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SuicidalTeen Well, I've been seen naked a few times but nothing embarrassing as that. I also have a friend who claims he was peeping through my living room window and saw me walking around naked. But i doubt that because i never open the curtains.

And if he really did see me, thats some creepy stalker mess on his behalf lol. In ancient Greece big penises were considered gross. I don't know about today's Greece. In our family album there are photos of my brother and me in the garden, in Switzerland. Both naked5 and 8. Family history tells that the landlord was an old German speaking lady Frau von Zoltau. She stumbled upon us and she didn't like that. Her reaction: "faul, frech und unerzogen! MrExtermely2Kinky That's why I just make sure everyone is participating.

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The cold war theory of mutually assured destruction worked then, it can work now. Plus then my friends are all naked as well! Learn more. ClothingOptional Xper 5.

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It can either be that you intentionally allowed someone else to "accidentally" see you naked or it was truly an accident. Let's hear it!! Share Facebook. What's the craziest story of being seen naked you have? Add Opinion. GraveTruth Xper 6. OH brother Back kin I was 18yrs oldI had this apartment downtown. It was pretty much a party house. People were always there. Tons of women used to follow around my best friend room mate. He was black and had the whole Vin Diesel look thing going on. Anyway, being young and stupid we were running around doing all kinds of drugs all day and night long. A friend of ours found these weird pods with seeds in them.

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If you ate them you got a crazy high. Well, I did then we gave them out to like 30 people. Unfortinately, we didn't know that it was actually Datura. This is that "mind control" drug that they use in africa where they give it to someone then use them for a day to do what they want. Usually they are helping them move their stuff into a van to steal Well, a bunch of guys ended up going into short comas, one guy stabbed another. Some didn't feel anything. Everyone else who wasnot harmed experienced heat waves and visions of people who were not there I remember it well.

Having a conversation with someone then turning around to find them not even there. I got hot while I was sleeping and stripped all of my clothing off. In the morning I felt totally fine and went out to the corner store to get bread. It's like a 45 second walk. I walked in my place, cooked some toast, had a conversation with one of my friends then realized he was not real, went back to bed.

When I woke up my buddies girlfriend told me I walked out of the apt totally naked and then started cooking food naked. Just say NO to drugs!!! Ha Ha Ha. Show All Show Less. Hey, at least you don't remember the actual incident lol. I'm a nudist so I've been nude in front of all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. However, before I started participating in social nudity I did have to strip naked during a game of truth or dare Seen naked stories a party.

It was a little embarrassing at first Seen naked stories I decided to stay nude most of the rest of the party and I also dared a few other friends of both genders to strip down. It was also the first time anyone knew I had my foreskin which caused quite a conversation, and a subsequent dare for another participant to retract it.

Theatre parties can be "liberal". DizzyDesii 7. Usually when Im home alone, I walk around half dressed. Well a couple summers back I thought I was home alone, so I was dancing around naked after getting out the shower. I had no idea my grandpa had come in and was sitting in the chair. He was like "You better go put some clothes on! You know better than walkin round like that! Xper 7. This one guy pulled my bikini down at my parents friends house and he said it was an accident but I know he was lying cause he just wanted to see my pussy because he even told me before he did it and he got in trouble to.

CheerGirl 5K opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Being creeped on by a hidden camera. Not funny. Not kidding.

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Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Extremely embarrassed by my boyfriends little brother walking in on us at the hotel. Sort Girls First Guys First. GoodLuckCharlie opinions shared on Seen naked stories topic. Xper 5. This is a story about my friend, actually. About 10 of us had a room together and we decided to pull a prank on this one. While he was in the shower he forgot to lock the doorwe got a huge bucket of cold water and rushed in, to splash the whole bucket right on top of him! It was so funny and I'm pretty sure someone had a video of it.

We also had a game earlier about telling each other who-likes-who, and the video could serve as blackmail to his crush. Of course, we didn't do it cuz we thought that would be too cruel. SuicidalTeen opinions shared on Sexuality topic. In kindergarten I think I had to use the restroom to take a 2. The bathroom directly connects to the classroom with just a door.

One toilet facing the door.

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Back then, I don't know why, but I always took craps completely naked. While I was minding my own business doing my business, the dickwad of the class who always had to go to the bathroom, had to piss.

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The teacher said yes, assuming they forgot I was in there. He barged in, saw me, and screamed. He ran and left the whole door open. The entire class saw me naked. The teacher helped me get on my clothes in the bathroom. I don't remember much else of the incident, but I do remember a lot after telling that lol. I hope I never meet anyone who was in that class again. JSmuve 2. I was walking upstairs after taking a shower and I was carrying my cat. She decided she wanted off at the same time my towel was slipping, so my options are drop her and save the towel or let the towel drop and put her down.

I chose the latter and in the commotion my parents came to see what was happening and saw my naked ass. Good times. Well at least they created you. It could have been worse. One day after basketball practice I went to take a shower after practice Seen naked stories over. While I was taking a shower, one of my friends was hiding my towel and clothes. Someone told me that he left it outside of the locker room. I decided to risk it and go out to Seen naked stories it.

When I was out it wasn't there. Then I tried to get back in the locker room but it was locked. Then a bunch of players from the girls soccer team happened to walk by and they all looked like they were in shock then they started laughing and taking pictures. Then finally someone let me back in the locker room. The videos of me naked spread really fast and just about everyone I know has seen it. That's funny!!! Did you look good in the videos or were you panicked? I looked fine I wasn't panicked at all. I once was sleepwalking, and I came out of my bedroom, I was as hard as can be, and I stood outside of my bathroom pressing an imaginary lift button on the wall, I was 16 years old, my d female best friend was there and I was totally in love with her, her and my dad eventually convinced me to go back to bed.

Were you embarrassed when you saw her again? I was actually quite glad in a way, I kinda wanted her to see how big I was. One was when I I stayed on an ex gf's house, and she had to go to work early that day.

Seen naked stories

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