded over shared love for live music, over being new transplants to the state, over the fact that we all appeared to be three normal people who enjoyed some of the same kinks. The hotwifery had been his idea, and it took a little to open Alyssa up to it. But once she understood it, she started to find power and confidence in playing the role of the slutty wife.

So if she could have both a committed partner and a loving marriage, the opportunity to sleep with other sexy men, AND he enjoys it? Sounds like a win. So wet.

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She closed her eyes, bit her lip, and sighed a deep quiet sigh of satisfaction and anticipation. It was clear that there was chemistry, comfort, and excitement and that things were progressing in the right direction. At one point when her husband went to get another round, Jaime and I shared a kiss. It was deep and sensual and probing and hungry and animal. Alyssa and her husband both had big smiles on their faces. I was grinning like an idiot. The energy at our table was electric. I squeezed her thigh. He asked if we wanted to do this.

We both emphatically nodded. It was on. Source: reddit. post. Next post. post Fantasies of [m]ine.

Reddit hotwife stories

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