Revenge on cheating wife stories

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This site uses cookies for that are not for personalization. Learn more about how we use cookies. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Learn how Metaspoon, Google and our partners collect and use data. We married 5 years later at 22, fresh out of college. A year later, we had our 1st of two children, both boys. Built her a house. Worked my butt off to give her the life she wanted. Even in the worst of times, we found a way to pull through and come out the other side better, which made the discovery of her affair that much more jarring.

I was on the mend from reconstructive knee surgery blew out my ACL fall but still lacking in movement. This took a toll on quite a lot in the house. Things also crawled to a standstill in the bedroom between us. It had already slowed down prior to my injury, but in the state I was in at the time, it completely stopped. Between November to Marchit was a regular occurrence for her. Naturally, I thought nothing of it.

She has her friends; I have mine, and we have mutual. It was all above board. Revenge on cheating wife stories was around January of this year that I noticed something odd. Sue started getting noticeably distant from me.

DIY ideas and recipes on Pinterest, memes, all kinds of stuff. But she was now being guarded about her phone. New York City is locked down. For context, I enjoy physical activities. Again, I think nothing of this because of her field. It was every day. And not just an hour or 2. All of the s were pointing to the idea that she was having an affair. So I scoured the internet on things I should be looking for.

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So then my search inquiry advanced to how to find proof. I started with her social media. Pics of us and our sons, pics with her and her friends, and more than a few pics of her nights out with co-workers. But I see one recurring thing in a of these pics, one guy. His arm is around her shoulder or his hand on her lower back. Needless to say, that put a sour taste in my mouth. The worst was the fact that apparently, this dude is a friend of hers on social media and follows her on Instagram. I knew she was cheating on me with this guy.

My mission was to find out for how long. You know I never had any clue the depth of info you could secure from phone, text, and records up until then. We have a family plan cellphone package, and I was able to pull up quite a bit of data. A quick check on Google and I confirmed it was the dude from the photos who blocked me on social media.

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Again, the picture becomes even clearer at this point. But a lot of their messages and texts were disted, which meant she was deleting a lot of them. I knew she was cheating on me with this guy, but nothing in the data could serve as a smoking gun. I needed more evidence. I got it installed, sync up my data plan, and waited. Within days of doing so, I finally saw it. Gut punch. To say I was completely devastated was an understatement.

I actively distanced myself from her those 2 days immediately after D-Day, which she was noticeably shaken by. This woman, who I gave 23 years of my life to. Revenge on cheating wife stories I have given everything I could and more to as a husband, and she stepped outside of our marriage for a guy just 5 years older than our eldest son. I contacted Oz to let him know my suspicion was confirmed, and he asked me if I had confronted her yet. My answer was no, and I told him I wanted payback. I wanted to leave her life in shambles and ruin her. It was going to take time to do so, and I devised a plan.

That was going to be the basis of my plan. I was going to make her life a nightmare on wheels, while also secretly planning my exit strategy. Texting, lovey-dovey romantic stuff, the whole bag. At that point, I had stopped looking at any of it, and I was just collecting info and catag on my private FPS server. I start coming home even later than she does. These are people I trust with my life, and I swore them to secrecy. For context, Oz and I have been friends since we were .

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I can see the seed planted in her head the month prior is starting to sprout, especially in her communication with Jerk. The nerve of this woman!!! Thanks, Sue! Jerk asks her in that specific communication if was she worried about me potentially cheating on her, which actually angered her. Oh, the irony. My sis is 52 and her hubby is No hugs. No kisses. No initiation of intimacy. Not like she needed it; she was still hooking up with the jerk, just at his place or at motels.

Instead, I get home to her asking me was I unhappy with her. And then came the punchline. She asked if I was cheating on her. Folks, I fell out on the floor laughing hysterically. And when I say hysterically, I mean Joker laughing gas hysterical.

On the surface, it looked like to her assuming it was me laughing off the notion of being unfaithful, but it was of course actually me laughing at the sheer irony of what was happening in front of my eyes. I stand up, brush myself off, kiss the top of her head, and go about settling in for the night. Given the brevity of what happened, I wanted to see what she was telling him. I asked him tonight and he literally laughed in my face. He fell on the floor and laughed for like 5 minutes. This is karma, I know it.

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She was breaking. She had the nerve to step out of our marriage because I was unable to fulfill my role as a husband due to legitimate injury and kept the affair going for at that point Revenge on cheating wife stories an entire year, but the idea of her losing me to another woman was enough to make her waver?

What a weakling. Now, during all of this, I was also exacting the 2nd part of my plan for payback, getting all of my affairs in order financially. My lawyer instructed me to get all of my financials in order in preparation for whatever division of assets might come as result.

I went one better than that, secretly pulling all of my money out of our t and putting it in my personal. This is where my friend Nina comes into play. That irked Nina because she knew why Sue was doing it, her. Nina, being the evil mastermind she is, comes up with an evil idea to trigger Sue.

She suggested we take some photos in the same vein as the photos I discovered of Sue and Jerk months prior…and post them to my social media. I saw this as a golden opportunity to deliver the lead jab for my knockout blow.

He was pretty handsy in them. But did you see me get bent out of shape over it? The hamster wheel in her head started reeling in real-time as she tried to explain away those pics. And explain away she did. But vengeance, as Lt. Like, annoyingly so. Any desire I might have had to save my marriage was dead. Then comes the bombshell.

The guilt is too much for her, and she feels like karma is suffocating her. Throughout the remainder of November into December, Sue is stuck in limbo. Meanwhile, phase 2 of the plan was now officially complete.

Revenge on cheating wife stories

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