Seducing daddy stories

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Seducing DaddyA good daughter does everything she can to make her dad feel better after a hard day at work… When he came home from work that evening he was 3 hours late. His face looked drawn and haggard, and he had loosened his tie in order to undo the top button on his shirt, and it hung at an angle.

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She had wanted to be mad at him, but she saw on his face how tired he was, and she knew he must have had a bad day. When she heard the garage door opening, she had popped his cold dinner into the microwave, and as he slumped down into a chair she set it in front of him. She sat across from him at the table, and since she had eaten herself an hour ago she just sipped at a half-empty glass of wine. He might have protested further, but he just sighed and continued eating.

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After a moment she got up and poured another glass and placed it down in front of him. He looked up, his expression managing to convey both sarcasm and thanks at the same time. He finished the food and had a long taste of the wine, swirling it around in the glass before leaning back against the chair. She walked around behind his chair and started to give him a back-rub, despite mild protests. They dwindled as she dug her fingers into his neck and shoulders, working out hours of tension. He took another sip and began to talk. But he was happy to humor her, if she wanted to pretend she cared, and besides, it was good to have someone to bitch to.

He blathered on while she continued to rub his neck, and it did feel good.

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At one point she reached around his neck and undid his tie, drawing it slowly off his neck, and he almost stopped her; it felt like she did it impudently, and besides, he remembered that he should be mad that she was drinking. Dammit, when he was a kid, you at least tried to hide your drinking from your parents.

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He was too tired. Her fingers started tracing more intricate des on his shoulders, and they looped over to undo a few more buttons on his shirt.

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Did she have to press so closely to him when she did that? Search for:. Home Incest stories Seducing Daddy, A good daughter does everything she can to make her dad feel better after a hard day at work. Spread the love. Post « An incest birthday.

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Seducing daddy stories

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