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for Free! Score 4. It was late, and I was fast asleep, but when I heard my door creak open I awoke. I blinked my eyes open but did not move, to see who was entering my room. I couldn't see much in the dark, but I heard footsteps, and then the door shut quietly. The footsteps grew closer to my bed I smiled to myself, and closed my eyes.

I knew who it was. She walked so carefully right up to my bed, and I heard some sort of movement so I chanced a quick look through just one eye, but I didn't want her to know I was awake.

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My sister stood right over me, and I had a short but sweet eyeful of her nightgown being drawn up and over her head, and I shivered with excitement. She remained standing there, now completely naked, and watching me no doubt, to see if I was asleep. I didn't dare move or else I'd give myself away. No, this was too intriguing to ruin just yet. What was she planning on doing? In the dark, I could only see her outline surrounded by the moonlight pouring in through my window.

She bent at the waist, examining my face closer. I had shut my eyes just in time to avoid her catching me. Ironic, that I felt like the one who was doing something secret and naughty. She seemed satisfied that I was still sleeping, and so she lifted the covers and began to slide into my bed right next to me.

The pleasant warm sensation was exhilarating as her naked skin slid against my own.

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I always slept naked, and she didn't seem at all surprised when our bodies touched. She was facing away from me now, in effect causing us to spoon. I continued to feign sleep while she got comfortable, adjusting herself so that the most possible amount of our skin was in close contact. My semi-erect penis gently nudged her hip, which I found to be a most wonderful feeling.

I reached my arm casually over her side and let it fall sleepily onto her, my hand resting on her stomach. She wasn't fooled. I smiled. Indeed, I hadn't complained a bit when I accidentally spotted her coming out of the shower. Especially when we somehow ended up masturbating together right then and there in the bathroom.

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No complaints here! She giggled. She felt it growing, and moaned as she moved her butt against me. I could tell by her movements, by the way she let her mouth hang open and her arm moved down and up, down and up, while her wrist rotated. It was so hot to watch her get off right there, laying next to me! I thrust my dick into her butt again, poking her playfully while she fingered her cunt. That seemed a little bold. We hadn't really touched each other last time.

I didn't react right away, so she spread her legs and reached down for my dick. Her fingers touching my throbbing length felt so good She gently guided it between her thighs and clamped them around it.

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Her pussy felt so hot as it rested there, and I felt movement again as she continued masturbating. This was too arousing to put a stop to. I reached around for her breasts, feeling their delightful softness and the hard nipples poking at my fingers, and gently squeezed them. I moved my face closer and breathed lightly on her neck. She moaned deeply, her hand beginning to speed up.

This was so hot, my dick buried between her legs, her cunt leaking onto it My lips found the soft, sensitive spot on her neck that I had wanted to suck on for years, and I began a slow, sensuous feast on her delicate skin.

It tasted so good, and the sounds she was making were really turning me on. I instinctively began to thrust my hips forward, sliding my dick underneath her vagina as she moved her fingers like lightning across her clit. I felt like I could cum this way, and I wanted too so badly I don't think I could have stopped at this point. I grabbed her body and held her against me tightly, her soft butt mashed up against my stomach. That felt so good, for some reason I didn't understand, and I just held her there while she climaxed in my arms, and I thrust one last time forward and exploded underneath her.

I felt cum shooting out of me, no doubt making a mess of my sheets and her Seeing sister naked stories. But it felt so blissful and so wonderful. She began breathing again as the waves rolled over her, and my own hot breath against her neck returned to normal as well. She laughed, feeling my cum on her legs. I felt disappointed at first, but then suddenly my door opened and there she was, just having showered.

Her hair was still wet, and she wore only a towel. She saw me awake and smiled. I yawned. She struck a nervous, girlish pose and giggled. There was something very different about her since yesterday, like she was this wild sex kitten that I never knew about. Without missing a beat, she dropped her towel and let me see her naked while she combed her hair. She enjoyed seeing me devour her with my eyes. Her soft, tanned skin looked so delicious. Her breasts looked so heavenly as they swayed gently from her movements.

Her tight stomach and that delicious pussy, with the flame patch of hair she had shaved just yesterday. God I wanted to eat her She complied, smiling to herself. I reached out and touched her skin, feeling her legs and her stomach, and touching her breasts again, pawing at them while she sighed contentedly, giving me free access to her sexy body.

But I wanted more than a feel She looked a bit frightened actually, as if hesitating. But she did as I asked, and spread herself out before me, her damp hair fanning out on my pillow. She spread her legs, knowing I wanted to see her pussy and probably play with it.

As I slid down and positioned my face over her, she smiled and knew what I was going to do. I held her thighs open and slowly licked the flat of Seeing sister naked stories tongue from the base of her cunt to her clit.

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She shivered underneath me, and groaned at the feeling. She was so clean and fresh, all I could taste was her soft skin. I pressed my tongue in further, spreading her open and trailing along the pink inside. She groaned again, obviously loving this. I watched a lot of porn so I knew how to eat pussy, it's amazing how much you learn about sex from watching people have it. I continued running my tongue up and down and all around her vagina, drinking her in and sucking the juice out of her. She tangled her fingers into it and held on for the ride.

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I began to eat her finally, teasing her endlessly with my tongue. I sucked on her clit softly, then harder and harder until she was crying out in pleasure. Eating her pussy was so good, better than anything in a porno. She tasted like a tart dessert. I stuck my tongue as far up her cunt as I could, and rubbed her insides with it. Her hips were beginning to buck and I knew she would cum if I kept it up. So I steadily began licking her entire pussy up and down, swirling my tongue everywhere on her sensitive mound. I even ran it down to her asshole, lightly rubbing my tongue on her clean, smooth opening.

She began yelling out her pleasure when I did that. I knew she was clean from her shower, so I continued my assault on her asshole, eating the entire area together. First her pussy, then her asshole, then back to her pussy.

Seeing sister naked stories

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