Schoolgirl caning stories

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Also she plays the flute most beautifully. Do you agree? Will that be all? You may go now. Well done — and enjoy your holidays. I mean. It is the staff who must be obeyed. Trousers down and over the back of the chair please. I hope now he will have learned his lesson.

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Now you will receive four with your skirt up. Then call him in please and then we can have a cup of coffee. Both ladies looked bewildered. Now, are you sure you wish to continue? That is what I want. Get up and go behind the chair, drop your shorts and pants and bend over.

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Now off you go. Just think about it.

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Posted in More stories No Comments ». Did you stay on the course? Now go and fetch the cane! Yes, yes, yes. Wham, wham, wham. She picked up the phone. No reply from the girl.

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I am sure you will Dr Rudd will have all the answers you need. O brave new world.

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Silence from the girl. The girl seemed to draw a sigh of relief. Her call was answered immediately. Does it make a difference? All Rights Reserved.

Schoolgirl caning stories

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