Revenge haircut stories

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Friday, 24 June Brother takes a sweet revenge. This is a story between Sunil and Swetha, Swetha is the elder sister of Sunil. Swetha is naughty and always pulls Sunil's legs in every occasion she could find. Swetha is known in her school for her silky, soft and long hair.

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Sunil is 2 years younger than Swetha, because of his sister's irresistibly cute appearance she has attracted a lot of men who had to be eventually dealt by her brother to ward off from her path, In short he was her part time not paid body guard. Her hair is long, soft, silky and 21 inches in length. She is 5. She had a layer cut the last time which is about 2 months ago and now her hair is slightly out of shape at the ends.

Sunil was playing cricket on a Saturday afternoon with his friends and he sees Swetha walking past the ground, Sunil runs from the field and asks his sister where is she going, she responds "I am going to the salon to get my haircut". Sunil replies her "To go safely" and walks back to the field, Swetha says "I am not going to the usual salon, this is Naturals unisex about 3 km from here and you can also come, a long walk for me" Sunil then tells her "Oh, I can also have my hair cut". Sunil tells his friends that he will be back to play in the evening and they both walk to the bus stop.

Sunil and Swetha walk towards the bus stop and she remembers that she has forgot her wallet and asks Sunil if he would be willing to pay from his pocket money and she would return him later. Sunil starts cribbing that she is always like this and forgets even very minute things and that he would not give her the money now so that she will learn a lesson to remember things and not be as forgetful as Revenge haircut stories is now.

Swetha raises her voice to make Sunil keep mum which apparently fails to keep him mum. She raises her chin up and pretends not to talk to him any more and they walk towards he home. As Sunil and Swetha reaches home an unexpected guest is already taking a first bite of the vada pav served by their mom with their father sitting in the other end of the hall introducing him as their relative through his brother in law named Aakash. The unexpected guest has turned up for something about which he wants to keep silent when Sunil and Swetha are still in the hall.

As Sunil and Swetha rushes into the room to grab her wallet, her mother comes in and tells Swetha not to leave the house as it will be disrespectful to the guest. She is disappointed as she wanted get her haircut and eye brows shaped desperately since she has a lot of happenings on the week coming. She cannot do Revenge haircut stories hair tomorrow Sunday as she has day full of tuition to catch up. Swetha goes infront of the mirror with her face showing all the disappointment that it could, pulls off the band from her ponytail, with her left hand and thus her hair falls over her left shoulder, which covers more than half of her body like a shawl.

Sunil makes sorry faces to irritate Swetha and she growls at him, he laughs over and over at her.

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Tells her "Its your mistake, if you have remembered to take your wallet at the time you left home, we would never have to come back see this guest and now you cannot have a haircut because of your forgetfulness" and he yells at her "Just be happy rather it didn't happen that you forgot to tell the stylist the length of the hair to cut". Swetha is now angry and disappointed, she doesn't respond to her brother, Her eyes are already filled with a layer of tears.

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She might break any minute she seemed like. She grabs her hair into her hand, holds tight and with the other hand she circles it over to make a bun, she turns it and turns it and turns it over until she reaches the end which she wants to keep out making it look like a feather and puts on a big claw clip. Sunil realizes how much upset her sister is over this and asks his mom how long is Revenge haircut stories guest going to stay and runs back to the room and tells Swetha that he is not going to leave until tonight 8pm.

Swetha shouts at him already that it is because of him that we had to be in the room right now, had he agreed to pay for the salon we would have been in the salon having the haircut. Sunil tries to avoid the blame but she is not ready to accept her mistake. Swetha tells Sunil that she would get his head shaved if she couldn't get her haircut today. Sunil is angry now. He says that "Who is the one to lose in every bet we had" he then adds "If you are going to shave my head if you cannot get a haircut today, then will you accept that you will shave your head if the guest leaves early and you still have the time for a haircut".

