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By: aliccolo Yup, you guessed it! It's Velma's first time! No profit of any kind has been made or will ever be made from this story or any of my fan fiction. No harm is intended. AN: I wrote this as a test for myself, to see if I could write something like this. I picked a random fandom that I was familiar with, and went from there. This is soooooo PWP. It's het smut, and some femslash too. Considering I generally only write slash, it's a big leap for me. I really just needed to write, to get some creativity flowing One minute she'd been wandering through the musty hallway, the next she was face down on the cool concrete floor.

She blinked furiously, eyes adjusting to the dark, and vision blurred without her glasses. She desperately searched for something sharp to free herself, wriggling across the floor with ankles tied tight. She squirmed again, glancing around in vain. Footsteps, heavy and even approached her suddenly. Raspy, coarse breath surrounded her. Velma shut her eyes tight. The person leaned in close, clutching Velma's chin in a strong, beefy hand.

I guarentee it. Scooby doo sex stories shuttered, biting the cloth gag, praying that the mystery molester would have a change of heart.

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Velma kept her eyes closed, and lie still as she could, waiting for her miracle. She didn't notice the footsteps coming fast upon them. She didn't notice the commotion leading up to the brief struggle which ended with her captor unmasked and revealed to be the crazy old groundskeeper, Crazy Larry. They were in the van that night, all four Scooby doo sex stories them, plus Scooby, driving back to the RV camping ground to spend another lonely, silent evening. No one spoke, not for a long while, until they reached the fork which would lead them to their destination.

Velma nodded silently, crossing her legs. Scoopy barked. The others laughed. Velma frowned. Fred glanced at Velma from the driver's seat, "Daphne, let's have sex tonight. She hated it when they spoke so openly about their sex lives. Fred noticed. You too, Shaggy. I'm in. Daphne giggled, "Great! How 'bout you, Vel? Are you insane? I don't want to be the only girl! Besides, you keep saying you're saving yourself for marriage. We're all practically married!

Velma pondered. She did love them all, but as friends. Could she really bring herself to have sex with them all? With a sudden sense of resolve, she made up her mind.

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Daphne's skirt was pushed up above her hips, leaving a little glimpse of lace panties between her and Fred's eager groin. Fred grasped at Daphne's supple mounds, rolling the sensitive nipples between his thick fingers.

Daphne's mouth opened in a keen hiss as he gently squeezed. Shaggy was slowly working his way down Daphne's back, his mouth leaving a slick trail of wetness down her spine, leading towards what was still kept beneath her skirt.

He fumbled with the zipper, hastily trying to gain access to one of her more secluded parts. Velma studied their movements, unsure what was expected over her. She sat, cross-legged in the back of the van a few feet from the trio, stripped down to her underwear and left alone once Daphne started to undress as well. Velma blushed, feeling suddenly foolish, and averted her eyes. Velma hesitated, then caught the redhead's fiery gaze.

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Velma crawled on her knees to the other woman, and was instantly captured in a warm embrace. She closed her eyes and parted her lips, eagerly met by Daphne. Daphne's lips were soft and inviting, and her mouth opened to allow Velma's tongue inside. Fred slowly unhooked Velma's bra, freeing her breasts from their fabric prison. They bounced slowly, and she wiggled her shoulders free from the straps, pressing her breasts to Daphne's.

She closed her eyes quickly before replying softly, "Shaggy. I want Shaggy to rip me open. Then I want Fred to fuck me when he's done. Daphne too had a lecherous smirk.

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May I fuck you too? Velma nodded to Daphne's extreme delight. Velma was soon on her back on the floor on the van, panties off, legs spread wide. She felt so exposed, her untouched womanhood uncovered for all to see. Shaggy hovered over her, smiling and licking his lips. Their eyes met, and she relaxed, watching intently as he licked his first two fingers before bringing them down to her Scooby doo sex stories netherlips. She winced as he teased at her hole, testing with his fingertips before daring to plunge a digit inside.

Relax and it will hurt less. Velma turned her head to face Daphne, looking for reassurance. He then worked the rest around Velma's little hole, combining the lubricant with her own juices. She sighed as he gently probed at her entrance. Her eyes then flew open as he placed his first finger inside of her. Shaggy chuckled, daring to add a second finger. Velma winced, her face twisting with the unknown sensation. She closed her eyes again, the strange, exciting feelings sweeping over her.

Her eyes opened again when she realized that Shaggy was about to mount her. He hovered above her, rubbing the tip of his cock against her lips, and soon against her tiny opening. Velma gasped. Her body suddenly felt open, her hips suddenly felt wider.

Her legs widened, allowing him easier access to her pussy. The pain and the pleasure with each thrust was as terrifying as it was exhilerating. He bucked into her, steady, even pumps of pleasure, each slowly opening her body. She clung to him, unsure what she should do.

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