Swetha is now baffled, assuming the least possibilities for the guest to leave early she accepts for the bet. She is atleast smiling now, out of pride and to cowardice her brother she tells him that he is going to be shaved and people would be seeing him bald for sometime and he has to hide of shame. Sunil also smiles now, he is actually happy for the bet. He goes close to his sister, touches her head with his palm and tells her that "When your head is shaved, I will keep your hair" and walks around her to see her hair bun and says in the most villain like voice "It will be years until you will be able to tie a bun in your hair, better buy a shawl or two you may need it to wrap around your bald head".

Swetha and Sunil have always had bets and Swetha is the one that wins mostly. She is just confident as she always was and she responds to Sunil "We will see about that" and shoos him away sarcastically. Sunil asks her if he should take all the rubber bands and claw clips and give it to their neighbours as she wouldn't be needing them for years anyways, Swetha shows her tongue out ifying what he said doesn't bother her. Swetha goes to her dressing table, reaches her hand to her claw clip and presses it to release the clip, unfurls her hair bun and it layer by layer unfurls itself to the length of it and she flaunts it to her right side and brushes it through with her favourite plastic black comb, holding her hair at her chest length she then combs the bottom part of her hair.

She flaunts her back and then she combs hair behindher head, brushes it gently behind her ears, parts her hair a little to the right side this time. She brushes her hair out at the forehead making her hair project out and then reaches her thumbs into her hair just over her ears and holds the portion of the hair leaving the rest of the hair freely behind, claw clips it over making it a beautiful pony tail with claw clip. The sight is a delightful watch.

As she comes out the hair near her forehead is wet which forms a thick line as she combs over it a little bit again. Their mom shouts that meals are ready and all are called upon to sit for lunch, Swetha rushes to the table first and sits beside her father so that she doesn't have to sit facing the guest or beside him. Sunil comes to the table and annoys Swetha by reaching close to her ears whispering "Tomorrow at this very table my sister will be sitting on this very same table bald and her hair will be in my hands to play" she replies "The same dialogue to you, my dear brother" with a sarcastic fake smile.

Their father asks what are they talking about, both say "Nothing" and Sunil settles down next to his sister. Aakash talks to them asks Revenge haircut stories school and other regular stuffs and they half hear what he says and respond. He asks about their school, Swetha quick to respond that she is the first in class most of the time. Their father doesn't let Sunil talk and finishes his dialogue saying that "I don't know if there is any curse that only one child in the family Revenge haircut stories born genius and the other fails in every test?

Sunil raises his chin up and maintains a straight smile, He asks "Uncle, Have you come by bus or train" he responds "By Train, and that's why I am Revenge haircut stories a hurry, I have to go back before the last train at pm" Swetha's stomach pangs hearing that. Swetha is unable to finish the food left on her plate now, she feels very nervous and confused. Sunil is looking straight at her without fluttering his eyes.

She couldn't help making even a fake smile now before she could get up from the table. She is already feeling bald in her head.

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She gestures getting up from the table, She withdraws her hand from the plate and pretends that she has to vomit and rushes into the wash room. Sunil tells them that she had a lot of watermelons on the way back home and thats why she couldn't eat now and they all have a laugh about it. He did it just to keep them not doubting about his sister.

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Swetha puts her face down angrily. Sunil goes close to her takes her hand puts it on top of her head, touches her hair gently as Swetha pushes him away, he smiles and goes away to pack Aakash's bags. Aakash enters the room and bids adeau and she gets up puts a fake smile with so much effort.

Him leaving the house is same as the razor going on her head, she puts a drama that it was such a quick return before he could mingle with the family well and requests him to stay over. Sunil is angry on her foul play, but Aakash gently refuses to stay as he has some urgent work after he is back home. It brings back Sunil's smile. It was a soft touch like a bird feather. She reaches her hands to the claw clip and pulls her hair through and tightens it again.

She has no words. Swetha looks herself in the mirror and thinks that there is still a last ticket to escape shaving her head, losing her amazing locks of soft and silky hair. She cannot imagine her losing her long hair, It has been long since so many years and she hasn't even cut it short, the shortest she had is 18 inches.

It was just a trim every trip to the salon and she cannot Revenge haircut stories herself shaved off infront of other people. Aakash leaves the house and heir father goes with him to send him off at the railway station. She has to honour the bet now. Her all time body guard became a threat to her personal beauty. He is going to rob her off her precious locks of hair. Sunil dresses up and Swetha prepares herself for the salon, She doesn't check her hair on the mirror this time as she leaves the house. It doesn't matter to her anymore. She is unusally so much shy now. She can barely walk straight.

She doesn't forget her Revenge haircut stories though, she collects it, checks if she has enough money and hands it over to her brother. Sunil smiles but she doesn't want to exchange a smile. Sunil asks his sister to change her dress from Salwar to Jeans and Kurti as it would go well with bald head as they return home. She puts on a light blue jeans and bright orange kurti, she also grabs a shawl, white colored thick with des of peacock embroidered near the edges, which she wears around her shoulders for now which covers her hair from her shoulders down revealing just a few inches at the bottom.

After all, It is her brother who is demanding her to shave off her hair. The time is running very fast for her now, she feels hot air, she sweats a lot in her forehead. Swetha unwraps the shawl, reaches her right hand to the back of her left shoulder pulls all the hair to her right side and brushes with her fingers and puts on a smile with great effort. Sunil standing to her left now goes around her to her right and presses his left cheek over her hair on her right cheek and reaches his hand around to pull her other cheek with his fingers and she winks as they take a Revenge haircut stories selfie.

She grabs her shawl and holds it in her hand, she walks down and Sunil stands amazed by the scene of the yellowish sun light falling on his sister's hair and her hair shines like a crystal doll. The sight of it kept him speechless for moments until she wore the shawl around covering her hair.

About this time he starts to feel the excitement of seeing his sister lose bunches of her long hair to every stroke of the straight razor blade.

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Every step she takes brings the image of her bald to her mind, the more she tries to avoid the thought, it comes back haunting her. They walk past a small old salon setup and a small boy is getting his hair cut and others are watching through the glass door of the salon. It makes her think about the situation she might have to face while she is being shaved, how many people will be watching when she is being shaved, who will be watching her, who will be watching her going in with her long hair and coming out with bald head.

Will someone take a photo or a video of her. She is clearly anxious about the whole thing. Swetha makes a request to Sunil that they will go to the usual salon as Naturals Unisex Salon will also have male stylists and she also doesn't want other men to look at her being shaved off.

Sunil agrees and they both reach their usual not-known-by-name salon to find it locked. Sunil never ceases to make Swetha nervous this day starting from the morning. Her major concern right now isn't even to escape the situation of shaving her head, It is about two other things, How to avoid the chances of having a male barber do it at the Revenge haircut stories and second, the chances of her brother shaving her head is a situation she desperately doesn't want to happen even in her worst dreams and they reach the bus stop.

Swetha puts on the shawl just on one side over her shoulder, she turns her head quickly to bring her hair Revenge haircut stories over her chest and she stands hands folded, he put down and looking aimlessly at the ground appearing thoughtful. What is going on in her mind is anybody's guess now. There comes a bus and they both board it, Swetha sits in the second last seat window side, Sunil gets the ticket from the conductor and sits on the last seat, behind Swetha. Swetha tries not to react to any of this and occasionaly moves forwards and away as she feels annoyed.

They get down and they stroll towards the Salon, Swetha now wears her shawl around her head covering her hair till the forehead. Swetha could now see the board of the salon, It is open.

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Which brings Sunil a smile and he lifts his eyebrows gesturing that he has got lucky and poor Swetha's heart starts to pound, her every step is taking her one step closer to the salon chair, cape and the straight razor blade. She ran out of luck now, She is one less of a chance to escape her bet.

Her feelings for her hair is intensified now, she wants to try a short haircut which she thinks she will funky and people will like.

Revenge haircut stories

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